Fifth day: Excursion from local residents and Roman Agora

Today’s report will be short because, if you go into details, it will delay a few tens of thousands of words. Athens is still very cold and windy. Tourists prefer museums and warm cafes, but today a large pedestrian walk with a local resident is scheduled for today, the meeting with which is scheduled at 10:30 near the Acropoli Metro. We decided that once the early way out is not planned, we will sleep for a long time, but it didn’t work out – at 8 am the child demanded urgently dress and go for a walk. This, by the way, to the question of how Max transfers all our long walking walks and trips. After his birth, we never went anywhere without him, and he was so used to that he regularly demands to go to "live in a hotel" or "go to the museum". Early in the morning, of course, we didn’t go anywhere, but just had breakfast and played everything together. From the house we went out only at 10:15 and in 10 minutes I got to the meeting place.

Metro Acropoly in Athens

Walking, km / steps: fourteen.21/18675

Our Greek conductor Yannis arrived in a couple of minutes, and we went for a walk around the city. Yannis We found through the service of this is athens, which offers free "excursions" from local residents for everyone. You simply indicate that you love or what you are interested in, and a local resident shows you the city. Someone chooses archaeological sites, some good restaurants or night clubs, we are asked to show us the places that tourists are unlikely to find yourself. Repeat that the service is completely free, and people who show you the city – volunteers.

I must say that we did not count on the fact that Yannis will be able to surprise us, because we, as always, were very well prepared for the trip and studied all possible "Secret Places", but our new acquaintance managed to show us Athens, which we are unlikely We would see. And he began immediately "from the room in a quarry" and showed us a house, in the hall of which a transparent floor, and under it – the foundation of the ancient buildings. This is how the modern building is on the ruins of ancient civilization, and every day its inhabitants pass over these archaeological excavations.

The same entrance to the ruins

Then we went to anafiotic. Here we were already yesterday, but decided to go again, because we really liked it there. Yannis showed some narrow streets, which we did not find on their own, and explained why in the center of Athens, as many abandoned and dilapidated houses.

From the anaphiotics, we went to walk to the areas of Athens. I will not tell in the report in detail, where we were and what we learned about, it deserves a separate series of articles. Suffice it to say that instead of the planned 2-3 hours we walked almost 6 and visited interesting cafes without signage, see the most interesting graffiti of Athens looked at the central market after its closure found Chinatown and visited the area on which the streets a long time ago Revolutionary excitements broke out.

Russian in Athens lot

There are Chinese Quarter

Yiannis told us many interesting facts from the life of the citizens, the cultural characteristics of the country and showed the interesting places in Athens. Looked in amazing cafes, which are not written in guidebooks, what’s there in the guidebooks – they even have no signs.

Cafe without signs

By the way, we learned why on the streets of Athens is not visible homeless and drug addicts. The fact is that in the winter the state provides them with "refuge" from colds and most of them are happily used by them. Only "lovers" remain on the streets who want to live only on the street and anywhere else. So, if you plan to visit Athens in the warm season, then the crowds of the homeless you will still have to be construed.

We broke up with Jannis in the area of ​​four in the evening and went to lunch. For lunch, we chose a small snack room on a pedestrian street Aiolou. On Sunday, there are not so many places, so it was not necessary to choose, but our favorite gyrost was there very worthy. In general, there is a feeling that in Athens it is bad not prepare.

After lunch, we still had another half an hour before the closure of the Roman Agora and the Tower of the winds (it turns out that it works not until 15:00, as most museums, and until 5:00 pm), and it was decided not to waste time and look at one museum, more that in our combined ticket entrance to it is free.

If you did not take a shared ticket, then you can admire the Roman Agor and through the fence – everything is perfectly visible. The only thing that you cannot see through the fence is the inner interior of the wind tower, but there, in general, there is nothing special.

Roman Agora because of the fence

Report on free excursion in Athens and Roman Agore

The area of ​​Roman Agor is small, so we were enough for half an hour to see her. The temperature on the street fell below zero, we decided not to freeze and not frow to the child and went home to rest.

Wind Tower in Athens

On the way home we looked into one of the cafe and bought local donuts Lukumades. Greek cuisine we will dedicate not yet few pages on our site, so I’ll just say that it was delicious.

Lukumades in Athens

In the evening we went to dine into the local tavern, and then spent a few hours to choose a car for the second part of our journey, because tomorrow we have the penultimate day in Athens.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

The day after tomorrow we take the car and go on a trip to Peloponnese to see the very monamvation, for which all this is a trip to winter Greece and flooded.

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Thank you very much for your reports – I read in one breath. Informative, interesting, colorfully, in detail. Waiting for the continuation!

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