Travel car rental: how not to go wrong?

It’s nice to consider the landscapes of an unfamiliar country from a convenient salon of a four-wheeled friend, to update the tape in Instagram and turn impressions in gigabytes memories. However, it may, perhaps, perhaps only the true fans of extreme tourism: and hard and long. It is wiserfully fly to the destination by plane and then rent a car in place.

Attention! The idea is good only for prudent and practical travelers. Machine rental companies worth cutting out your "vacation budget", charged for the so-called "additional services".

What actually hides under this vague definition, and what harm it can apply to our wallet?

To avoid delicate situations and unplanned material losses, the action plan should be drawn up before departure:

  • get acquainted with suggestions and rates for rent
  • Note a few suitable models
  • Carefully post the sections "Additional Services" / "Service" / "Rates" on the sites of the companies you are interested in.

If you want to book a car from a foreign site, do not be lazy to use online translator. Many companies engaged in renting machines for hire adopted the experience of budget airlines, lubricating customers low price. In fact, the promised price may differ from the actual 2-3 times. Tenants for ignorance become victims of deception and reluctantly pay extra.

Supplements are removed for:

  • seven

Do not be surprised if you ask your keys to your car: "How many people rent a car?»A family of 4 people pays 1.5 – 2 times more than the" lonely "tenant.

    Rent a car on journey how not to ruin
  • partner

Large firms, as a rule, provide the "Two Driver" service for free, but some companies are removed for the "partner" an additional fee, even if it is not specified on the site. It is worthwhile to beware of the promises of the "Let’s figure out later", "it is still profitable". And yet, the receipts are issued for all surcharges, if this is not done – the high probability that someone is trying to knock out you "black tips".

  • full tank

Very easy to get on the fishing rod "full tank", especially when you offer a filled car and insist on what you would return it empty. Do not agree! First, money for gasoline will still be removed, and at an inflated price. It is much more profitable to take advantage of the offer: "I take a car with a full tank – I return with full tank". This allows you to save at the refueling, especially with long-term rental.

  • Baby chair

"Extra place for a child" ; One of the main items of income in rolling business. For example, in Spain, the rental of one car seat for 14 days is about 90-100 euros. The amount is not small, so it is better to go with your own, besides, it is not necessary to pay extra for him in the plane. For comparison: in the supermarket such a chair costs 12-15 euros.

In the EU countries, children up to 2 years must be incorporated only in car seats. Children from 3 to 14 years old, taking up to 135 cm only with booster (special belt passing on a clavicle, not taking the neck zone). For non-compliance with this rule – a fine of about 300 euros!

  • GPS navigator

Everywhere is available at an additional cost, so better download Google Map application for Android. Still good options: navier hud navigation free ("smart" interface and the possibility of a phased adjustment of the route), gps navigation & Maps &# 8211; Light (road sign reading function, speed controller and 3-D review), Yandex Navigator works on the same scheme as Google, plus makes it possible to separately download cities cards, they weigh smaller than the image of a whole region. Also, the city’s injected map can be used without internet connection.

  • insurance

Buy insurance for a car abroad – a big mistake. It is reasonable to order it in advance on the Internet, which will make a policy of 60% -80% cheaper. Be sure to ask: Whether the amount of insurance coverage will not be changed in place. Rolling workers are reluctant to speak on this topic and inform the client at the last moment when to refuse auto problematic. TOTAL: 100-200 Euro extra expenses.

  • conversion

There are firms that benefit on the difference in currency courses. Ask what currency will be invalid. In it and need to pay. Otherwise, in the process of double conversion, a significant amount will disappear.

  • "before and after"

You have never thought, why so many lawsuits against rolling firms. Yes, because often merchants are trying to repair their fleet due to the client. The scratch or dent noticed by you threatens additional points in the settlement sheet. Money for gifts will go to repair cars. I agree, not fair, therefore, for the Safety, take a picture of the car "to" and "after". All detected defects fit into the lease agreement before the client sees the wheel.

These simple rules will help save money, time and positive attitude!

Rent a car on journey how not to ruin

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