Resort Halong in Vietnam – Pros and Cons

Picturesque resorts in Vietnamese Earth – not uncommon. However, some are affected by the pristine beauty and skill of the nature of nature.

In the South China Sea there is a Tonkin Bay located near the northern shores of Vietnam. Noteworthy this bay of three thousand small islands, rocks of different shapes, bizarre rocks and multicolored caves.

Of course, the Vietnamese use this gift of nature "on the whole coil," the islands hurt hotels in Halong, tourist infrastructure facilities were built. Walking to the country are offered exciting tours to this area included in 2010 by the publishing house "The Lonely Planet" (England) in the top 10 of the most interesting places for traveling water. And the "World Club of the Beautiful Bay" fited Halong in the top of the most beautiful bays of the world. It’s not all the regalia of Halong. By the right of the bay, they believe one of the most surreal landscapes of the planet.

The bay covers an area of ​​about 1553 km2. The most equipped island is the island of Tuang. The bay attracting tourists found a refuge near the capital of the Vietnamese Province of Kuangnin – Halong. In the city of attractions will not see. Tourists arrive here for a couple of days as part of the excursion, many try to meet the famous Landscap in Vietnam in one day, although hotels for sleeping and living here are enough.

Excursion tours are ordered directly to Hanoi. You will be offered a hotel, excursion program, transfer. There is also the opportunity to independently get to the resort, but the time will leave more.

Road to the bay of bizarre rocks and color caves (how to get there)

Direct flights to Halong No, because there is no airport at all, like the railway. First you need to arrive in Hanoi or Hochimine. How to fly to these cities, read in our articles about Vietnam. Talk about the road from Hanoi to Halong.

So, as part of a group of tourists from Hanoi to Halong on a minibus you will pay for 3 hours. Alternatively, tickets are offered, which includes traveling a few points: First you reach Halong, then on the boat to the island of Kat, and from his pier to the resort area.

For tourists traveling on their own, report that long-distance buses follow from Hanoi from Long Bien and Luong Yen stations, Gia Lam Station and My Dinh. In Halong go buses every 20-30 minutes.

Be sure to specify the carriers where the bus in Halong arrives exactly. You must come to the pier. If the bus to the pier does not reach, then you will have to order a taxi, because the cruise on the islands, caves begins precisely from the pier. Count the time in such a way as to arrive at a place until 13 o’clock in the day: the last boat goes from the pier in the voyage on the bay at 13 o’clock.

Railway to Halong is laid, but the train from Hanoi do not go there. By train you can get to Hephonds: Every day, from the main railway station, Hanoi follows 4 trains in this direction. For 2 hours you will be on the spot. Tickets Buy at the station, the reservation is not required: there is no accommodation in this direction among passengers.

From Highphong to Halong then come out on the ferry, on a simple boat or high-speed boat.

Tours on the famous bay

You can independently acquire a walking trip on a boat: it includes a visit to the caves and lunch. The cost of pleasure: from 80 thousand dong. Buy excursions to the cash desks in Halong, so you will avail the chewing resellers spreading tickets to Schitrogoga.

One-day tour will take no more than 4 hours of staying among rocks, caves and rocks, it will take more time for fees and transport waiting. We advise you to acquire excursions for 2 or three days. Stayed better in hotels on the island of Katba or in hotels on Tuanga Island, which with the mainland connects the bridge.

Resort hotels in a variety of: 3, 4 and 5 stars with relevant service.

Halong’s resort for more exotic leisure is available on cruise liners with comfortable cabins, food, excursions and entertainment. On liners Free Wi-Fi, transfer to Hanoi and back, all sorts of baths, massages. Some ships are located near the Khalong market and not far from the Sun World HA Long Amusement Park.

On the deck you can sunbathe on the roof on the terrace. Some ships are conducted by Taiji classes, driving on kayaks, kayaks and other entertainment. Choose to taste, on the wallet, on the inclination.

Conventional hotels are also present in Halong. In them, food can be type "all inclusive", "only breakfast" or "breakfast and dinner". Hotels have their restaurants from Vietnamese and European cuisine, private parking and beaches near hotel buildings.

Resort Halong in Vietnam - Pros and Cons

Entertainment in the resort Halong

Free entertainment will be a photo session at sunset, at sunrise, with sheer rocks, in caves, under the rocks, against the background of boats and sailboats (extremely rare frame – Sailboats use infrequently).

For diving you need to order a special excursion, then you will be allowed to jump from the vessel. A trip to the cave on kayaks or boat is paid separately, like a night fishing on a liner hotel.

Visiting Toonchau Island, you can visit the apartments (simple house) Ho Chi Minh, where he lived for a while.

A trip to the National Park, located on the largest island of Karba (from the Vietnamese "Women Island") will be remembered by colorful waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, coastal coral reefs and fascinating their mysteriousness of grots.

Excursions to the bay will give you the opportunity to swim inside the caves – fabulous kingdoms. "Implementation" in famous grots: Bonau, drum, Daugo, Heavenly Palace, Maiden, named after Titov (yes, named Soviet Soviet Cosmonaut) – will be a fascinating journey to the Colorful World of Caves located in the place in 1994 by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Popular entertainment is especially popular among Sun World Ha Long Amusement.

Shopaholics will be happy to wander through the night market of Halong in search of unusual souvenirs and gifts, including corals of different colors, pieces of stalactites from caves and.

Consider your voyage in Halong carefully and in advance so that rest in Vietnamese Rai really was a paradise.

Have a good holiday in Halong, and read our interesting articles about Vietnam (Links below).

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