Rent a car abroad

To rent a car abroad you need a driver’s license and credit card. You can take and pass the car in different cities and even countries, but the cost of such a lease will be higher.

The rental costs do not include fuel costs, deposit, paid tracks and parking. Sometimes there are no money taxes in the price, be sure to check this moment.

In no case do not leave a passport as a collateral, solid rental companies do not ask for this, only a cash pledge is needed.

In some countries, international sample rights will be needed if you received a certificate until 2014. If later &# 8211; You can do the Russian rights. Many Asian countries will ask local driver’s license, China, for example, included in their number.

For the last your rights as a card for memory, and to get the right to sit behind the wheel, you will have to get a local driver’s license. It is not easy to do this: the process may include even exams. Fortunately, such countries are a bit. In the "risk group" island states, for example, Tuvalu, as well as many Asian – for example, China and Vietnam.

In Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, the Netherlands, in Cyprus can not do without international rights, it does not matter when you received Russian.

MBU (international driver’s license) is a bookbook with translation. It acts three years and only in a pair with your fundamental rights. To get an international certificate, take exams or pass an additional physical examination: it’s easy enough to come to the traffic police and pay the state duty in 1600 rubles. Or fill out the application on the site Gosuslugi.Ru – In this case, the duty will be 1120 rubles.

Before traveling, check out the rules of the road in the country where you go. Check out the permissible speed in the country where you go, learn information about pay roads, pay attention to the countries with left-sided movement &# 8211; In addition to the apparent Great Britain and Australia, they also include India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan and even Cyprus.

In Germany, a penalty for the use of summer rubber in winter is 20 euros. In the same place, the rules require incorporate emergency lights with sharp braking. In Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic should move with the included headlights of the near light even during the day.

Where to rent a car?

Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt &# 8211; Some of the largest and most reliable rolling companies. Book online: it is cheaper and more convenient, so you will be sure that the car you need is in stock. Be sure to keep the breaker about the armor and payment – this is the first thing you will be asked to present in a rental company.

How to reduce rental.

  • The more lease period, the lower the price per day
  • If you take the car at the airport, it will be more expensive than to take it outside the city
  • The earlier you book the car, the more cheaper

Increasing prices will help brokerage companies, such as, Rentalcars.Com

Together with the car here you can take a satellite navigation system, air conditioning, a DVD player, a children’s chair, fasteners for transporting skis, chains on the wheels, if you drive to the mountains. If these options you do not need, you wash from them to refuse &# 8211; The price will decline. For each additional driver will also have to pay.

What you need to check?

Be sure to inspect the car: take a picture of scratches and damage and, most importantly, check whether they are listed in the act of transferring a car to the tenant.

If there is no car that you booked, you are required to provide a car of the same class with the same type of transmission or even a high-end car, but at the same price. Do not be a jack on expensive cars, even if the price has been low for you &# 8211; fuel such cars consume a lot more, and gasoline in Europe is not cheap. Pay for him, of course, you.

If you take a car with a full tank, then you should return it in the same condition. This moment can be registered in the contract, pay attention to this item.

Rent a car abroad

About insurance.

The cost of rental is usually the most minimal insurance. What she represents? On your card will freeze a certain amount whose size varies depending on the country and class of the car (usually 500-2000 euros). This is a franchise (CDW), which reduces your responsibility in case you damaged the car.

We strongly advise you to acquire full insurance, or Super CDW, which is guaranteed to free you from responsibility, but it will be more expensive. The only one does not insure the hijacking.

For a fee, you can offer additional insurance against theft (TP), damage compensation for accidents (PAI) and civil liability insurance to third parties (TPL).

If you hit an accident.

First call the police. Then alert about what happened to the rolling company and the insurance company, if you resorted to its services. Do not give in to the Offers of the police or the second participant of the accident "Quickly resolve the issue". Do not sign documents that can not understand on your own. Wine recognition may entail a visa quarantine. If you do not understand that the traffic police require you, boldly request an official translator.

It will not be superfluous to verify that in the country is considered a false challenge of the police, for which a fine should be. For example, in Austria for a false challenge, an incident, in which there are no injured, and the fault of one of the drivers is obvious.

If you do not want to get a visa quarantine for 5 years, be sure to pay fines.

Penal receipts will come to your home address. Do not postpone the payment, penny is charged for delay. It is possible to pay off the penalty in the bank in the details specified in the receipt, or on the police website or the country administration using your bank card. Keep in mind that rental offices take a penalty processing commission (in Europe this amount is about 30 euros).

Yes or no?

Weigh all "for" and "against". If your route breaks past small towns and villages, the car will really become an indispensable assistant, but between big cities is easier and more convenient to move on buses and trains. It will save you from problems with parking and the need to deal with the rules of entry into the city (for example, in most Italian cities for entering the center charged a separate fee).

In Asian countries, which are famous for the lack of culture driving, as such, will be more logical to rent a scooter. In the same China, pointers and cards are not duplicated into English and without a driver will not be very easy to figure out the road.

In Europe and Asia, the rental "Mechanics" is cheaper than the "automaton", but in North America, supporters of the manual box will have to come to terms with two pedals, and it’s not even in price – find a manual transmission in the US is not so easy.

For a long journey, choose a diesel engine: the rental cost is slightly higher, but you will significantly save on fuel. Diesel is very popular among Europeans, so cars with such an engine better book in advance.

In European countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden) forbidden to use DVR. If your car is noted in the machine, get ready for fine from € 70. It is still more stricter with radar detectors: for their use, at best, they are finally fined, in worst – a criminal case will be headed. It is also forbidden to use the telephone behind the wheel: Even if you just took it in your hand to check the route, the police have the right to write an impressive fine.

Remember about electric cars: for example, in Paris, their rent is the same familiar case, like bicycle rental. Annual subscription costs € 10 per month, plus € 4 for every 20 minutes drive. This is the perfect option for movements around the city and the surrounding area: in stock 250 kilometers and a guaranteed parking space for which you still do not need to pay.

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