Reserve Kullaberg

Kullaberg (Kullaberg) – an amazing corner of nature, a reserved area overlooking the Eresund Straits (Öresund) and Kattegatt (Kattegatt). There are picturesque rocks and idyllic green germination slopes: the relief of the nature reserve is different from the rest of the scone. Guide Michelin assigned this Swedish attraction Maximum rating – three stars.

View on the coast and village M&# 246; Lle

The foot of Mount Kulleberg has two cozy villages Mölle (Mölle) and Aryld (Arild), as well as the vintage village Brunnby (Brunnby). In Kullaberg there are more than twenty caves located along the seashore. Before them can be reached by boat.

Caves located along the seashore

From the shore in good weather, you can observe an amazing natural phenomenon – the merger of the Northern and Baltic seas. Due to the difference in the density and temperature of their water of different colors and never mix.

View from Mount Hokul (H&# 229; KULL) Cullaberg Reserve. At the horizon line – the merger of the Northern and Baltic seas

Not far from the reserve there is a medieval castle Krapperup (Krapperups Slott), surrounded by a moat and a beautiful park, open for visiting all year round.

Medieval castle Krapperup

Another attraction of Kullaberg – Lighthouse Kullen (Kullen) in the Eresund Strait.

15-meter lighthouse Kullen

The 15-meter lighthouse is built at an altitude of 90 meters, which makes it the highest in Sweden. In addition, it is considered the brightest Lighthouse of Scandinavia. On the lighthouse you can climb to binoculars to watch birds and explore the surroundings.

Rocky coast from a bird’s eye view
Many badgers and foxes, hares and rabbits live on the hills of the nature reserve, and in the mountainous terrain – deer, roe roots and boars. Also Kullaberg – a real paradise for birds (and lovers for them to observe the so-called "Berdvochers"). Sunset over the Strait Eresund

The reserve has a visit center "Naturam" (Naturum), in which there is a constant interactive exhibition dedicated to the local animal and vegetation. There is also an aquarium with the marine inhabitants, which are delighted the smallest visitors to the center. In addition, a visit to the center can be ordered excursion or sign up for a campaign.

Sea Residents of the Kullaberg Reserve

Reserve Kullaberg

Many equipped tourist trails are laid through the reserve. Two main routes lead from Aryld to the lighthouse. Trails are marked with different colors: the red is considered the most lungs and suit everything, blue requires a certain experience, and orange are designed for the most endless tourists.

Coolberg Reserve Bicycle Routes

Route diagrams can be obtained in the visit center "Natives Kullaberg" Naturum Kullaberg). There is a special mobile application that will help in walks in the reserve. In addition to hiking, you can go swimming in Cullaberg. There are two pebble beaches: Ransvik (Ransvik) and Josefinelust (Josefinelust).

Tourist trails along the sea

Visiting the reserve absolutely free. You can have a snack on the lighthouse (drinks and sandwiches), as well as in the visit center. You can come with your meal, and even arrange a barbecue, but in strictly allotted for this places. In hot weather in the reserve, a ban on a barbecue for safety reasons. A couple of kilometers southeast of the village of Mölle (Mölle) is a popular restaurant Kullens Kök. The establishment is located in an old village house, but offers a modern interpretation of classical Swedish cuisine.

Summer tables in the Kullens K restaurant&# 246; k

To get to the reserve is easy: from the north on the highway 112 from Engelholm (Ängelholm) towards Hyuganese (Höganäs); From the south – on the highway 111 from Helsingborg (Helsingborg) through Hyuganese to Mölle (Mölle). Car parking is 500 meters from Kullen Lighthouse. From Höganese to Möll hosts bus number 222. From May 1 to August 31 from Möll to the lighthouse on Saturdays and Sundays also hosts a bus. From June 15, it runs the bus on August 15 on weekdays.

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