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South Costa Brava and closer to Barcelona lies Costa del Marezme or Costa de Barcelona. This is the closest to the capital of Catalonia. Of all the resort towns of the district, it is very convenient to travel on the train in both Barcelona and Girona and Figuenes.

The resort capital is Calella, Nearest to Barcelona. Calella is a long sandy beach, charming coves with excellent landscapes and rich offers for outdoor activities and shopping. Calella, like almost any tourist and resort town of Spain – this is also frozen history in stone – Vintage temples, churches and chapels 15-16 centuries, beautiful palaces of the Renaissance and medieval castles, all this Calella. In addition, there is a wonderful tropical park, in the shadow of plants which is nice to hide from daytime heat and beautiful promenade. The huge plus of this resort town is that hotels of different categories are located right among the urban blocks and admire the attractions even on the road to the beach or on unexpected walks in the evening.

Behind the sutures to the north should Pineda de Mar And, as follows from the name "Pineda" in Spanish means "pine", rest here is a wonderful combination of the sea and pines, as well as healing air filled with the aroma of these plants. There are many parks and squares, excellent sandy beaches, very nice to make a promenade in a beautiful embankment in the evening, go sit on the open terrace in a cafe and a restaurant. The historic part of the city will delight the lovers of antiquity with picturesque narrow streets, thoroughly built by old buildings and elegant modern buildings. Among the streets of the old part of Pineda de Mar you can find several surprisingly beautiful sights. These are the ruins of the castle of Montpalau 12th century, the charming church of St. Mary and the Palace of Kan-Upgrades 15-16. By the way, it was in the old part of the city the best shops and restaurants with such a favorite many Mediterranean cuisine as well as many hotels.

Resort Cities Catalonia. Part 2. Costa del Marezme - Costa del Maresm, Spain Blogs and

Followed by Santa Susanna – Ancient Catalan town, also standing as Pined de Mar surrounded by pine forests. From the streets of Santa Susanna, almost from any point you can admire the wonderful views of the sea, the coast and the surrounding mountains, as well as to the infinity of the wander on the old streets, which transfer tourists during the Middle Ages. Walking on them you can see the houses of wealthy citizens, churches, mills, ***************. The castle of Kan-Ratez, in which the cultural center is located, the castle is notable for its huge cylindrical towers. Very interesting, the local church, erected to the means of the population after the war. It has an old altar covered with painting, and the interior is decorated with paintings with the image of the patroness of the city of Saint Susanna. Residents argue that the canvas of paintings are covered with a thin layer of real gold. In addition to the beach holidays and excursion walks, spending your holiday in Santa Susanne. You can correct the health of regular visits to the park of natural de la Font del Boter, which is rich not only in lush tropical vegetation, but also thermal mineral sources beating directly from the ground. In addition, the park for walking and relaxing in the city there are some more excellent parks and botanical gardens. Santa Susanna can also be called the Center for Family Tourism. Here are wide sandy beaches and a great gesting descent into the sea, many children’s playgrounds, and for lovers of underwater depths, the diving school works. Santa Susanna stands in the Alpha phate valley, which on the one hand descends to the sea, and on the other hand protected by rocky cliffs, protecting it from weather transformations and creating a soft Mediterranean climate.

Malgrat de Mar – The last resort town of Costa del Marezme. His beaches are one of the most popular. Not far from the city is the water park "Marinelend" with his rich choice of attractions for children and adults. And this park has a special zone for the smallest visitors with three pools and attractions. In Mariland, performances of dolphins, sea lions and parrots are constantly held. Here you can watch the life of seals and penguins. In Malgrat de Mar do not bounce and lovers of history. This city is a small old miracle, which is pleasant to walk in the evening and see the attractions of which Church of Sant Nicolau de Bari 16th century, city town hall building, Majestic Torre-D’Riir Tower and magnificent medieval mansions of rich families of Catalonia. The neighborhood of the city is also full of architectural monuments.

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