Rent a car in Greece

Traveling abroad often imply many difficulties with which tourists may encounter.
One of these difficulties is the choice of transport on which we will move in Greece.

Use public transport is not always convenient and of course, it does not give such freedom as its own car, albeit rented for a certain time.

Make the issue of renting a car better before the trip to know exactly which car will be provided at what price and save.

Let’s try to deal with car rental in Greece, as well as learn other features regarding this issue.

Subtleties, features driving cars in Greece

Most people believe that in Greece there are quite dangerous roads on which there are constantly many accidents and conflicts.

This conclusion is most often due to the fact that on the streets of this country you can find enough cars with torn mirrors or scratches on the body.

But scratches and other small damage are not dangerous and most often they remain after flying motorcyclists or in an hour-peak on a narrow street.

Statistics says that indeed in Greece a lot of road accidents. But it is not worth it to fear, because in the same CIS countries the percentage of accidents on the roads are much more, and therefore, even statistically, ride in Greece safer and more convenient.

Motorcycle Policeman in Greece

But, of course, such rumors are not bothering, because a number of features from local drivers still exist.

The so-called "hot temper" of local residents can often surprise tourists who are accustomed to calm and measured ride.

Speaking easier, the Greeks often violate the rules, and sometimes it seems that they are in blood.

For example, turn around in the middle of the road through two solid bands or to drive under the "Movement forbidden" sign here is considered the norm, and it is not necessary to scare this.

Also a fairly familiar picture – parked cars in cities where there is any free place, even if it is under the sign "Stop and Parking is prohibited".

The fact is that in Greece, especially in the old quarters, there are no large parking lots, so the locals leave their cars where they want to go home with a relaxed soul.

A few days later, the tourists who arrived also get used to this and also begin to break a little bit, because here it considers the norm even the police.

Evacuate the car and write a fine can only if the car is parked in the presence of policemen in the wrong place, or in the center of large cities where the movement is too busy.

Separately, attention is worth paying speed exceeding.

Again, after the excess, they look only in the center of cities, where the huge accumulation of cars and pedestrians is constantly being.

Traffic lights

Also, the features are traffic lights, here you should be able to "use".

Traffic light in Greece (Patras)

Usually, in most countries, only a few extremals can drive on the yellow signal.

In Greece, the yellow signal is equal to green, and therefore everyone goes, without even thinking to slow down the speed and even more so stop.

For a prohibitive light, of course, no one goes, but still some finish maneuver in this color.

Based on this, you should remember that after the resolving movement lights up, you should wait a few seconds until everyone comes to red, and only after starting.

Well, if this can be found in many countries, then riding on yellow in Greece is practically obligatory.

Of course, you can not go, but then the likelihood that someone "will catch up" without even rearing, why was there a stop, if everyone had time to slip.

Even in Greece there are quite a lot of motorcyclists, which is right to prepare. They are divided into two types: Some fly past cars on racing bikes, while others ride simple motorcycles or scooters very slowly, at the same time ride the center of the strip.

To signal such or asking to give way to the road almost useless, because most likely they are passing around, talking on the phone or engage in some other things, driving with our iron horse with one hand.

Here it considers the norm, so it should be simply turned on the transmission down and wait for the road to expand, or until the motorcyclist does not get rotated.

Separate attention is worth paying road signs. Road signs in Greece are less than they can usually meet, because nobody looks at them.

Nevertheless, the priority signs at the crossroads and turns are always there.

Priority signs in this country are located not on white, but on a yellow background.

Still, oddly enough, there are often no translation into English in signs, but there is information only in Greek.

It is also important to know that in circular junctions the priority has driven cars, so having left for a circle should not be relaxed. Although guides are usually recommended to give up to everyone, and after going, if you do not stand any signs and the situation is incomprehensible to the driver.

Tourists almost always use navigators or cards. But unlike many other countries, cards and navigators here can often be in a dead end, either outside with one-way movement, after which you have to do a huge circle.

By the way, one-sided movement is found quite often, especially in the old regions of the city. Therefore, looking at the card or navigator, you should immediately look at the "path of retreat" so as not to go around a few blocks on the scored narrow streets.

Returning to traffic lights, you should also distinguish several features.

In Greece, you can often see traffic lights for cars with all two colors – green and red.

In this case, the yellow traffic lights costs 50 meters to the intersection, which makes it possible to reduce the speed in advance, envying that he was lit.

You can still meet the flashing yellow arrows for turning, but this is a normal phenomenon and similar intersections should simply pass more carefully.

In the case of travel on the "STOP" or red light, you will have to upset, because the penalty will be a total of 700 euros + deprivation of driver’s license for a period of 20 days.

Special attention should be paid to the police, because they differ from other law enforcement agencies in European countries.

In Greece, police officers, especially to tourists, they all freely talk in English, always happy to help solve the question that has arisen and very rarely stop the rented cars, because in this country tourism is one of the main parts of income in the budget.

It is important to know that in Greece the police do not take payment of the fine in cash, but only prescribes the receipts.

Also, the amount of the fine may decrease in two times if the violator pays it during the first 10 days.

It is also worth knowing that the high-speed mode in the country is as follows:

  • In the city maximum speed 50 km / h.
  • On the suburban roads 90 km / h.
  • On highway 130km / hour.

Cameras fixing speed are rare enough and only in major cities.

Summing up All of the above can be said that there are a number of features of the driving of a car in Greece, but not even knowing them, you can easily ride on local roads.

Lovers of fast driving and violators are quite a lot, but still serious accidents occur here quite rarely.

Conditions for renting a car in Greece

Tourists most often take cars to rent near the airport, but not always it is the best option.

In each city there are quite a lot of rental points, while the farther from the central streets, the better the offer can be found.

The list of the main features that should be considered when renting a car:

  • In Greece, many tourists in the summer, so finding a cheap car in this season is almost impossible. And sometimes find any car becomes a bigger problem, because everything is booked in advance. It is to book online and recommend most who visited this country.
  • The more rental period, the cheaper the price. Indeed, most companies offer excellent discounts if the car is taken for rent at least for a week or 10 days.
  • Local companies. It is much more profitable to use local companies than to use international. Often here and the choice of cars more and the price is much more pleasant.
  • Insurance – a prerequisite. You can often find a cheap option, but after it turns out that the car is not insured. Be sure to ask the owner to provide all documents.

We now turn to the consideration of the list of the main conditions for renting a car in Greece.

Introduction to the contract and lease conditions

If the tourist firmly decided to rent a car, then the lease agreement is the only document confirming this fact, as well as providing protection against fraudsters.

Most often, the lease agreement lies in English and has a standard view that the company offers.

At the conclusion of the contract, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • With the contract should be carefully read and ask all the questions you are interested in. The words of the lessor can sometimes run up with the conditions prescribed in the contract. If you make a car reservation online, it is worth reading the tariff details carefully .
  • Availability of landlord documents for a car, as well as a full insurance policy. Insurance – Protection of the tenant from theft, car damage due to third parties, as well as for many other cases.
  • Rights and obligations of the tenant. In the contract, all the terms of the lease, as well as the penalties for their non-compliance, are clearly spelled out. For example, not a refund of the car in a specified day can do the tourist a few hundred euros. And such conditions are quite a lot, all of them should be studied in detail.
  • Rental conditions Auto and pledge. It is important to know how the principle needs to pay. Sometimes the tenant leaves a deposit, and at the time of return pays the amount of the lease, and sometimes it is necessary to pay the full amount immediately. Also in Greece, you can meet options when the price is fixed not per day, but for each kilometer of the way.

Mandatory driver requirements

The necessary requirements for the driver here are not much different from other countries:

  • Availability of a driver’s license of an international sample.
  • Driver’s age from 21 years. Sometimes you can meet age limit starting from 23 years. Not rarely and the top plank in the age exists, it often is 70 years.
  • Driving experience from one year.
  • Cash or bank card. It is necessary for the collateral for cars. In the case of bank cards, funds from the account are not removed, but are blocked at the rental time.

Additional cost: price for gasoline, sink, replacement of wheels, etc.

In addition to rent and pledge, there are also additional costs that the driver may encounter.

Depending on the place, they may change, but prices are approximately the same throughout the country:

  • The cost of gasoline in Greece One of the highest not only in Europe, but also all over the world. So for the liter of the 95th will have to lay out About 1.5 Euro, per liter 98go 1.7 euro, and per liter of diesel fuel 1.3 Euro.
  • Full car wash will cost about 15 euros. This cost includes a washing from above, removing traces of insects, complete cleaning of the cabin and trunk.
  • Rent a car in Greece
  • In Greece, ground roads are often found, Therefore, the punched wheel is a normal phenomenon. Often, tourists are not sent to the tireage, but they go straight to the owner of the car. Directly from him about the price and agree, if this is not spelled out in the rental agreement. If you change the wheel yourself, it is impossible to use the services of the tow truck.

Ground long road on the way to Laguen Balos (about.Crete)

More on how to get to Lagoon Balos on.Crete read in the article.

Laguna Balos on. Crete

Driving rules in Greece

Earlier, some features of local drivers were already considered, but no one had canceled the rules.
The list of the most important rules that need to know the rental of cars in Greece:

  • In the country a right-hand movement;
  • It is necessary to wear seat belts (even for passengers traveling from behind);
  • Riding on motorcycles only in the helmet;
  • It is forbidden to talk on the phone behind the wheel (a special headset is needed);
  • Children under 3 years are transported in children’s chairs;
  • In poor visibility conditions It is necessary to include the Middle Light. Important! During the day, the Middle Light is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to translate gasoline in the canisters or another container;
  • Any penalty can be paid in the banking department or by mail.

The rest of the rule is fully converged with the familiar to other countries and nothing is different.

What is important to know about renting a car in Greece?

Nobody is insured against emergency situations, so for such a case you should record Emergency services:

  • European emergency number – 112;
  • Ambulance – 166;
  • Police – 100;
  • Firefighters – 199.

In principle, you can only remember the emergency number through which you can contact any other service.

Roads on O.Crete (Greece)

Laws in Greece are carried out strictly, so if any problems occur, you can safely call the specified numbers and rely on the operational departure of the special services.

Once again it is worth talking about the subtleties of the rental, which many do not pay attention ; The most important thing here is to get acquainted in detail with the rental agreement.

Often it may be information that is not mentioned in conversations. It is on this that the majority of tourists are complaining of, who are inattentive fall on fines or other conflict situations.

How to choose and book a suitable car?

To choose and booking the car it is worth up as much as possible. Initially, it is necessary to determine how the car will be used for.

Perhaps this trips around the city, then the best urban cars are best suited, because the streets here are quite narrow.

If there is a desire to go around the whole country, it is better to overpay and give preference to the SUV.

First, it is much more comfortable, and secondly, not everywhere in Greece perfect roads, especially if we roll from the main route.

SUV will be the perfect option for long distances

Consider the very highlights of the choice and booking of the car.

Instructions for choosing a suitable machine

There are quite a lot of options, so consider each of them individually at the advantageous site for rent a car Autoeurope and learn the prices for each of them.

  • Mini – ten.374 ruble for 10 days lease. Great option for riding in the city.
  • Economy – eleven.361 ruble for 10 days lease. The most practical option that allows you to get a sufficiently comfortable car at an affordable price.
  • Compact – fourteen.161 ruble for 10 days lease. This option is suitable for lovers ride comfort on premium cars.
  • Medium capacity – twenty.897 rubles for 10 days lease. This option is best suited for lovers to travel across the country.
  • SUV (SUV, 4WD) – twenty.124 ruble for 10 days lease. SUV in the city is not the best choice, but if there is a desire to get anywhere in the wilderness, the choice should be stopped on it.
  • Cabriolet – 71.072 ruble for 10 days lease. This option is choosing often people having high income and preferring aesthetic beauty in choosing a car.

As you can see, prices are fairly available for rent. I considered these prices for the end of May 2018 for the rental point: Thessaloniki Airport.

To book a car at these prices, go to the AUTOEUROPE website, choose the necessary dates and the necessary city in Greece (rental point).

Convertible is produced on the basis of ordinary road sedans, hatchbacks and equipped with only two (very rarely four) doors.

How to pay for the selected car?

It is the question of payment most often worries most of the tourists, so we consider it in more detail.
First of all it is recommended to book a car in advance.

The easiest way and cheaper will book online by choosing the appropriate option on one of the Booking Sites.

Sometimes sellers can immediately ask for a small deposit, and sometimes it is enough to register and leave your data.

Both options work properly, so you can choose any. But before you need to read information about a particular company and reviews on the Internet.

Regarding directly payment, most often tourists are offered two options:

  • Cash pay upon receipt of cars;
  • Payment of bank card.

To pay deposit for the rented car, I recommend to start a separate credit card with a maximum grace period

Initially, a deposit is always taken, which is left or in cash on receipt, which is additionally indicated in the lease agreement, or funds using banking operations are blocked on the Tenant map.

Directly payment can also occur in cash from hand to hand, which is described in the contract, or the required amount is removed from the blocked mortgage after returning and inspecting the car.

How much is the car rental in Greece?

I learned approximate prices for car rental online for summer (August) in Greece.

Rent a car at the airport r. Thessaloniki (Greece)

The most favorable price that I found was on the AUTOEUROPE website ; from 16581 ruble for 7 days for the car category mini, and the economy already from 18836 rubles.

Rent a car at the airport r. Rhodes (Greece)

Car rental offers begin from 16552 rubles (mini category) on the AUTOEUROPE website for 7 days. You need to pick the car from the airport Diagrances in G. Rhodes.

Rent a car in Greece at Hania Airport. Crete

I took the car rental option from the airport. Hania, what about.Crete. Offers begin from 17.124 ruble for 7 days In August 2018, on the AUTOEURPE website.

Where to look for profitable car rental deals in Greece?

A number of companies that offer the most favorable prices and have pleasant discounts:

  • Autoeurope– Self-advantageous offers for car rental in Greece I found on this site;
  • Kayak– One of the most popular sites where you can find car rental in almost every European city. Here you can find cars in economy class starting from 8 euros per day;
  • HolidayCars – website offering car rental in Greece, with delivery to the right place. Economy Class cars ranging from 12 euros for 1 day. The service constantly offers discounts on various cars, and also improves the rental conditions from 3 days;
  • Rentalcars.Com – The service offers urban cars ranging from 11 euros for 1 day rental. The longer rental, the lower the price.

Cheap car rentals in Greece

Examples of profitable suggestions for rent a car for 7 days in Greece (about.Crete) from the site kayak.Com

Car insurance for rolling time

Car insurance during rental must be necessarily, but you can get it differently.

  • Use the service through the Internet

Many insurance companies associated with tourism business will agree to a similar type of insurance. It will cost no cheap, but this option is the most convenient.

  • Insurance in place

Often insurance offered the Lessors themselves. In this case, this may be an order of magnitude cheaper than insurance from the house, but it is very important to know the language and understand which cases are insured by the car.

How to rent a car in Greece online (in advance)?

Step-by-step instructions for those who first book traveling machine online:

  1. We go to the site For booking cars ; Autoeurope, which includes leading automotive suppliers and on which prices for Greece are the most profitable, what I was looking for.
  2. Choose the city or airport we need in Greece, where we would like to get a car for rent and choose the necessary dates.
  3. Further We select a suitable category of the car (from mini to the cabriolet) ; Click on the lowest price in this category.
  4. We will open below on the page window with a large selection of cars from the category that we have chosen. Here already We select a specific machine, What we will like.
  5. Choosing a suitable machine for us Click ; book ; And we will transfer us to a new page with the terms of booking and tariff items. It is worth it carefully read all the information Before clicking Next.
  6. After we got a choice of car and booking conditions, we go to the page directly. We need Fill out your personal information (from the name to the flight number) and enter the bank card data which will be charged for rent.

Favorable offers for car rental in g. Thessaloniki (Greece) from Autoeurope for July 2018 (for 7 days)

P.S. On the AUTOEURPE website it is convenient that you can cancel rent 48 hours before the start.

As you can see, the online booking process online passes quite quickly, from 3 minutes of time.

If you find more profitable offers for car rental in Greece ; Please write about them in the article and I will tell you about them.

Wonderful journey to you beautiful and sweet Greece!

Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

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