Resident Evil Village in reality: 10 real places similar to the world of the game

Capcom Studio Horror, who chained so much attention, hurts to horror in the old man. The hero fights around in a deaf village, surprises from vampires in the castle, hides from monsters in abandoned mansions. The battles with evil spirits are hardly threatened to us in real life, but to visit places similar to the scenery of Resident Evil Village, it is quite possible.

Vampire Lair

In the evening, fog goes to the village, the inhabitants lock the doors and shutters, and in the gloomy fortress, the walls of which will come out over the huts, wakes up the feudal vampire. This scene, cited and in the new Resident Evil, has become recognizable thanks to the "Dracula" of the Irish writer Bram Stocker. With his light hand, the Romanian ruler of the XV century Vlad III turned into the most famous blood circulation of all time. He didn’t live and lived to this day, but his Castle Bran It is still in the vicinity of the city of Brasov so far and tourists let. And so that the image of the former owner does not disappear in vain, an exhibition of medieval torture.

Reaching the castle, the hero of the game meets his mistress – Lady Dimitreska. The blood of her victims she adds to wine, and in the basement arranged torture. According to the authors, this character is inspired by Elizabeth Batimi – Hungarian Countess, which was accused of massacres and vampirism. Thanks to the bikes about the bloody baths of Elizabeth, it became even more famous than her grandfather Stephen Batori, who broke the troops of Ivan the Terrible in the Livonian War. Countess are connected immediately Two Castle: in Nadag, preserved to this day, she lived with her husband and tormented her maids, and in Chakhtitsky Castle, from which the ruins were left, her for the court sentence was inspired and kept until death. Although in the XVI century, both structures were in the same kingdom, now it is necessary to go to Hungary and Slovakia to visit them.

However, evil is not required to be noble blood. European folklore full legends about vampires from common. One of these bloodsows is the Savan Savanovich, who was performed at night in a mill on the Rockachitsa River in Serbian village Pozorje. The hero of the game also visits the mill near the reservoir Moro. If the decorations of Resident Evil Village can only be examined by the soul, the lair of the Serbian vampire nobody bothers to touch. After 2012, when the construction collapsed, the locals were restored to attract tourists.

Resident Evil Village in reality 10 real places similar to the world of the game

House with the ghosts

One of the important locations of the new game is Benevento’s house, similar to all at home with ghosts from films. Still, because this is an old building in Victorian style, with turrets, a porch, chopped facade, which is full of full in the US. Coming into the launch, mansions with more than a century-old history are collecting terrible legends. So happened with Abandoned Villa in the vicinity of Cape Vincent in the North of New York. The building with 16 bedrooms was erected in 1894 by order of Millionaire William Vaikoff, but on the first night held here, the owner died from a heart attack. Since then, bad glory has been fixed behind the estate – it has repeatedly moved from hand to hand, but no one lived in it and in the end it completely dilapidated.

Villa de Vecchika on the shore of Lake Como erected in the middle of the XIX century. Only instead of comfort, she brought misfortunes: Architect Alessandro Sidyiti did not survive until the end of construction, and the owner of the house a few years after the new school, a wife and daughter died. Count Felix Dexica himself from grief committed suicide. Villa surrounded the halo of the damn: the rituals of the occultists of all the masters were held here, lovers of vampires and Satanists, and the locals were shuddered about ghosts that allegedly live in the walls of the building to this day. From the second half of the 20th century, when the house was finally abandoned, he is called "Ghost Mansion". Even now in the interior you can see traces of the former luxury, reminiscent of the rest of Lady Dimitreska from Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village in reality 10 real places similar to the world of the game

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