Resort Hammart in Tunisia

Gammart – the main resort of the metropolitan region, he is the only full-fledged resort here. The remaining groups of hotels in La Mars, Seddia Beach or La Gullet, the resorts call "the language will not turn".

Prices and other information in this article are updated in March 2020.

Gammart on Tunisia map

In detail about the location on the map of all Tunisian resorts we told in the article "Map of Tunisia with resorts".

The city of Gammart is a suburb of the city of Tunisia (Countries of the country Tunisia), is about 20 kilometers to the north. Recreation in Hammart’s hotels has its bright pros and cons, we will talk about in detail in this article.


Hammart is poorly adapted for Russian tourists who prefer to buy batch tours. Rather, this resort is focused on independent tourists who arrive regular flights to the Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Among the Russians, the units are going to Tunisia independently, because there are no regular direct flights from Russia to Tunisia and not foresee. You have to fly with a transfer in Paris, Frankfurt or Istanbul, which is expensive and long.

Charter flights from Russia (who flew tourists – "Pauchnyki") landing at the airports of Enfida and Monastir. From Enfida Airport to Hammart to go 120 kilometers, it’s 1.5-2 hours by bus. From the airport of the city of Monastir to Hammart ride 200 kilometers – 2.5-3 hours by bus. Long transfer from the airport is the first explicit lack of a resort of Gammart.

Important Warning! If they still gathered to the resort of Gammart, then when buying a tour, you definitely specify, at which airport arrive, give preference to the round with flight to enfida.

The second explicit drawback is the high prices for accommodation in Hammart hotels, as a result, higher prices for tours. The status of the "suburbs of the capital" entails an increase in price tags.

The third drawback is a weak selection of hotels. Full hotels (with assigned stars) here are all a dozen, 8 of them "five", 1 "four" and 2 "treshki". If you compare with a variety of hotels in Hammamet, El Cantaui or Djerba Island, then you have nothing to choose in Hammart.

Fourth disadvantage – hotels have almost no free territory. Local hotels in the Earth enough only on the building, no green zones or places for walking. Even sports facilities (tennis courts, basketball courts) is almost anywhere.

If there is one pool, then consider that the hotel is lucky. On the photo on the left, El Mouradi Gammarth, he has only one pool, which is very large for the standards of Hammart. High price of land entails savings on space.

Fifth drawback – tourist infrastructure is developed extremely bad. There are no rows of souvenir shops near the hotel line, as in Yasmin Hammamete. In Hammart, there are no landmarks in walking distance, as in the rage or Mahdia. No parks of rides or water parks. There are only hotels and expensive real estate here.

Sixth disadvantage – trouble with excursions. Assortment of excursions in Russian from hotels in Hammart Scary. Russian tourists here are small, buses are not recruited. If from the Sousse in the park, Frigia, excursions spend almost every day, then from Hammart once a week.

Advantage – All attractions of the capital are available

Before any metropolitan attraction, you can quickly and cheap by taxi, prices for taxi trips in Tunisia are very low.

To Carthage (in the photo on the right) and Sidi-bu-Said only 10 kilometers – this is 10 minutes of the way and about 8 Tunisian dinars.

To Avenue Habib Burgibiba, Tunisian Big Ben and Medina City Tunisia Riding 20 kilometers – this is 20 minutes of the way and about 15 dinars.

Bardo Museum to drive 30 kilometers – 30 minutes and 20-25 dinars.

For the first visit to Tunisia of this list, the sights will be more than enough. It is especially worth noting that these places are difficult to visit on your own, resting on other resorts, and on tours of time often lacks to see everything interesting.

Advantage – Available shopping centers of the capital

In the Hammart itself there are few shops, but you can go to the capital. Gammart in the south borders with a suburb of La Mars, and it is here that the CarRefour Hepermarket (Carrefour) is the only one in Tunisia, in size comparable to Moscow Auchans.

In the building of the hypermarket, many other stores with clothing, shoes, perfumery, souvenirs and many more. Here you will find everything you can bring from Tunisia, the range is wide, but prices are average.

From the center of Hammart to the carfur hypermarket ride only 8 kilometers – up to 10 minutes and about 8 dinars.

Advantage – Parks Entertainment Capital

On Tunisian resorts there are not so many amusement parks, only one large – Carthage Land in Medina Yasmin Hammamet.

But in Tunisia, three large entertainment park at once – this is Dah Dah Happy Land, Hannibal Soukra Parc and Carthage Land Les Berges du Lac. The latter is most interesting, here on one territory there are amusement park, water park (in the photo on the left) and the Ali Baba Park for the smallest.

Up to any of these parks, a taxi will cost in the range of 15 dinars.

Resort Hammart in Tunisia

A bit of history

So far, it is not known whether the city in the place of modern Hammart was in ancient times. Found some interesting historical monuments. In the 19th century, French archaeologists found here a Jewish necropolis, dated 2 centuries of our era.

The ruins of cities in the area of ​​the Hammart have not yet been found, the temples, columns found. Probably in ancient times there was a place for summer villas, that is, the resort.

Up to 18th century, only fishermen and farmers lived here, but at the end of the 18th century, rich inhabitants of Tunisia began to build residences for recreation with gardens and plantations. Among them were Mahmoud Jellowly (the famous Tunisian Trader) and Mohammed Ben Ayed (Famous Trader and Pirate).

With the establishment of the French Protectorate (1881) about Hammart forgot, but after the announcement of independence (1957), the city began to develop precisely as the resort.

More useful information

– In Hammart, there is a large golf course, called "The Residence Golf Course", is located at the hotel "The Residence Tunis". Play on this field is expensive, Golf is 2 times cheaper in El Cantaui;

– Here is your shopping center "Gammarth Center", but small, just a dozen stores. In this shopping center there is an Apple official store, you can go and see how much iPad and iPhone stand in Tunisia;

– In Hammart, there is one of the most modern and chic seabed for yachts – "Gammarth Marina";

– The All Inclusive system is not so popular here as on other Tunisian resorts. In Hammart, a record in the country the concentration of restaurants of various price categories. Do not miss the chance to try the best Tunisian dishes;

– Forest in Tunisia – a rare phenomenon, do not miss the opportunity to see. Take a walk on the local Foret Gammarth;

– Be sure to take a picture with the big inscription "Welcome to Gammarth" on the hill;

– From Tunis Carthagen Airport to Hammart hotels, go for about 20 minutes, Taxi’s trip price – up to 20 dinars. Details in our article "How to get from Tunisia Airport to the hotel";

– The beach season in Hammart lasts the same way as on the other Tunisian resorts – from the end of April to the beginning of November. And the weather here is about the same as in other resorts. Read our review "Weather in Tunisia for months";

– Although Gammart is an expensive resort, but the dangers for tourists here are exactly the same as on other Tunisian resorts. What exactly, read in our detailed review "What you can not do in Tunisia".

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