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I often come with letters with questions about the possibility to book a villa or apartments on Phuket. I do not engage in real estate, I will introduce you to Anna Fomina, who several years ago opened the Real Estate Agency Capital Pro. She told a lot of new and interesting real estate rental on the island.

– Anna, hello. There are really many questions, let’s start in order – with you. How did you decide to come exactly on Phuket?

In fact, my story does not differ from others. I myself from Surgut, worked in a petroleum company more than 5 years. Once again gathered on vacation and. Founded on Phuket. Fell in love with him back in the first hour while driving from the airport! After a month of rest decided to stay here.

– So everything was not by chance. Tell a little about your company.

Property experience was still in Russia. Here, in Phuket, I decided to continue to develop in this direction and settled in a major real estate agency. Having worked there for a couple of years, I wanted independence. In 2017, opened the Capital Pro CO control company.,Ltd.

The main sphere of our activity is short-term rental, real estate sales and real estate management. Our buyers subsequently trust us at home and apartments that we successfully pass.

– I already wrote on the site about the differences between hotels 5 * and the possibilities of booking villas or multi-room apartments. How it is actually the case with rental villas and apartments? Whether it is more profitable?

In fact, many people incorrectly raise the question: what is cheaper – hotel or apartment? Rental real estate can also be as expensive as accommodation in the hotel. From this point of view, I would compare the cost of accommodation in Villa or 5 * hotel. In this case, of course, the villa will be more profitable for those who travel to families, since the hotel room has 2 people costs about $ 350, and the villa is 6-8 worth about $ 450 per day. Or compare the price of the villa for two people at the Hotel Banyan Tree, worth $ 550 per day, and a villa for 6 people in about the same location at the same price.

Rent apartments and villas on Phuket is an opportunity, first of all, feel at home. Since the flight to Phuket is long, then not everyone is suitable for holidays for 10-12 days via a ticket, many guests of the island arrive at least a month. Accommodation in apartments, house or villa – this is a comfortable condition. A big advantage over the hotel room is, of course, the availability of full kitchen! Private Pool at Villa, Barbecue Terrace and Spacious Sunbathing Area.

Do not also forget that the pricing of rental real estate is influenced by many factors.

  1. Distance from the sea – a very important factor in the search for real estate. The closer to the sea and the tourist zones, the real estate is more expensive. There are only tourist properties in our base of objects, Or we can offer our customers only tourist real estate.
  2. Type of real estate: Villa is more often more expensive, as its service is more expensive. Plus, the villas have another advantage – privacy and remoteness from the neighbors, which there is no apartments. Also, the presence of an individual basin, which also affects the price of renting, territory and other.
  3. Number of bedrooms: the more Villa, the greater the price of her rental.
  4. Availability of services: the wider range of service services, the more expensive the rental price of such a villa.
  5. Personal factor of the Villa owner is also important! Very often occurs such a situation that in the same village the price of villas in different. This can be explained by the fact that the furniture in the villa is more expensive, the plot or pool is greater, the villa is more refined and other.
Rent at home and apartments in Phuket - for a month or more, near the sea, inexpensively in Phuket

I would also like to dispel the myth that in Phuket you can rent a villa for $ 500 per month in the period from December to January. It is impossible if we talk about seasonal rest. Such houses, not villas (!) You can only remove a period of at least six months, most often with a minimum set of furniture and dishes, as well as without the protection of the territory and away from the beaches, speaking by simple language, in the Thai village. Therefore, I will return to the question again: it is more profitable – does not mean cheaper!

– about prices has become a little clearer, they can only be determined individually. Is there a price dependence from seasons?

The climatic seasonality of Phuket imposes its imprint and to the real estate market. The peak of the season falls for December, January – no waves on the sea, there is no suffocating heat, the biggest flow of tourists falls for these months, because the highest prices. Low season from May to October, price difference can be from 35 to 65%. Many guests of the island have long realized that the low season is a great opportunity to live in good homes for a comfortable fee.

Rental price Low and high season difference is about one and a half times and two, and sometimes three times higher, in the peak season. This is due to the high demand for renting real estate during the New Year holidays. And even in this case, when it would seem, the price increase should cause the circle of potential tenants, it is difficult to find something worthwhile in the country in a high season.

For example, price One-Bedroom Apartments (45 kV.M.) On Naje Harn, 800 meters to the beach in the low season is 30,000 baht per month, In high season – 50,000 baht per month, and 70,000 baht in peak dates (not including electricity and water costs). A villa with 4 bedrooms – 150,000 baht, 250,000 baht, 370,000 baht per month, respectively. The same type of apartments on Surin, Bangtao (Laguna) will cost 20-30% more expensive.

As for the villas, the price spectrum is very wide. If you take a typical villa or a townhouse with 2 bedrooms and a swimming pool, then the minimum cost of their rent in the low season will be 120,000 baht per month, in high 180,000 baht per month.

There is still such a thing "Laksheri Villa" – Luxury beach residence with an individual pool, consisting of several houses (with 6 bedrooms for a large company or family). The price of such villas is from $ 1,400 in a low season and includes a full range of services such as communal services, cook, driver, security.

– By the way, about services. What is usually included in the price of renting villas or apartments? What are the additional payments?

Typically, the rental price includes: Fully furnished villa / apartments, Internet, security, maintenance of common areas (pool, garden, parking), cleaning, utilities (only in daily rental rate). Such services like rental cars, cooks or breakfast, water and electricity (in the monthly rent) laundry (if there is no washing machine), transfer from the airport is paid separately.

– What distinguishing features of Villas and Apartments of your company have?

We offer renting villas and apartments with a management company, which provides a full range of services in place, or offer villas and apartments of private owners with whom we often cooperate and are confident in their professionalism and decency, as well as in value and relevance, cleanliness and novelty of them Real Estate. We will never offer our customers cheap real estate with a leaking ceiling or non-working pool. In our database you will find a large selection of offers from low-cost apartments, worth 25,000 baht per month, houses from 50,000 baht and up to the most gorgeous and rich residences. Real estate Rent for a term of 7 days.

The market has a large selection of apartments, villas and private Thai houses. We offered only proven options, please send videos and apartments in advance in advance. Of course, no one is immune from small breakdowns, our task is to eliminate everything instantly and most painless for guests.

– Tell me, only on Phuket you can rent real estate?

Our company is based only on Phuket, I do not take off the other regions, since everything is checking personally. However, we have partnerships in Pattaya, Samui, Krabi, who can safely recommend.

– Thank you, Anna, for such detailed information about the rental of real estate.

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