Resort Czech – Description, Pros and Cons

Where is the Turkish Czech Resort? What represents? What are his advantages and disadvantages for the Russian tourist? Read the answers below. And also about where and how in Czech will contact the glorious victorious history of the Navy of Russia.

Interesting news from Czech

Czech plan to make a year-round resort. Back in April 2021, the head of the local branch of the PSR (the ruling party of Turkey) in Cesme Ms. Eliz Karatash created a working group on the work on the employment problem of the tourist industry 12 months a year. In the winter months it is planned to actively work the resort of Czech as a spa center.

What will happen? Wait and see. But while Czech pleases our tourists primarily by the beaches and the sun in the summer months. Here we will talk about this in detail in this article.

Brief description of the city and resort

Czech is a city and resort in Turkey on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Czech city – the capital of the same name in the eponymous peninsula in the province of Izmir, 80 kilometers west from the city of Izmir. Map of the Aegean coast of Turkey with resorts and airports See Nearby, click on the map to enlarge.

Czech resort occupies the whole area of ​​256 kV.KM., and the length of the coastline here is more than 80 kilometers.

On Turkish standards Cesme is considered a small resort. Hotels a little – about two dozen, but there are several hundreds of guest houses and aparthotels, many apartments and homes for renting tourists.

Set of attractions modest: two small water park, fortress about 500 years old, local lore museum, excavations of the ancient city of Eritra.

Prices for tours and rooms in hotels in Cesme Middle in Turkish standards. And although most hotels here are 5 stars, prices for tours and rooms in hotels are quite affordable for Russians.

Important if you look for a tour or hotel

Not all search engines tours and hotels "Know" Cesme as a separate resort. Some consider it part of the resort zone of Izmir. In this case, searching the tour or hotel in Cesme becomes almost an impossible task, as it is very difficult to distinguish hotels in Cesme from Izmir hotels. Optional solution only one problem – go to another search engine tours or hotels.

The main rule buying tours in Czech

Carefully watch the arrival airport. If you arrive at the Izmir airport (AdB code), then everything is excellent. You will reach the hotel per hour, if you do not get stuck in traffic on the site of the road from the airport to the southern border of the city of Izmir.

However, it is much more often sold tours with flight to Bodrum Airport and even Dalaman.

If you arrive in Bodrum (BJV code), then get ready for 3.5 hours trip to the hotel in Cesme. If you arrive in Dalaman (DLM code), then get ready for 4.5 hours of trips.

be careful! Be sure to watch the arrival airport before buying a tour!


First advantage – gorgeous beaches. Pleasant small sand, beautiful blue or azure water, gentle in water and a small depth on a fairly long distance – Ideal for recreation with children.

Second – almost all hotels in Cesme are on the first line and have their own beach. About hotel Talk in detail further in this article.

Third – the ability to combine beach and recreation holidays. In Cesme there are sources of mineral water or healing dirt. Many local centers offer health procedures. We will talk about this in more detail below in this article.

Fourth – the big city of Izmir is just an hour drive by bus. In Izmir, you can go to entertainment parks, shopping centers, in large markets.


The first large drawback – at the Czech resort there are almost no attractions and amusement parks. Two local water park is clearly "on Troychka", from cultural facilities you can remember only Cesme Castle. Cultural and entertainment program in Cesme is enough for a couple of days.

The second drawback is a very weak selection of hotels. Full hotels (with stars) here just a couple of dozens. There are a lot of apart hotels and guest houses, but Russian tourists do not complain them, there are no All inclusive in them.

Third disadvantage – local beaches. Not everyone likes a small depth. Some tourists want to swim and pounce. On most beaches in Cesme for this, you will have to go 100 meters from the shore or even further.

Fourth disadvantage – hotel staff, taxi drivers, merchants know Russian very poorly. In large hotels there are always several people who speak Russian well, but in small hotels in Russian-speaking staff may not be at all.

Fifth drawback – difficulty with searching tours, about which we talked above.

Weather and beach season

The time of the beach season in Cesme is exactly the same as in the other resorts of Turkey – from mid-April to the end of October. Read details in our review "Weather in Turkey".

A bit of history

The city of Cesme is very ancient and rich history. The accurate date of the foundation of the city is not established, most likely, about 1500 years before our era. According to the works of the Roman scientist, the city founded immigrants from Crete under the leadership of Eritrus, the city was named "Eritra". Later the Greeks moved here.

An ancient city was not on the site of modern Czech, in distance from the shore. On the shore there was a port called "Cissor". The city of Eritra was small by the standards of ancient Greece, but very important. Here lived a propheted of Civil Eritrean. Also, the city became famous in the ancient world by magnificent wines and the best in the Mediterranean mills.

In 133.N.Erie, Erita moved to the Roman Republic, having received the high status of "Civitas Liber". That is, the Romans did not manage the city directly, the city had the right to partial self-government. In the 1st century, our era survived a strong earthquake and looting, actually eritra ceased to exist. Port also stayed, but played a minor role in the region.

The new flourishing of the port of Czech began in the 14th century, when the Republic of Genoa (owned by the neighboring Island of Chios) and the princes of Idinides (owned a part of Malaya Asia) imprisoned a truce. They agreed that the port of Czech would become a point of transit of goods between Europe and Asia. The port began to flourish and grow rapidly.

In 1566, the port entered the Ottoman Empire. And without any battles and victims. Ottoman Admiralpiped Pasha entered the Czech Bay, threw anchor, went ashore, convened noble people of the city and announced a new government. Noble people and ordinary townspeople objected.

In 1770, the famous "Battle of Czech" took place in Czech Bay, it’s worth talking about it in detail.

Resort Czech – Place of Fame of Russian Navy!

During the Russian-Turkish War, 1768-1774, Russian squadrons of the Baltic Fleet went to the Mediterranean Sea. They were looking for the fleet of the Ottoman Empire and found him near Czech. Russian fleet commanded Count Alexey Orlov.

In the fleet of Orlova there were 9 linkers, 3 frigates and other small ships. In the Turkish fleet there were 16 linkers, 6 frigates and small ships. By the number of guns, the Turks exceeded more than 2 times.

The first fight took place on July 5. Russian battletry "Saint Eustafius" took the Turkish flagship "Rial Mustafa". As a result of the battle, both vessel exploded. After that, the Turks decided not to risk and retreated to the bay.

Second Fight July 6 and 7. Russian ships were initially fired by the Turks, and then let some small branders (ships with explosives). By 8:00 am, on July 7, 15 of 16 Turkish battleships were burned down and all 6 frigates.

It was the grand victory of the Russian fleet. Day July 7 announced one of the days of military glory of the Navy of Russia. On the collar on the form of sailors of the Navy of Russia, three white stripes around the perimeter. One of them symbolizes the battle of Czech. The rest are two – Sinop and gangut battles.

If you are in Cesme, just look at the bay. It was in these waters that Turkish battles burned.

What’s next

In the Board of the Ottoman Empire, the value of the Czech port remains secondary, and the main thing in the region remained Smirns (now Izmir). Czech began to specialize in mastic and grapes, the city flourished.

In the 20th century, tourism came out on the first roles, Czech became a popular place to relax wealthy citizens from Izmir. In the 70s, the flowering of foreign tourism began in Turkey, but Czech "did not get into the trend". It did not build hundreds of hotels here, as happened in Alanya or Antalya. Czech remained a small but cozy resort.

What is Czech now

Czech city small – about 22,000 permanent population. However, tourists and temporary workers in hotels and restaurants arrive here at the beach season, the population increases to 150-200,000 people.

However, the city of Cesme is very stretched along the coast. In fact, the city begins from the beach of pirplan in the south and stretches 30 kilometers along a winding coastline to the border with the spa zlyka area. In the city feature all buildings with a height of one or two floors. Big buildings only at hotels.

Czech area small size – only 256,000 square meters. KM. This is comparable areas of the cities of Cheboksary, Ryazan, Orenburg or Stavropol. Permanent population of the district – about 35,000 people.

In Turkey, the Czech district is famous not only as a tourist center. Here brought the breed of sheep "Sakyz Koyuo", the best in Turkey on the productivity of milk, wool and meat. It is believed that the farmers from Czech crossed Turkish breeds with the rocks of the Aegean Islands, got an outstanding result.

Czech resort is divided into three large zones: Czech and surrounding area, Ilyca resort area, Alachati resort area. See the map above, click on the map to enlarge.

Some serious advantages have no one of these zones. Beach everywhere are about the same, to any sights from any area can be easily reached by local minibuses. "Dolmu&# 351; ES "or by taxi.

The historic center of Cesme is the castle "Czech wheels". It is definitely not established who built it – Turks or Venetians. I purchased my current look at the beginning of the 16th century, during the Board of Sultan Bayazid II. Next to the castle is a caravanseray, built by order of Sultan Suleiman’s magnificent, the most famous Turk in history.

Guest houses in Cesme are scattered around the coast.


Czech is considered small in size to the resort, judging by Turkey’s standards. There are only two dozen full-fledged hotels (with stars). Two more hundreds of guest houses and mini-hotels. Hotels are mostly 5 stars, the most famous: Radisson Blu Cesme, Sheraton Cesme (in the photo nearby, click on the photo to enlarge), Ilica Spa & Wellness, Grand Hotel Ontur Cesme.

If you use search engines, then hotels in these systems are registered much more. The fact is that many mini-hotels and villas have not officially have assigned stars, but in Russian search engines they have stars. Russian tour operators themselves "from the Bar’s shoulder" assign stars to objects, based on their reasoning.

Board of choice of hotel in Cesme is very simple. Check all hotels and choose the best for yourself. Hotels two dozen, a lot of time to view everyone will not leave.


In the Czech Region, there is no beaches shortage, there are about 90 kilometers of coastline. Most hotels have their own beach, and most tourists of this beach have enough.

But if you settle down at the hotel without your beach or just decide to go to the public beach "Other to see and show yourself", then read about the three most famous and interesting things:

Beach Pielight (P&# 305; Rlanta Plaj&# 305;, "Diamond Beach") is famous for all Turkey. This is one of the best places in the country for surfing, windsurfing and kaitsorfing. The beach is in the west of Cesme. Here in a small bay, the wind is constantly blowing and there are waves, from here and popularity from Surfer.

Depth does not exceed 1.5 meters for a range of up to 250 meters, the perfect place to study swim. If you decide to spend time on the beach of the pyrilate, we recommend you to choose a place away from the siefs in order to avoid collisions. There are enough places here, the length of the beach of Piece – about 700 meters.

Please note that almost the entire beach "Wild" – no chaise lounges and umbrellas, except for two small sites, where you can rent a sun bed for 20 Turkish lies. Current course, see our article "Money in Turkey".

Ilyk Beach (IL&# 305; CA PLAJ&# 305;) is located 7 kilometers east of the center of Cesme, in the resort town of Ilyk. The length of the beach line – 2 kilometers, 200 meters from them belong to the most elegant in the resort Cesme Hotel Sheraton Cesme. The rest is publicly available.

There are umbrellas and sun beds here, the price is 50 lir for a set of an umbrella, a small table and two sun beds. Water on the beach of Ilyc is considered healing, since water from the bottom of mineral springs. The depth is small (up to 1.5 meters) up to 100 meters from the shore.

Unfortunately, Ilyc Beach is often overflowing, especially in July and August. It fills in both foreign tourists and tourists and tourists. Very acute problem is felt on weekends and holidays when the Turks from Izmir come to rest. Holiday schedules See our article "Holidays in Turkey".

Altynkum Beach (Alt&# 305; NKUM PLAJ&# 305;) is 4.5 kilometers to southwest from Czech. The beach is small, length – about 350 meters. Its main advantage is that it is almost empty even on weekends. About 100 meters of the beach occupies a Fun Beach club, where a paid entrance (about 100 lire) and you need to book drinks for another 250. The rest of the beach is free and "wild".

Altynkum Beach is famous for magnificent sand, no wonder the name is translated from Turkish as "Golden Sand". Sea here clean, beautiful blue water.


Castle Czech

Since in 1472 and 1501, the city of Cesme captured Venetians, Sultan Bayazid II decided to restore and strengthen the local castle.

From three sides, the castle is surrounded by a moat, there are six bastions. Let’s just say, the castle is small in size, it is interesting, but do not experience delight.

Resort Czech - Description, Pros and Cons

Before the castle, see the statue of Gaza Hassan Pasha. This is the admiral who commanded the Turkish fleet in the battle of Czech. It is believed that he has lost his flagship with honor "Rial Mustafa", at the same time the Russian battleship "Saint Eustiatry". For the remaining part of the battle and the sad fate of his fleet, he watched from the shore.

Later, Gazi Hassan Pasha became Vizier at the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Admiral is depicted with his homemade lion, which he bought during the service in Algeria.

Inside the castle is the Cesme Museum. The collection includes 477 items, of which 320 artifacts from the places of archaeological excavations, 126 ethnographic items and 31 an ancient coin.

The museum’s inspection is enough for 20 minutes, for the entire castle of 1.5 hours, including photo shoots. Price of entrance tickets – 18 Turkish lire.

If you find yourself in Czech in the first week of July, then look at the castle on the International Music Festival in Cesme.

Water Park Aqua Toy City

Located on site Ilica Hotel. It is in the eastern part of the city, in fact in the center of the Czech resort.

This water park is crazy interesting for children and insanely boring for adults. Large slides here are only 3 – long and winding open hill, long closed and multi-lide. On the photo next to the background you can see all three, click on the photo to enlarge.

But for children is a paradise place. Two large pools, splashes, inflatable trampolines in water, small slides. The child here will not miss all day.

And what to do adults while children have fun? Probably sit in the bar, which here is huge sizes. And the bar is located so that you can watch both children’s pools. Apparently not enough so arranged.

Entrance – 100 Turkish Lear. And now jokes from the Aqua Toy City Park Administration: "Children under 1 year pass for free. From 1 year to the full ticket ". When you read this, it is incomprehensible – crying or laughing?

Waterpark Oasis Waterpark

Located in the resort area of ​​Alacati. In this water park, all pools with sea water, from which the administration claims him as "marine water park". For children it is very uncomfortable.

In Oasis Waterpark 12 large adult slides. There is a big children’s zone with a "bucket", it is when there is a large container with water in the children’s zone, which time at a certain time merges down. For the youngest, we do not recommend this children’s zone.

Input price – 60 Turkish lira per child, 90 lir per adult.

Water park independent, that is, is not on the territory of any hotel. However, guests of some hotels in Alacati can enjoy free and without restrictions, including the AI ​​system bar.

Hot Springs and Healing Dirt

Sources are 5 kilometers from the center of Cesme. Many of them are located on the territory of hotels that specialize in recreation.

Water from cesme sources contains magnesium sulfate and is considered healing for skin diseases and gynecological diseases.

Medicine dirt are located in the CIFTN district. According to the legend, the daughter of the king of the ancient city of Eritra received a serious wound and could not cure in any way. The king hunted in this place and saw his dogs lying in the mud. The king took this dirt and brought his daughter, she healed.

Many hotels and health centers are offered in mineral water or medicinal dirt. Most likely, on the first day of rest, the hotel will find the local zoom and will offer procedures. The easiest session costs 20 Turkish lies, with a massage and other procedures and 300 lire, and even more expensive.

Excavations of the city of Eritra

The only truly ancient landmark in Cesme. As the saying goes "On the bearded and cancer – fish".

From the ancient city of Eritra, alone ruins after the earthquake in the 1st. There is an amphitheater 3 century d.N.e, but it is almost completely collapsed, and it will still have to learn among the stones. Amphitheater Look at the photo nearby, click on the photo to enlarge.

There is also a temple of Hercules, who has not yet been excavated, it is even difficult to learn him. There is a sacrificial altar dated 5 century d.N.e, and somewhere once gorgeous villas 2 century d.N.NS.

Eritré excavations will be extremely interesting, but only those tourists who have very well developed imagination.

Place of excavations is on the outskirts of the Hindiri village, which is 20 kilometers east of Cesme. Log in – 3 Turkish lira.


The big city of Izmir, the capital of the Aegean coast of Turkey is only 80 kilometers from Czech. Just hour ride on a taxi or bus, and all the sights of Izmir are at your disposal.

On a taxi trip will cost 250 Turkish lira. If you order a transfer on the Internet, then the same amount will be released.

Cheaper to drive by bus. Fare price – about 10 lir. Buses depart every hour or half an hour.

Bus station in Cesme (&# 199; E&# 351; Me Otogar) is near the port, approximately 500 meters south of the castle. If you are going from the hotel by taxi, just tell me the driver "Czech Sogar", he will understand. Or perhaps, a minibus goes from your hotel to the bus station, ask about this at the hotel’s reception.

Important advice

– If you decide to fly in Czech yourself, then most likely fly with a transfer in Istanbul. Be vigilant, often flights through Istanbul pass with airport change. Be sure to check airport codes! For independent tourists, we recommend our article "Rest in Turkey yourself";

– In order not to fall into trouble on vacation, you need to be primarily informed. Read our articles "How not to poison on vacation in Turkey" and "What should not be done in Turkey";

– If you are going to move around Czech on a taxi, then see official tariffs in Izmir (they act in the field of Izmir) in our article "Taxi in Turkey";

– Planting current expenses will help our detailed review "How much money to take to Turkey". Competently pack the suitcase will help the review "What to take to Turkey".

Successful rest in Czech, and read our interesting articles about Turkey (List of articles below).

Resort Czech - Description, Pros and Cons

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