Fourth Day: Museum of Archeology, Syntagma and Anafiotic

The weather in Athens is an abnormal one, the feeling is created that the locals today before reaching the house dressed all that was in the closet. At night there was a minus temperature, and during the day above 5 degrees, the thermometer’s column did not rise, and even a couple of times the snow fell from the sky. Compared to two previous days – chore. But considering that Muscovites are postponed all day in social networks of thermal devices with minus 30 and below, we have a real resort. In the morning, the sky was tightened with dense clouds, so we decided that the bulk of the day will carry out in the premises, and more precisely, we will walk on the museums, especially since the museums will be very much and will need one week to get around them (and another solid budget because the entrance to the museums is almost always paid and cheap).

Morning coffee on the road to the subway

Walking, km / steps: 13.15/17262

Traditional early rise in 7.30 and at 8 am already on the road. Today, our only child has breakfast at home, and parents decided to start a day with coffee from the nearest coffee shop. Next to our hotel there is a metro station, but we decided to walk to the Akropoli station (about 10 minutes walk) to see the free museum, which is located in her lobby.

Free Museum in the subway at the Acropoly Station

Our goal is the National Archaeological Museum at the Victoria Metro Station. From the subway to the museum to go quite a little bit, but for some reason we first went not there and made a pretty serious circle. Remember, in one of the first days we said that we were waiting for a terrible trash from Athens with drug addicts and homeless. So, now we can say that there are two different Athens: tourist and not very.

They are very different from each other. The tourist center is maximally cleaned by homeless and other unreliable personalities, but in the other parts of the city all this is. But for the sake of fairness it is worth saying that it is not at all on every corner, as many bloggers write and show some tourist programs. But here it is possible that in the summer the situation can be completely different, because in winter in Athens is not at all.

Non-Russian Athens are full of homeless

After 20 minutes, we did up to the museum and went to join the beautiful. The National Archaeological Museum is considered the biggest Museum of Greece, its collection is calculated by some five digits. In the museum, a bunch of halls that are divided into certain topics, for example, Cycladic culture or bronze products.

National Archaeological Museum in Athens

Personally, we walked into the museum for the sake of one exhibit, all the rest went with a bonus. We were interested in anti-car mechanism. The device was found at the beginning of the 20th century on a sunken ship near the island of Antikiter. It is believed that he was made up to 150 to our era. This thing is incredibly interesting, some scientists call it the world’s first computer. If interested, then look at the film "From the point of view of science: Star clock" (Naked Science: Star Clock) from National Geographic.

If you briefly, we really liked the museum, especially struck the exhibition called "Odyssey", if you love the story and enjoy the archaeology, then you need to go there. For all others exclusively at will, but be prepared that you are waiting for many VAZ and jugs, as well as thousands of statues for every taste.

Exhibition "Odyssey" in the Archaeological Museum of Athens

The next point of our program – Car Museum. Maxim fan of any cars and races, so we could not miss this museum. Museum is small, only two floors (the third was on the exposure update), but very entertaining. Personally, he reminded us anything average between Museum Grand Prix in Macau and Museum of Vadim Zadorozhnaya, Is that the size did not come out. &# 128578;

Car Museum in Athens

In general, it is not even bad, but a ticket to it, in our opinion, is quite expensive – 8 euros per person. After viewing the exposure, Maxim still swept on the simulator of Formula 1 and even took some kind of prize. In general, expensive riders, tremble, you are already growing serious replacement.

In the afternoon it became clear that the rain and snow would not be today, so we decided to go for a walk around the city, but first – lunch! Completely found a small cafe with a very tasty gyrosis and huge portions.

Great gyros and huge portions

Pedestrian walk around the city We started with Saintagma and Evzon Square. Evzona is an elite division of the Greek army, now from these soldiers is formed by Honorary Carul next to the Greek Parliament and the Presidential Palace. To get into the regiment of Evzons is not easy, you must be attractive to externally and have an increase of at least 187 cm.

Evzons look very funny: Funny shoes with nails, skirts and red hats with long tassels. When they perform their movements, it looks very funny, and so much that most tourists can not hold back laughter. But Evzons themselves are very serious.

Evzons on Saintagma Square

Having admired on Evzons, we went to the National or Royal Garden Athens. The park was laid by the first queen of independent Greece and occupies a very large area in the very center of the capital. In winter, it is quite deserted, though green. But in the summer there should be very good.

Royal Gardens in Athens

We passed the park throughup until Zappeyon. It is a multifunctional building in the classic style, built on the project of the Austrian architect theophila von Hansen. This architect was notable in European cities, among his works: Athens University, the Small Palace in Brno, Guerstein Castle in Austria, Vienna Reichstag, Vienna Stock Exchange and others.

The building in different years performed different functions. For example, during the Second World War, a hospital was here, and during the Olympic Games of 1896, fencing competitions here were held here, and in 1981, it was here that an agreement was signed on the entry of Greece to the European Community (EU). On the days of New Year’s holidays, a fair and attractions worked here, almost all of them were already dismantled, but a pavilion with snow and a couple of carousels remained. Maxim, of course, could not pass by, and we were submitted here for 40 minutes.

The next item of our program: the area of ​​the scope and the village of Anaphiotic. In Athens, excavations and archaeological monuments are literally at every step, so there is no extra money for tickets for tickets, and I really want to see antiquities, you can find free objects in advance, which in the city there are quite a lot, and admire them.

Report on visiting the museum of archeology in Athens and Anafiotics

One of the numerous excavation places, which is now available for inspection

Claw is the oldest and most tourist area of ​​Athens. Residential buildings here are very small, mainly there are numerous taverns with space prices and hotels here and souvenir shops.

Cafe on the stairs of the cry – hero Instagram

Anaphiotic is considered to continue the area of ​​the cry, although there is no clear boundary between them. This destroyer is located at the foot of the northern slope of the Acropolis. The area became famous for his unusual species, because it was built in a classic Cycladic style, the very thing that is so popular on the islands: snow-white houses with blue shutters and doors, and near the pots with flowers and magnificent flower beds.

Of course, in places the area looks very launched: abandoned and destroyed houses, numerous graffiti, but you can find great white houses with neat flower beds and pots on the steps.

We even managed to talk a little bit with one of the locals, who told us that despite the pretty "exotic" appearance, they have the same thing in the house that in apartments: light, sewage, hot water and heating. Unfortunately, modesty did not allow us to ask him to visit him to see how it looks, now I am very sorry. &# 128578;

And this is also anaphiotic, in general about graffiti in Athens it is worth writing a separate article

In winter in Athens darkens early and already 18.00 o’clock on the city went down the thick twilight. We went to relax and gain strength to the hotel. On the way, they looked into our already favorite diner, where they took Gyros in Pete on. If you eat exclusively by the fact that the cafe is offered on the removal, then you can save very much, because the campaign in the cafe costs us about 20-25 euros on three, and here only 6.

View from the observation deck of anafiotics

Tomorrow prepares for us a lot of surprises, because we have a meeting with one of the locals who promises to show us your favorite city and the most interesting places.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

In some of these places, tourists do not reach simply because they do not know anything about them. Let’s see if our guy will be able to surprise us, because we very well prepared for the trip and studied sights and interesting places in advance.

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Report on visiting the museum of archeology in Athens and Anafiotics

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