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In Vietnam there is a city of Danang, which is often visited by tourists as transit, as it is located on the way from Hanoi to Nha Trang, as well as from Hue in Hoian. But this Vietnamese city founded 2 millennia ago. He was called initially frappura, and at the time of his colonization France was called Turan.

We are talking about Danang. Square its small: 1 283 kV. KM. Inhabitants numbered a little less than a million: 900 thousand. Located in the central part of Vietnam, the city is adjacent to the South China Sea. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minima are distant from Dananga for a decent distance. The first is 759 km, the second is 960 km. The city has its own airport, located 3 km from its center.

It is not surprising that hotels grew up in such a place "like mushrooms", and Danang himself became one of the largest resorts of Vietnam. The resort area from the city is separated by the Khan River. 25 km separates Danang from the famous mud. Thermal sources attract tourists from all Southeast Asia.

Beach Dananga

Rest in Danang will like everyone because the beaches are clean, the sea is transparent. There are beaches on the eastern side of Dananga and on the Sontra Peninsula, which is famous for the huge white sculpture of the Buddha.

Most of the hotels "settled" at the Central Beach Mix near the water itself. On the beach pure and a little. Sun beds and high chairs: 20-40 dongs per person, but you can stay on your towels. Arriving along the beach. You can walk on it, breathing in the sea.

Another beach deserves praise and attention – Holiday. It is equipped for European standards. There are sun loungers, a children’s playground, modern sample simulators. There are on the beach and bar. Noteworthy zone of this beach with high palm trees.

Chinese Beach, Chain Beach. Just 2 km separates the city from the famous Chinese beach, glorious white sand and picturesque landscape. Soaked on it will always be nice. He was recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. In times of war, American soldiers rested here.

The beach on the small Peninsula Son TR will affect not only the cleanliness, but also an extraordinary environment.

Mecca for divers can be safely called the islands of Ku Lao Cham.

The beaches of the Vietnamese resort are increasingly moving to the private property of hotels located near them, but it does not prevent them from staying well-groomed.

Road to Danang

From Hozyine and Hanoi in Danang airfares are performed every day. Airport in Dananga is located within the city. Getting from the airport to the desired hotel or any point in the city is easy. You can do it by taxi, on a motor-taxi.

In Danang, the buses are followed by almost all the cities of Vietnam, however, if the distance from the starting city to Dananga is large, then the costs are also rather big, and the time increases to day. Buses arrive at the city’s bus station, and it will still have to take a taxi to the hotel.

A good option will be a trip on a tourist bus, tickets to which are distributed in travel agencies, in hotels.

In the city, in the northern part of it, there is a train station where train arrives from all over the country. Prices for tickets depend on the distance and the type of train.

Although it works in the city of river and seaport, but they do not engage in the transport of passengers, except occasionally coastal trips.

International flights to Danang

International air travel in Danang within the framework of tourist trips is made by liners from Domodedovo Airport in Moscow at 18:10. In place arrive at 11:50 the next day. The expense is made in one day: departure at 06:15, and landing in Moscow in Domodedovo on the same day at 16:10.

Tour operators are offered more than 130 rounds to Danang, including transfer to the hotel and back, meals, hotel accommodation, guide services, medical insurance.

Independent trip to Danang

For independent travelers from Sheremetyevo, flights to Danang travel through Ho Chi Minh City every day. Departure time at 19:15. Arrival in Danang the next day at 15:10. In the sky you will be 15 hours 55 minutes. At 18:05 send a liner with a transfer to Hanoi. Will last flight 14 hours 55 minutes, and you will be in the Danang at 13 o’clock the next day.

There is a flight and through Seoul (South Korea) at 20:55 all of the same "Sheremetyevo". On the way you will almost day, because in Danang you will find yourself not earlier than 21 hours of the next day. There are flights through Dubai, Beijing, Zurich, Hong Kong. Time on the road varies from 15 to 21 hours.

The road from Dananga to Moscow also includes a transplant to Hanoi. Time costs make up about 21 hours. Air travel are made at 22:55, at 5:30 pm, at 22:50 and 23:30. Last two flights with a change in Seoul.

As you can see, options are a bit, but choose from what.


In the Vietnamese resort, more than 200 hotels from 2 to 4 stars. At the place of "settlements", they can be divided into hotels in the city center, located on the center at some distance and hotels near the coast of the sea.

In hotels, mainly, the type of BB is offered (breakfast only) buffet. Accommodation conditions, of course depend on the number of stars.

Resort Danang in Vietnam

There is a transfer from and to the airport, private parking, a set of excursions, restaurants, small souvenir shops, swimming pools and other joy for residence.

Beaches (almost all) free, but for sun beds, chairs, umbrellas will have to pay.

Remarkable resort locations

Of course, the city has shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. But these places are designed more to meet the needs of the body, and for the soul in the Danang and its surroundings there are special places. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Museum of the Cham Sculpture (1915), in which you can see samples of clay, stone sculptures of 7-15 centuries.

On the street Chan Fu will see the Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Heart of the City Christian Community. Created a temple in 1923, has a high spire, on top of which dresses the rooster. Cathedral acting, and anyone can visit him.

Another noticeable landmark of the city – the Church of Kao Sects, which is decorated with the sculptures of the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Confucius, Mahomet and New Prophets Colding. If you wish to enter the inside of the temple, then note that women enter the left door, and men in the right. In the central door are servants of the church.

In Danang, there is a Ho Chi Mine Museum – an accurate copy of the Hanoi dwelling "Uncle Ho". Surprise the museum except with materials about the Danangi airbase, and even a collection of weapons that used during the American War.

There are in the city and Pagoda, Fo Danang and Fap Lam, but there is nothing remarkable in them. If you visit the temples in Hue, you will understand that the architecture of Dananga Podgoda is poor and simple.

In 2013, a bridge, named dragons (Song Khan), was built through the Khan River. This is a large metal design with a head and neck of a dragon, which somewhere slowly crawling.

On the street Dui Tan is the museum of the 5th military zone of the first and second Indochinese wars.

The city has a water park with a wave pool, fountains, slides, children’s pool.

Theatrians can visit the play of the local theater of Chyngvong. In the city in the city you will see a lot of figurines, bizarre and symbolic for Vietnamese culture. If you are lucky, then your visit to Danang may coincide with the festival of fireworks held in the city annually. In stock In the city and casino, which is periodically closed. Fans of wine can visit the urban wine cellar built by the French Vinomans in 1923 and restored in 2012.

From the south side of Dananga, 10 kilometers, there are marble mountains (NGharyshon, or the mountains of five elements). Unique will be a trip to mountain caves, natural and man-made temples.

While tourists massively flooded the colorful resort of Vietnam, go to his beaches, Meet his attractions enjoying local beauties.

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