Resort Dalaman – description, pros and cons

Where is the resort Dalaman? What areas is? How to choose a holiday area and hotel? What are the pros and cons for Russian tourists? Read the answers in our article, as well as about the best local beaches and attractions.

Prices, Data for hotels and other information This article relevant for June 2021. Naturally, not all hotels opened after a pandemic, but most of the major hotels are already working.

Where is

Dalaman is the city and the area in the province of Mugla in the south-west of Turkey. Dalaman is 300 kilometers south of Izmir, 760 kilometers south of Istanbul, 230 kilometers west of Antalya.

See the map of the Aegean Sea resorts in Turkey to the right, click on the map to enlarge full screen.

The area is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, although Dalaman is customary to belong to the resorts of the Aegean coast. The fact is that with transport and administrative points of view, Dalaman is much closer to the Aegean coast, is located in the province of Mugla along with the famous resorts Bodrum and Marmaris on the Aegean Sea.

Dalaman is more famous even as a resort, but as an international airport, which has become the main "gate" for tourists to the resorts of South-Western Turkey. And many even it seems that Dalaman is a very large resort, once there is an airport. In reality, nothing like.

The city of Dalaman is located 6 kilometers from the coast. The airport is located between the city and the coast.

Description of the resort

Dalaman’s region itself can not call the word "resort". There are only 2 hotels with official stars, 5 small guest houses, two dozen villas and houses for rent. And all these hotels and guest lady are far from the sea.

The resort of Dalaman is customary to attract all areas and hotels located within 30 kilometers from Dalaman Airport. It:

– City and region Dalaman;

– Sirigerme resort district in the neighboring region of Ortada;

– The city of Dalyan Balledi in the neighboring region of Ortadzha;

– Guezk’s city in the neighboring region of Fethiye, although often it is ranked to the resort of Fethiye, and not to the resort of Dalaman.

Watch a map number, click on the map to enlarge.

With this approach, Dalaman can already be called average by the resort of Turkey. There are about 50 hotels and more than a hundred guest houses or aparthotels.

Important moment! Each search engine of tours or hotels "Think" in its own way. Some search sites All of the listed areas consider part of the resort Dalaman, some farland or gidges are considered a separate resort. Because of these features, select tours and hotels is often hard.

Each of these areas has its own characteristics for tourists. Further in our article we will consider hotels, beaches and attractions of all these areas. But the main! Each area has its own specialization. It is important about this and you need to talk in detail.

Dalaman city small – only 25,000 inhabitants. This is an ordinary Turkish provincial city. There is a big beach here, but there are no hotels along this beach. One hotel is located in a kilometer, the rest of the hotels and guest houses in the city – 7 kilometers from the beach. Speaking easier – this is not a tourist place, tourist here only the airport.

Resort district near the village of Sarigerme – This is the best beach holiday place. There is a long sandy beach, water entertainment, several bars and restaurants. Two dozen hotels and guest houses in different levels of amenities – price per night from 30 to 500 dollars.

Dalyan city – This is a holiday destination lovers of rafting and fishing, the city is located on the banks of the Dalyan River. For beach tourists, it is not very convenient, as to the beach will have to ride a taxi or minibus.

However, Dalyan has its advantages – the rest here is diverse, you can sunbathe on the beach, look at the "Inverted Hospital", to go fishing, ride on the boat on the river, watch the Lycian tombs and excavations of the ancient city of Kavn. About this we will talk in more detail below.

City of Gugeck – This is one big parking for yachts, perhaps the biggest in Turkey. Here are six marins for yachts, they smoothly go into each other, and the whole coast is one big pier. We accept honestly, there is nothing to do here. Beaches need to go by taxi and paid beaches. There are only three hotels near the beaches, talk about them further along the course of this article.

Distances and travel time from Dalaman Airport (DLM code) to tourist areas:

Dalaman city Village Sarigerme Dalyan city City of Gugeck
Travel time 9 minutes 20 minutes 35 minutes 25 minutes
Distance 5 kilometers 17 kilometers 28 kilometers 18 kilometers

If you buy a tour with Bodrum Airport (Code: BJV), then get ready for 2.5 hours from the airport to the hotel. And if the flight to Izmir Airport (code: ADB), then you will drive 3.5 hours. Conclusions: Carefully choose the tour, be sure to watch the arrival airport.


The main advantage is the proximity of the airport. Nice to get from the airport to the hotel for 20 or 30 minutes to quickly be on the beach or in the pool.

On this advantage ends. If you see some other obvious advantages of Dalaman, please write in the comments at the end of this article.


The main disadvantage is an extremely poor selection of attractions and entertainment. There is no water parks in the resort of Dalaman, there are no amusement parks, no clubs and night fun. There are a couple of interesting places for tourists that we will tell below in this article.

The second drawback is an extremely meager choice of hotels. Whatever the area you have chosen to rest, the choice by the standards of Turkey will be very poor. 5 stars in all areas of only two, and both are very expensive.

The third minus – the few attractions are scattered through a large area, and public transport in the region is very bad. Independently ride something to watch almost unreal.

The fourth minus – almost no one speaks in Russian. In "Pyats" there is a speaker personnel in Russian, do not hope in the rest of the hotels. If you know English at least at the basic level, there will be no problems.

Weather and resort season

Weather in Dalaman about the same as in other Turkish resorts. Season lasts from early May to early November. In detail in our article "Weather in Turkey".


In the region of Dalaman There are only two full-fledged hotels (with stars) – Thermemaris Spa&THERMAL 4 * AND DALAMAN AIRPORT LYKIA RESORT 4 *. There are five guest houses, a few villas and apartments.

Thermemaris Spa&Thermal Hotel is a little south of the airport, approximately in a kilometer from the sea. The hotel positions itself as a pre-medicinal water profilate. Dalaman Airport Lykia Resort is located on the southern outskirts of the city, about 7.5 kilometers from the sea.

In the resort zone of Sarigerme (Neighborhood Orthaja) Tens of hotels and several guest houses. One "Five" – ​​Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme Resort & SPA, the rest of the "fourths".

Most hotels have their own sections on the local public beach, are somewhat on the first line. Please note that only a few hotels offer the All Inclusive system.

We will primarily recommend Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme. The hotel has its big piece of beach with sun beds and umbrellas, a pier, a huge adult pool, a mini-water park, a children’s pool with slides, a large well-kept territory. Unfortunately, the price tag for many "bites".

If you want to relax ultra-budget, then approximately in the middle of the beach Sarigerme there is camping. Just take a tent with you, and the hotel does not need. For the use of toilets, shower and connecting to electricity charged – 5 Turkish lire per day for one tent. Perfect purity in the toilets and daily cleaning of the territory do not wait. The current course of the Turkish Lyra can be viewed in our article "What money in Turkey".

In the city of Dalyan (Neighborhood Orthaja region) about a dozen hotels, of which only two "Trejcs" with official stars. The rest are not officially classified on the stars, but objectively they "do not pull" more than 3 stars.

Dalyan city is 4.5 kilometers from the sea, and, accordingly, there is no first line. Beach from any hotel will have to go by taxi or minibus (Dolmush).

There is no hotels in the nearest beach, since this is a natural guarded zone – the location of the nesting of the disappearing type of turtles. In 1987, a hotel and even a pier wanted to build here, but the defenders of nature raised a huge hype, the scandal broke out. Behind the turtles then the Prince of Philip from the British Royal Family.

In the city of Guezek (Neighborne region Fethiye) Five hotels with stars, two dozen mini-hotels, guest houses and a hundred apartments and villas. There are no hotels in the first line here, as there are no beaches in Gugeck in the city. The whole coast in the city is one big yacht marina.

The most elegant here is the hotel Rixos Premium 5 * and its country branch Club Prive by Rixos G&# 246; CEK. And even the Rixos Premium does not have its own beach, as the hotel is located within the city, and there are no beaches in a swimming pool. But its own beach is outside the city – in Club Prive by Rixos, Rixos Premium Guests have to ride. Beach in the photo below, click to enlarge.

In the south of the city, for the harbor D-Marine there are public beaches. If you decide to relax at the hotel in Göjek, then morally get ready to go there by taxi. 5 kilometers south there is an InLidge Beach, and there are two small beach hotels near – &# 304; NLICE DENIZ PANSIYON and LAYLA G&# 246; CEK. Only these two hotels (plus Club Prive by Rixos) have beaches within walking distance.

Hotels in the city are focused on yacht owners. That is, the principle: "To spend the night and breakfast, no longer needed".


In the area of ​​the city of Dalaman Beach is just one.

Dalaman Beach (Dalaman Plaj&# 305;). Occupies the entire coast of the region, length – about 5 kilometers. Beach is completely wild, except for one cafe in front of the airport. You can only get here for a taxi, public transport does not go.

In the village of Sarigerme village, the beach is also only one.

Beach Sarigerme (SAR&# 305; Germe Plaj&# 305;). Length is about 3.5 kilometers, along this beach there is a hotel line from Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme 5 * in the east to Seno Resort Sar&# 305; germe 4 * in the west. Divided approximately in half a small rock and mouth river.

On the beach Sarigerma Sand with small intersions of shallow pebbles. Some pieces of the beach are fixed behind hotels, but most of them are available to everyone.

Near the city of Dalyan there is one beach, but very interesting.

Beach isometget (&# 304; ZTUZU PLAJ&# 305;). It is famous for the whole world as a nesting place of Caretta Caretta turtles is an endungent view. This beach is a protected natural zone – Kyidegez-Dalian National Park.

The beach is closed for visitors from 20-00 to 08-00 (from May to October), when the turtles lay eggs and cubs hatch. Forbidden umbrellas and deck chairs. Snoves are fenced and forbidden. Strictly prohibited to dig pit. By law, it is forbidden to even lie on the towel. In some parts of the beach, chaise lounges are still allowed, but paid – 7.5 lir.

The beach is gorgeous with pleasant sand, places with inclusions of small pebbles, places with medium sized pebbles. Wood warm, the first 25-30 meters very finely, which is ideal for children. Beach Length – About 4 kilometers. No crowd of people here does not even happen on weekends and holidays.

In the city of Gugek, there are no beaches, but there are several people next to the city.

Resort Dalaman - description, pros and cons

D-Marine Beach (D-Marine G&# 246; CEK PLAJ&# 305;). Is immediately at the south feature of the city, the beach is small – about 250 meters long. There are sun beds, umbrellas, restaurant and bar, all the amenities. But the price is 120 lire per day! But the beach is excellent, watch the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge.

Beach Inlider (&# 304; NLICE PLAJ&# 305;). Located 5 kilometers south of the city. Public transport here does not go here, but you can rent almost to the beach by bus "Gugek-Fethiye". Entry paid – 10 lir.

Gugeaking Islands Beaches (G&# 246; CEK ADASI PLAJ&# 305;). Gugek Island is 4 kilometers south of the harbor. There are many beaches on the island, but renting a boat "will fly to a penny".


Unfortunately, in Dalaman and the surrounding area not so much interesting for tourists. In addition, they are all scattered around the region, and there are almost no public transport here. If you want entertainment, it is better to order organized excursions, it’s easier and often even cheaper.

Lycian tombs in Dalya

The ancient people "Lycants" lived on the southern coast of modern Turkey. They adopted to bury noble citizens in tombs in natural rocks. Now such tombs are preserved throughout the coast.

On the site of the city of Dalyan, when it was the Lycian city of Kaunos, his kings and the most noble citizens were buried in rocky tombs on the opposite side of the river.

Inside the tomb now there is nothing to look, they are empty. If you want to watch Lycian artifacts, then you need to go to England to the British Museum. Unfortunately, inside the tombs in Dalain are not allowed.

It is necessary to admire the facades of the tombs, some are made in ancient Greek style, some look not so pompous – in the style of Lycian architecture. You can look at them and try to imagine how much power it is necessary to push such tombs with primitive bronze and iron tools, and they did it manually.

Center for Research Turtles

The center of research, salvation and rehabilitation of turtles is located on the beach isometha. It is also called the "Turtle Hospital".

Here they bring turtles, wounded by fishing hooks, networks or boat screws. Tourists are allowed to the center, show turtles. Also here is a small museum.

To get to the center, go from the parking in the opposite direction from the sea, the center will be 150 meters.

Opening hours – from 10-00 to 18-00. the entrance is free. Donations for the good cause of salvation of turtles are welcome.

The ancient city of Cavun

In the ancient era of Kaunas (Cavn) was a prosperous city on the border of ancient Licks and Karia. The city has retained independence from major neighbors. After capturing the Persians in the 4th century.N.uh the city began to fade.

Here is relatively well preserved an amphitheater for 5000 spectators, the baths of the Roman period and part of the Acropolis. There are several mosaics of the Byzantine period.

Without a good guide, visiting the ruins of meaning no. Guides have at least an approximate idea that at what place was once. Without a guide, you can only find an amphitheater.

The ruins are located in a kilometer west from the city of Dalyan, behind the river. The price of the entrance ticket – 12 lir. Add 5 lire for crossing the river on the ferry.

Alexandrian Railway Station

Located in the city of Dalaman, where there is no and never had the railway. History interesting.

In 1905, Hydiv Egypt Abbas Hilim Pasha bought land near Dalaman and decided to arrange plantations. A small railway station was required in Alexandria in Egypt. To save, he ordered both projects in France, including building materials.

But in the port everything was confused, and materials for the administrative plantation plant were floated to Egypt, and the materials for the station were in Dalaman. When the error was found, it turned out to be too expensive to carry building materials there and here. The station was built in Dalaman, for the needs of the plantation administration, it was quite combined. For color, near the building at the beginning of the 20th century, several kilometers of railway tracks were built.

The building does not represent a serious cultural or historical value. Now there is a local government farming administration. You can enter inside, but with the permission of the administration. Nobody prevents from seeing.

We mention this attraction just because it is the only city in the city of Dalaman.

Important advice

– Consider the resort zones in Dalamann small. Buy here the local SIM card is impossible. Of all the options for solving communication problems in the case of Dalaman, we recommend roaming. The main thing is to choose the right options! We talked in detail about the options in the Internet reviews in Turkey Döszhevo and "Calls from Turkey Döshevo";

– There are few dollars and euros in Dalaman. And if taken, then recalculate in a bad course. We advise you to exchange currency on Turkish lira, and everywhere pay in the lira. So it will be more profitable. Read our detailed review "Currency exchange in Turkey";

– In order not to fall into unpleasant situations and do not spoil your holiday, read our reviews "What to take on holidays to Turkey" and "what can not be done in Turkey".

Pleasant stay in Dalaman, and read our interesting things about Turkey (List of articles below).

Resort Dalaman - description, pros and cons

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