Resort Alanya – description, pros and cons

Where is the resort of Alanya? What are his features than it is comfortable and uncomfortable for tourists from Russia? What are the resort zones here, what are the features of each? How to choose the best hotel for yourself? Read the answers in our article and watch the map of the resort of Alanya and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey.

Interesting news

Until 2020, Alanya resort was considered the largest on the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. However, according to statistics of 2020, Alanya lost his lead, giving way to Side (Manavgat). In Alanya, now 167,235 beds in 575 official hotels, in Side (Manavgate) already 183,096 beds.

On 2021 there is no data and will not be. Not all hotels received the SAFE Tourism certificate, and as a result, not yet opened. Opened gradually.

Where is

Alanya City – Capital of Alanya in the province of Antalya is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. 135 kilometers east of the city of Antalya.

On the right, see the coast map of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey with the designation of resorts, cities and airports. Click on the map to enlarge.

The distance to the largest cities in Turkey: Istanbul – 830 kilometers to North-North-West, Ankara – 530 kilometers north, Izmir – 590 kilometers to the West.

Alanya is located 40 kilometers from Gazipasha-Alanya Airport (Code: GZP) and 125 kilometers from Antalya Airport (Code: AYT).

The resort of Alanya in the West is the Side Resort. In the east, there are no resorts. Rather, they exist, for example, the resorts Anam and Kizkalese, but these resorts are no longer for international tourists, only the Turks themselves go there.

How much to go from the airport to the hotel?

When buying a tour to Alanya, many tourists think like this: "In Alanya, your airport will come to the hotel after 15 minutes, in 20 minutes we will lie in the chaise lounge and enjoy the sun". Unfortunately, in reality, everything is not so rosy.

Gazipasha-Alanya Airport (Code: GZP) is not even in the area of ​​Alanya, but in the neighboring region of Gazipasha. Before the hotel you will get from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, depends on the location of the hotel. Alanya Resort is huge – 75 kilometers of coastal stripes.

To the city of Alanya from the airport to go about 50 minutes (42 kilometers). To the nearest Kashefli resort area in Alanya to go about 20 minutes (20 kilometers). Until the year of the resort zone, Skurdjalar Riding 1.5 hours (73 kilometers). Below we will consider in detail all the resort zones and give the map on which all distances and travel time are indicated.

But there is one more important nuance. Trainers in Alanya often sell with flight to Antalya Airport (Code: AYT). Then travel time will be even longer. Antalya Airport to Okurbalar – 1.5 hours, to the city of Alanya 2 hours, to Cashefli 2.5 hours.

Be careful when buying a tour! Check the airport arrival. We remind you that GZP is the code of airport Gazipasha-Alanya, AYT is the code of Antalya Airport.

Description of the resort

Alanya is one of the largest areas in the province of Antalya, the area of ​​the region – 1598.5 kV.KM., The population of the region is about 300,000 people. Here 75 kilometers of coastline. Under the phrase "Resort Alanya" usually understand not only the coastline of the area of ​​Alanya, but also the coastal strip of the neighboring region of Gazipha. Together they have 120 kilometers of coastline.

The number of hotels in Alanya is difficult to count. Approximate estimates: about 300 large hotels, about 200 guest houses and apart hotels, about 1000 apartments and villas for tourists. Alanya’s authorities claim that the overall capacity of the resort is 167,000 beds.

Tourism in Alanya is actively developing, a big impetus for development in 2010 gave the opening of Gazipa International Airport&# 351; A-Alanya ». According to statistics of 2019 (last available), the airport received 1,100 thousand passengers, of which 600 thousand foreign tourists. In total, in 2019, the airport served more than 5 thousand flights.

According to the statistics of 2017 (the last available), Alanya received 3.5 million tourists, this is 10% of the tourist world of Turkey and a third of the territory of the Mediterranean coast of the country. Chapter Association of Tourist Entrepreneurs Alanya Burkhan Sili stated: "Our goal is to take 5.5 million tourists by 2023!"

Alanya is considered in Turkey "German resort" as Antalya is considered the "Russian resort", Fethiye is considered the "English resort", Marmaris is considered the "Scandinavian resort". It does not mean that the Germans are most in local hotels. This means that there is an increased percentage of tourists from Germany, elevated compared to other resorts of Turkey.

Alanya resort is accepted to divide on 12 resort zones: Okurdjalar, Inzhekum, Avsallar, Turkler, Palillar, Conakla, Alanya, Kester, Mahmutlar, Carguck, Kashefli, Gazipasha.

In each resort area, its beaches, their own features, their composition of hotels. So now we will not talk about the beaches and hotels. Let’s talk about it a little later when we tell about each resort area in detail.

Alanya is famous not only as a tourist center, but also as an important agricultural region. Alanya can be called "tomato-cucumber country". 115,000 tons of tomatoes are grown here, 135,000 tons of cucumbers, 35,000 tons of citrus, 29,000 tons of bananas, 1,000 tons of avocado.

Alanya is one of the few most warm areas in Turkey, where banana trees grow on the open ground and bananas ripen on them. Of course, a banana tree grows in many areas in Turkey and even bananas appear, but ripen only in several the most warm regions.


First advantage – hotels for every taste and wallet. Of the 300 large hotels in Alanya, you can choose the most suitable for yourself.

The second advantage – beaches for every taste. There are wonderful sandy beaches in Alanya, there are beaches with a large and small pebbles. The main thing is to know what resort zone to look for a particular type of beach, what we will talk below when we tell the detail about each resort area.

Third advantage – cheap rest. In the lists of cheapest offers of tours and hotels, Kemer and Alanya are usually leading. If you compare similar hotels at all Turkey resorts on the Mediterranean Sea, then most likely the hotel in Kemer will be slightly cheaper, but Alanya wins the quality of the beaches.


The main drawback is difficult to select a hotel. In Alanya, 12 resort zones, each with its features and beaches. To find the best hotel for yourself, tourists have to either spend a lot of time to find information, or risk and blindly trust travelagent.

The second drawback is far from the airport. Alanya has its own international airport, but a little small flying from Russia here. As a result, 4 out of 5 tourists travel to Alanya from Antalya Airport, and this is not free – from 1.5 to 2.5 hours by bus. It is unlikely that someone wants to go by bus after flight.

The third drawback – the deficit of attractions. There are many attractions in Alanya, but these objects are scattered along the coastline of 75 kilometers long. As a result, local attractions for verification are far from local.

To see the main interesting places, you need to go to the city of Alanya. From the long districts on the bus for a long time (up to 1.5 hours), the taxi is expensive (up to 100 dollars one way).

Alanya resort zones

12 resort areas. Moving from west to east. Look below the map with the designation of resort zones, airport, travel time and distances. Click on the card to enlarge full screen.

Okurcalar (Okurcalar)

This is the most western area of ​​Alanya. In the West, where the Alara River flows into the sea, there is a border with the area of ​​Manavgat. District Sokurdjalarm small – only 3800 people permanent population. There are only two fields of economics – tourism and agriculture, grow citrus, legumes and bananas.

Beach. In the area of ​​Sokurdjalar, 7 kilometers of the shore. In about the middle there is Cape Karaburun, which forms a small bay, where Jimtur Beach is the best sandy beach in Okarjorlar.

West from Cape Caraburun Beach Pebble. And if you say exactly – this is sand, but at the entrance to the sea large pebbles.

East from Cape Karaburun Coast Movement. There are sandy and pebble beaches, but most of the shore rocky. Here hotels are arranged "Terraced beaches", that is, building large wooden flooring, they are installed on them and umbrellas, and you can get into the sea on the stairs. Not all tourists are satisfied with this option, and for resting with children these floorings are not at all suitable.

Hotels. In the area of ​​Sokurdjalar, about 60 large hotels. Of these, 30 "Pyatdrook", a dozen "fourth" and a dozen "Trecs", the rest are hotels without official stars. Almost all major hotels operate on the All Inclusive system.

Almost all hotels are located on the first beach line, and for the most part of the coast in the area of ​​Sokurdjalar, there is no second line at all as such. but! Many hotels although nominally are located on the first beach line, but the beach is located across the road. And this is not some rural road, but the federal route D-400.

The most chic "fives" in the salary is considered: Orange County Resort, Kirman Arycanda de Luxe, Botanik Platinum, Delphin Deluxe Resort.

conclusions. If you gathered to relax in the area of ​​Sokurdjalar, then you need to choose a hotel very carefully! There are hotels with the beach through the lively trace, there are hotels with terraced beaches. Carefully learn photos and read reviews already rested (or recently, it depends on what hotel) here tourists.

Inzhekum ​​(&# 304; NEKUM)

Next to the east of a small village, the population is about 1500 people. As in the salary, here they are engaged only by the reception of tourists and agriculture, citrus and bananas grow.

Beach. In the injection area of ​​about 3 kilometers of beach line. Western half for the most part stony, for beach recreation is unsuitable. The places between the rocks meet pieces of sandy beaches, in these places are usually hotels. Some hotels are building "terraced beaches", we talked about them above.

Eastern Half is a long (about 1.5 kilometers) Magnificent Sandy Beach. One of the best in Turkey, can only be compared with Beach Beach and Marmaris. All along this beach area is built up hotels.

Hotels. The hotel complex TT Hotels Pegasos – chief in Incekum. The complex consists of 4 different class hotels and occupies about half of the sandy beach (the eastern half of the region Incekum).

Just Incekum two dozen hotels, a number of "fives", the other "four".

The main rule is the hotel of choice for a beach holiday. Choose a hotel in the eastern part of the region Incekum, with a sandy beach. If you have decided to look to the west, then carefully look at the photos, look for photos, which clearly shows the beach. It can be sandy and stony and terraced.

Avsallar (Avsallar)

This town, though small population – around 10 000 people. There is a well-developed infrastructure: pharmacy, supermarket Migros and Bim, bank branches and ATMs, many cafes and restaurants.

Beach. In the area of ​​Avsallar 2 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches. Nothing more to say.

Hotels. In Avsallar two dozen large hotels, which are located along the beach. Most of them are on the first line, but there are several on the second line – via the D-400 road. It is highly recommended to be careful and not to fall into such a hotel.

On the road, deep into the city, there are two dozen apartment hotels and guest houses, a couple of dozen apartments for renting to tourists. These options, we strongly recommend. The fact is that almost all of the beach hotels and busy only available to their guests. The rest of the tourists have to walk or at the public beach of Avsallar (Avsallar Halk Plaj&# 305 ;, is in the east of the area) or on the beach in the Nature Park Incekum (&# 304; ncekum Nature Park, is on the west of the district). Both options are extremely uncomfortable, get away.

Turkler (T&# 252; rkler)

A small village and the area, which is in Alanya is known as a "country of greenhouses". Along the coast is a resort area, farther from the coast almost the whole area of ​​the district is occupied by greenhouses. Here are grown all year round tomatoes and cucumbers. The population of the area – about 7,000 people, most of the population is employed in tourism.

Beach. In the area of ​​Turkler 4 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches. More add nothing to.

Hotels. The Turkler in the tourist environment is known as "Cheap Cheap Area". Here is more than a dozen hotels or with official 5 stars, or without official stars and high levels. Prices for accommodation in these hotels – 100-150 dollars per night. Given that each hotel has its own sandy beach and all inclusive, it is inexpensive for the standards of Turkey.

Most hotels are located on a small peninsula in the West area of ​​the Turkler, the entire peninsula is built up with hotels. All hotels on the peninsula have direct access to their own beach. Outside the peninsula there are several more hotels, and pay attention to that some are through the D400 highway from the beach.

From hotels in Türkler, we note: Gold Island Hotel, Sirius Deluxe Hotel, Alaiye Resort & SPA, Hotel Lonicera World.

We will especially note the Adin Beach Hotel, where part of the coast is completely fenced off by the sea. If you are also afraid of sharks or other dangerous maritime animations, then this hotel is the perfect option. By the way, there is no dangerous shark in Turkey, what we were talking about in detail in the article "Are the sharks in the waters of Turkey".


Another small coastal village and the area is also known as the "countryhouse country". And arranged exactly like the Turkler – along the shore of hotels, everything is built up with greenhouses. And specialization is the same – tomatoes and cucumbers. Population of the village of Palillar – about 5,500 people.

Beach. In the area of ​​Palillar 4 kilometers beaches. There are sandy beaches, pebble beaches, sandy with pebbles and beaches, where pebbles at the entrance to the sea.

Hotels. Beach zone in the soldler is conditionally divided by half. In Western (cheap) parts of the D-400 highway is very close to the beach, here hotels are located across the road, hotels Cheap – almost all 3 stars.

In the eastern half of the Highway, the D-400 is distinguished from the beach, on this strip (between the sea and the highway) are the first line hotels, mostly 5 stars. Of these, the best are considered: Infinity Beach, Hotel Palmeras, Insula Resort & SPA.

conclusions! If you are going to relax in the soldler and want some particular beach coating (sand or pebbles), and if you want to have direct access to the beach, then carefully choose the hotel. See the exact location of the cards and look for a photo where the beach coating is clearly visible.

Conakli (Konakl&# 305;)

Resort district near the village of Conakli at the resort of Alanya is considered an elite vacation spot. Here the D-400 track is far from the shore, forming a large platform that is completely built up with hotels. About 30,000 people live in the area of ​​Conakla, most of the population is employed in agriculture. Almost all the territory of the area is covered with greenhouses.

Beach. In the area of ​​Conakli more than 5 kilometers of beaches. All beaches are sandy, however, there is a nuance – the bottom of the sea is stony, places clay.

Hotels. There are two dozen large hotels in Conakli, a dozen guest houses and apartheards, dozens of apartments for tourists. Different hotels – from chic "Pyaterok" for 500 dollars per night to modest "trips" for $ 100 per night.

There are first line hotels in Conakla, there is a second line, there are hotels nominally on the first line, but the beach across the road D400.

conclusions! Be careful when choosing a hotel. Be sure to see the location and look for photos of the beach.

Alanya City (Alanya)

Alanya’s resort area consists of hotels and beaches in Alanya and near the city – west until the Harbor for Yacht Alanya Marina, east to the Dima Tea River. About 12 kilometers of shore.

The historic center of the city with all major attractions is located on the Alanya Peninsula. There are no hotels in the peninsula. Hotels are located west and east of the peninsula. The road along the beach, therefore even the first line hotels are from the beach across the road, except for a few exceptions.

The main plus of rest in Alanya is the proximity of the main attractions and a well-developed infrastructure. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants, supermarkets BIM, Carrefour, Migros, Pharmacies, Bank branches. The city of Alanya is large (by Turkey’s standards) – 110,000 people.

Beach. West from the Peninsula Alanya Beaches sandy. Here is the "Cleopatra Beach". There is a legend that on this beach Mark Anthony and Cleopatra held a honeymoon. East beaches with a coating of a mixture of pebbles and sand, in some places the coast. Naturally, the western part is preferable.

All beaches in Alanya Public. Many hotels occupy pieces of the beach, where they put sun beds and umbrellas for their guests. However, these beaches are not private beaches of hotels.

Hotels. The meager selection of hotels is the main minus of Alanya. Much hotels – about a hundred, however, most small (no more than 100 numbers). There are big hotels, but they all do not have their own territory, even pools only have several.

conclusions! If you want to relax in the city of Alanya, then study the hotel carefully: location relative to the beach, the availability of the pool, is there a hotel from your area on the beach, what beach. Regarding the distance to the city center, you can not worry, because along the line of hotels (both in the West and in the East) there are buses to the center and back. We will also tell about these buses further.

Kestel (Kestel), Mahmutlar (Mahmutlar) and Kargyak (Karg&# 305; CAK)

These three zones are east along the coast from the city of Alanya. It makes no sense to consider them separately, since all three "on one person". Kestel – a settlement with a population of about 7,500 people, Kargyjak is also a village with a population of about 4,500 people. Mahmutlar is a city with a population of about 25,000 people.

All these three resort areas look and arranged the same. Along the beaches the road passes, hotels are across the road from the beach. On the western edge of the Kestel area there are two hotels with direct access to the beach (not across the road), these are Sunset Beach hotels and Labranda Alantur. If you settle in one of these hotels, you will probably get a room with a picturesque view of the cemetery, it is just nearby – right between hotels.

Beach. In areas Kester, Mahmutlar and Karguck 11 kilometers of beach line. Beach covering: Sand away from water, sand + pebbles at the entrance to the water.

All 11 kilometers of beach line occupies a public beach. That is, even if your hotel does not have a piece, it does not matter – you can swim and sunbathe anywhere in the beach.

Hotels. In the amount of three regions about hundreds of hotels. Local hotels have no large areas, there is usually a building, there is a small swimming pool, at best there is still a tiny park.

These three districts call the "Country of the Chetteer". Hotels 4 stars here dozens. Hotel with official 5 stars just one – this is Armas Prestige Hotel. A few more hotels have a high level, and could claim for 5 stars. By the way, in search engines of tours and hotels they have 5 stars, but remember: these stars are "drawn" by tour operators just to sell tour at any cost.

Kashefli (KE&# 351; EFLI)

It’s not even a village, it is the most real village. Population only 700 people. Locals are engaged in cattle breeding and grow vegetables in greenhouses. There are even sewage in the village.

Hotel. At the time of publication of this article, he is only one. Sedir Park Bungalow Butik Otel is a dear hotel with several dozen bungalow. The motto of this hotel: "Silence, peace, peace". Here they appreciate the calm, that even alcohol is not poured. With Russian tour operators, this hotel does not work, so the Russian tourist gets almost unreal.

Gazipa (Gazipa&# 351; A)

The resort area is located not in the area of ​​Alanya, but in the neighboring region of Gazipasha. The main advantage is located a few kilometers from the airport. The main disadvantage – big hotels here are only two.

The development of tourism in the field of gas. And develop to eat where! 20 kilometers of sandy beaches near the airport is a gigantic potential. While Gazipasha is another Turkish "countryhouse country".

Weather and resort season

The beach season in Alanya begins and ends the same way as in other resorts of Turkey – from the end of April to the end of November. The weather in Alanya is almost no difference from the weather in other resorts. Read details in our article "Weather in Turkey – water and air temperature".

Like all Mediterranean resorts of Turkey, in Alanya high humidity. In the summer months, the relative humidity – 60-70%. With such a large heat transfer heavier humidity. If you do not tolerate high humidity, it will advise to rest on the Aegean resorts of Turkey – Bodrum, Cesme, Didim, Kuşadası. On the Aegean Coast in the summer humidity – 40-45%.

Getting around the resort of Alanya

If you are relaxing in Alanya or in the resort area Kestel, then get to the center of Alanya is easiest. Need to take the bus №1, №2 and №101. They are all along the coast – from Alanya Marina harbor to the town Kestel. The main thing to know exactly – which way to take, that is, in which direction to Alanya. The fare is 3 Turkish Lira, paid the driver. You can buy transport Kentkart map, then 2 lira. Actual course, see our article "Currency of Turkey".

If you are relaxing in the resort Mahmutlar, then take the bus №1 or №2. The price of travel is the same.

If you are relaxing in a remote resort areas resort of Alanya, the need to go to dolmushe (minibus). From each resort area walking bus to the city of Alanya. Ask at the reception desk of your hotel, where to find a stop dolmusha. The price of travel – from 3 to 10 lire. The city will arrive at the Friday market on the boulevard of Ataturk.


In Alanya are many historical sites, and to have an idea of ​​their antiquity and value, let’s talk a bit about the history of the city and region.

A bit of history

Recent archaeological findings in Karain Cave prove that the area was inhabited by people of Alanya another 20 000 years ago. Ancient port and the city syedra was allegedly founded in the 7th century etc.N.NS. This town is not on the site of modern Alanya and 18 kilometers south of.

Syedra city in ancient times was not great and the key role played in the region. The city passed from hand to hand, some time was the base of the Cilician pirates, while not committed to them the Romans. By the 13th century the city was deserted syedra.

In 1221, the region was conquered by the Seljuk Turks. Sultan Alaadin Caykubad I founded a new city that was called in his honor – Alanya. The city was built not on the "scratch", before that there were a fortress, harbor and a small settlement of Calonoros. Sultan Aladin built new walls, dock for ships and a large tower Kyzyl Kule (Red Tower).

For Selzhukov Alanya was very important, these were their "Gate in the Mediterranean". Alanya became the second capital of the Sultanate, she was called the "Winter Capitol". However, Soon (1243), Mongols came to Malny Asia, and the hegemony of Seljukov was undermined. The city of Alanya passed to various local principles (Bayliks), then to Knights with Cyprus. As a result, in 1471, Alanya became part of the Ottoman Empire.

On Osmans, the city and the port began to lose their value. Ommans had plenty of other ports, and Alanya was not the most convenient for trading. In 1571, the city of Alanya not only lost the status of the capital of the region, but even was administratively attributed to the recently conquered Cyprus. The famous traveler Evia Cheleby visited here in 1671/72, he writes about the windiness of the buildings in the suburbs and the inactive castle of Alanya.

Resort Alanya - description, pros and cons

Until the mid-20th century, the region did not stand out. In the 1960s, the active development of tourism in the region began, when the Turks began to come here for the sake of the healing properties of the Damyslash cave, the air in the cave is considered healing for patients with asthma. In the 80s, began a boom of development of beach tourism and mass development of the coast hotels. The area of ​​Alanya turned out to be a "tourist klondike" – 75 kilometers of beaches, almost everything is free.

Castle Alanya

The castle takes the entire area of ​​the peninsula in the city center. Most of it is available for free and round day, in fact this is a full-fledged city district. You need to pay for inspection of the citadel and strengthening Echmeted. Combo ticket costs 15 Turkish lire.

The castle is very big. The total length of the walls is 6.5 kilometers, 140 viewing and guard towers, about 400 tanks were used to accumulate rainwater.

The castle Alanya has a very ancient story. Once here was the fortress of the Greeks, then she was taken and completed by the Romans, then the Byzantine. In the 13th century, the fortress (and the whole region) seized the Seljuk Turks under the leadership of Alaadin Keykubad I. He made the city of Alanya the second capital of his Sultanate and expanded the castle to the current size.

Walking on the castle you can go on the day, especially if you look into every corner. However, most tourists have enough clock pairs, because the walls are the same everywhere. We recommend paying attention to the cliff on the top of the cape. Her locals called "Adam Atajahi", which translates "Metage of People". From this cliff was discharged in the sea of ​​criminals, before there was such a way of execution.

Red Tower Kyzyl Kule

This is the symbol of the city and the area of ​​Alanya, the tower is even depicted on the coat of arms of the city (he is the coat of arms of the area).

The tower was built in 1226 by order of Sultan Alaadin Keykubad I, for construction he invited the famous architect Abu Ali Ruma from Syria. The big tower defended the harbor and Dock TERSAN.

Food height – 33 meters, diameter – 12.5 meters. The great traveler Evia Cheleby visited Alanya in the 17th century, he writes that during defense in the tower there may be up to 2,000 people.

On the first floor of the Red Tower there is an ethnographic museum, where you can see the models of ships, kernels, household items of defenders and wooden miniatures of the tower and adjacent buildings. The most interesting thing is to climb up, 300 steps lead to the top. Types from the Red Tower fascinate.

Ticket price – 6 Turkish lire. Combo ticket to the Red Tower + shipyard TERSAN – 8 lir. Combo ticket to the Red Tower + shipyard TERSAN + Damlatash Cave – 10 lir. Opening hours – from 9-00 to 19-00.

Details in our article "Kyzyl Kule".

Troublef and Dock TERSAN

Awesome construction, it is even difficult to believe that Selzhuki in the Middle Ages could build something like that. This is shiping fortress.

Construction of a length of 57 meters, a depth of 40 meters. Consists of 5 sections, each 7.7 meter width, the length of the sections – from 32 to 43 meters. In each such section, ships were built or repaired. There were not only docks for the assembly of ships, but also their smelters, carpentry shops and even residential premises.

Now inside you can see the reconstruction of the ship and approximately imagine the construction process. Exhibits copies of tools, anchors, ships tackle, reconstruction of medieval crane for weight lifting.

An ordinary tourist for inspection is enough 30-40 minutes. Ticket price – 6 Turkish lir. Combo ticket to the Red Tower + shipyard TERSAN – 8 lir. Combo ticket to the Red Tower + shipyard TERSAN + Damlatash Cave – 10 lir. Opening hours – from 9-00 to 19-00.

Cave Damlatash

Located in the west of the fortress Alanya, right at the beginning of the beach zone. Entrance from the sea.

This cave was discovered by chance during construction work in 1948. It turned out that the cave microclimate is unique: the air here contains 10-12 times the large cocentration of carbon dioxide, humidity – 95%, temperature – 22-23 degrees at any time of the year.

It is believed that the microclimate in the Damustash cave is able to treat asthma and other erect diseases. But these are only assumptions, because scientific evidence of any healing properties of this air found.

Cave works on a specific schedule. From 6-00 to 10-00 am, asthmatics arrive here on special tickets. From 10-00 to 17-00 cave becomes available to everyone. Tourists look inside Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. For better impressions, a special backlight is installed here. Damyslash Cave Little – TOTAL 200 KV.M. Square, more than half an hour, tourists are not delayed here.

The price of entry for ordinary tourists – 6 Turkish lira, for a child – 3 lira. Input price for asthma – 0.5 lira.

Waterpark Alanya

It would seem that! At the largest resort of Turkey, it is simply obliged to be the biggest and interesting water park. Nothing like this.

Alanya Little Water Park – Total 8 Gorkas for Adults. The resort of Alanya in other resort areas there are two more water park, but they are even less and more boring, and we will not even talk about them.

From these 8 slides, only half usually works, and they turn on and turn off alternately. The schedule of these inclusions and shutdowns is not published anywhere. When you see such water parks, the joke is involuntarily remembered: "You will wash your hands with soap wash? Then tea without sugar ".

The only worthy place in the water park is a children’s zone. There are several slides, splashes, fountains.

Alanya Water Park is located in the north-west of the castle. From the cave Damlatash, go on the way to the north (from the sea), then definitely do not miss.

Ticket price: Adult – 70 Turkish lire with snack and drink, 50 lire without; For a child – 50 and 30 lir. Lockers for things paid – 10 lire.

Main Square Alanya

The place is not very popular with tourists, but in its own interesting and extremely useful. The main square is located in the north of the main harbor.

In the center of the square installed Monument Mustafa Kemalia Ataturk. In general, in Turkey, a monument to Ataturk is in any city, as once in the USSR, Lenin monuments were put everywhere.

There are several parks around the area, sculptural compositions are installed. Watch-other here walk nice.

If you go to the east from the square, you will find local McDonalds. If you go to the west, you will find a pharmacy and the Starbax Coffee. Around the area dozens of shops and restaurants.

Visit – free. Opening hours – 24/7/365.

Archaeological Museum

The museum is located in the north of the castle, 200 meters north of the Damlatash cave. On the building a big inscription "MUZE", do not miss.

The museum building at first glance looks small, but this impression is deceptive, since the building is long, the museum is quite big. Within 14 exhibition halls, and outside a large outdoor area with exhibits.

The exposure is divided into two sections – archaeological and ethnographic. In the archaeological section collected exhibits from the era of neolithic to antiquity: ceramics, coins, decorations, tools, glass products.

In the ethnographic section, it is possible to see objects and documents related to the epochs: the Sultanates of the Turks-Seljukov, the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic.

The "Pearl" of the Museum Collections is a great preserved bronze statuette of Hercules, dates back to the 2nd century of our era. Figurine small – 52 centimeters in height, but very beautiful. Also here you can see the restoration of a small antique merchant ship with real amphoras raised from the bottom of the sea.

Ticket price – 5 Turkish lir. Opening hours: C 8-00 to 19-00 in high season (April 15 – October 2), from 8-00 to 17-00 in low season.

Canyon Sapadere

This is the best place for lovers to admire the beauty of nature.

Canyon Sapader is about 20 kilometers east of the city of Alanya. Riding a taxi expensive, see the tariffs in our article "Taxi in Turkey". Easier and cheaper to buy a tour of 30 dollars.

Canyon small – 800 meters long, up to 400 meters high. A small mountain river flows on the canyon, the water temperature in it does not exceed +10 degrees.

Cliffs not have to climb. Especially for tourists along the entire canyon built wooden platforms and bridges.

Along the canyon there are several picturesque waterfalls, and at the end of the way will be able to swim in the river and stand under one of the waterfalls.

Visit – free. Opening hours – 24/7/365.

Important advice

– In Alanya, almost all stores take dollars and euros. However, sometimes tourists have to deal with the lies. At this case, we advise you to read our article "How and where to change money in Turkey";

– Even if you fly to the All Inclusive Hotel, you still get ready for spending on excursions and souvenirs. Read our review "How much money to take to Turkey";

– Alanya is famous for magnificent strawberries, cherries and bananas. Do not miss the chance to try and bring them home, and read our detailed review of "Fruits in Turkey";

– The fact that it is still interesting can be brought from the trip, read our article "What to bring from Turkey".

A pleasant stay in Alanya, and read our interesting articles about Turkey (List of articles below).

Resort Alanya - description, pros and cons

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