Report on the trip to Monaco – Country overlooking the sea

Who did not dreamed of relaxing in Monaco &# 8212; The most beautiful and rich country of the Mediterranean. Monaco &# 8212; This is a real pearl of the azure coast of France . In Monaco, the largest population density in the world, the highest number of police per capita, the smallest taxes and the most expensive hotels.

How to get to Monaco

Although Monaco &# 8212; This is a very expensive country, you can organize a budget day of the weekend, under Nice in Nice. Holidays in Monaco will be cheaper if you live in another city. Trains constantly run along the azure coast. You can use either by bus. The bus, by the way, will cost cheaper, take you into place faster and with great comfort than a French train. For Traveling to Monaco You need a Schengen visa. That is, if you relax on Cote d’Azur, then you already have. Just in case, here you can find out how to get a Schengen visa . No other documents required – from France. Monaco Located close to the border of France and Italy. Italy can be reached from the city of Vantimiglia, on Ventimiglia) – Nice (NICE).

Sights Monaco

At the bottom of the page there is still a link to Map with sights of Monaco. Historic Center Monaco This is the so-called old town. Here it is Palace of Prince Monaco and ancient urban building. The place is beautiful, here is full of cafes, small shops and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

I personally went to Monaco For a particular purpose &# 8212; I wanted to visit Museum of Oceanography. This museum from 1957 to 1989 was led by the famous Captain Jacques Yves Kusto. When I was small, his films showed on TV. It was my favorite transfer. Therefore, I really wanted to visit this museum.

And founded the museum another explorer of the World Ocean, Prince Monaco Albert I In 1889. Many animal species collected in the museum. The history of discoveries related to the development of the World Ocean, including the founder of the museum, is described here.

However, the most famous Monaco landmark &# 8212; Casino in Monte Carlo (built in 1860). This is the first Casino Monaco And perhaps one of the most pathetic places on the planet. Here they play roulette the richest people in the world. Nevertheless, the entrance is completely free, backpacks and cameras will have to go to the wardrobe – these are the rules, and after &# 8212; Welcome inside.

Especially there is nothing to look, the interior is not too noteworthy, visitors too. Unless you can look into the toilet &# 8212; look at this miracle &# 128578; By the way, the entrance to casino free, so if during Walks in Monte Carlo "Lit", &# 8212; You can use the toilet in the casino. Imagine how many famous people sitting on these toilets! by the way, Monte Carlo This is not a city, it is a commune – an administrative unit Monaco. All of them in Monaco eleven.

What is still famous Principality of Monaco? Of course, the racing format Formula 1 – "Grand Prix of Monaco". For the organization of the Racing Street Race Monaco overlap and equipped for race.

The tribunes for viewers are installed on the roads, and the hatches are brewing so that they did not fly off during the race.

In 2004, the Bolids of the Jaguar team, under the contract with the sponsor, were encrusted with large diamonds in the front. In the first circle, a car driver managed by Christian Wedge fell into an accident, as a result of which a diamond was lost. This accident cost the Jaguar team in 150,000 English pounds, not counting the cost of the car.

In the continuation of the car theme, I will advise you to go to Exhibition Collections of cars Prince Monaco. The cost of the entrance ticket is 6 euros for adults and 3 euros for children under 14. The exhibition works daily without breaks and weekends. More than 100 cars are collected here from Europe and the USA. Time for inspection spend about an hour and get aesthetic pleasure.

Younger travelers can spend time in Zoo Monaco. It contains about 250 species of animals. The zoo is open daily according to the following schedule:

  • From October to February – from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00;
  • From March to May – from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00;
  • From June to September – from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00.

The cost of visiting 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children from 8 to 14 years. A visit to the zoo may require 1 – 1.5 hours.

Report on the trip to Monaco - Country overlooking the sea

Where to stay in Monaco

How it happened

The main question that occurs personally for me about this state is "how it happened that Monaco It remains a separate state, and not part of France?"

Principality of Monaco It borders only with one state – France. There is a special agreement in which Monaco and his sovereignty are protected by France. Strange, on the one hand, sovereignty &# 8212; This is independence, and on the other, this independence is designed to provide another state. However, such a feature in dwarf states &# 8212; without protecting it difficult.

Manages this state Prince, Currently this Albert II. His power is slightly limited by the Constitution. That is, in the form of the board Monaco – constitutional monarchy, but to a greater extent it is still a monarchy. In fact, all branches of power: judicial, executive, legislative, &# 8212; obey directly prince.

History of modern Monaco begins in 1297 when a group of persons under control Francesco Grimaldi captured the fortress that was then on the territory Monaco. Grimaldi and his colleagues penetrated the fortress under the guise of monks, being inside they got swords from under Ryas, and&# 8230; Monument to Francesco Grimaldi Installed in Monaco On the square in front of the Palace of Prince. That is why the coat of arms Monaco Two monks in rows with swords hold a heraldic shield. Since then, the dynasty has been managed by the principality Grimaldi. Until 1789, Monaco existed as an independent state until France attached him to him.

In 1815, the French Empire collapsed and in the Paris Treaty Monaco It was first restored in the former borders, and later fell under the Protector of Sardinia. In France, the principality returned in 1860. Together with Nice and other territories, the Sardinian kingdom lost him to Napoleon III in gratitude for the help in the unification of Italy.

As a conclusion, I will share my own thoughts. The main attraction of Monaco &# 8212; it is not a casino and the Grand Prix, it is not something material at all. The main attraction of Monaco is prestige. It’s like an iPhone among states. I would not advise you to choose it the main purpose of the journey. One day is enough to see everything here. On the azure coast of France, many beautiful places and at the same time less expensive.

What else

Found in Google. View of the museum of oceanography from the surface of the water:

Interestingly equipped here Railway station. Due to the lack of free space, it is cut inside the rock. Will get out of the train, &# 8212; Pay attention to it.

It is very nice that the site http: // www.visitmonaco.COM / RU is in Russian. Be sure to visit it before Rest in Monaco.

You can also see this site: http: // www.Monte-Carlo.MC / RU &# 8212; there you can find another one Map Monaco.

If you want, you can download yourself or print a PDF card: Monaco Attractions on a map .

On this all, successful to you travel around the azure shore.

Report on the trip to Monaco - Country overlooking the sea

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