Resort La Mars – description, pros and cons

Where is the city and the resort of La Mars in Tunisia? What it is comfortable and uncomfortable for Russian tourists? What are the beaches here? What hotels are the best? Where to go than do where to have fun? Read the answers below in this article.

Latest news – La Mars on the advanced eco-development of the country

In March 2020, an important event was held – the first Tunisian charging station for electric vehicles opened. And she opened in La Mars on the GP9 highway. Now Marsa was established as an advanced Eco-Technology Development District in the country. Our congratulations!

Where is

The city and the resort of La Mars is 15 kilometers to the northeast of the city of Tunisia (the capital of Tunisia), is one of the suburbs of the capital.

North-West from La Mars on the coast there is a resort of Hammart. Southeast along the coast is the town of Sidi Boo Said.

For a map of Tunisia with resorts, airports and cities, see our article "Map of Tunisia with resorts".

Short description

The city of La Mars is a small, permanent population of about 100,000 people. It is nominally considered the suburbs of the city of Tunisia (the capital), but has long been an integral part of it, as well as neighboring Carthage and Sidi-bu-Said.

La Mars is an expensive area, the price of real estate here – from 1500 euros per square meter, which is very expensive for Tunisian standards. However, in the neighboring Carthage real estate is 2 times more expensive. Rest in La Mars is also the wrong.

The town is large enough by area – about 4×2.5 kilometers. And quarterly, southwest quarters are also calculated to La Mars. Therefore, they are morally preparing that they will have to move mainly by taxi, fortunately a taxi in Tunisia inexpensive. Tariffs See the article "Taxi in Tunisia – Tariffs and Tips".

2-3 storey building dominates in the town of La Mars. There are no big buildings here, the skyscrapers, especially. On the waterfront, along Avenue Habib Burbibiba (this is the center of the town) you can meet buildings with a height of 4 or 5 floors.

As the resort of La Mars is very different from the rest of the resorts of Tunisia. On each aspect we will dwell in detail below in our article.


Main Plus – Location. The city of La Mars is located next to the capital, and therefore all the sights of the capital are easily accessible: Carthage, Sidi Boo Said, Bardo Museum, Medina Tunisia, Avenue Habiba Burbibiba, Big Ben, Carthage Land Berges du Lac Park.

You can get to the center of the capital, you can quickly and cheap on the local suburban train TGM, about which we were told in detail in the article "TGM and Trams in Tunisia".

If you get to the main station (Gare de Tunis), and for this you will need to just go through the Avenue of Habib Burbibiba almost to the end and turn left to the Embassy of France, you can go to El Jam, Hammamet or Sousse.

The second plus is quick and cheap to get. The city of La Mars is just 20 kilometers from Terminal Airport Tunisia Carthage. You can take a taxi for 20 minutes and 15 dinars. Actual currency courses See our article "Tunisian Dinar".

Third Plus – Beach. Beach La Mars is considered one of the best in Tunisia. Here golden soft sand, transparent blue water. As the district is respectable, then the beach is pretty clean, it is cleaned here every day.


The first minus – no system All inclusive. No, and most likely it will never be. Who needs AI, we recommend the neighboring resort of Hammart.

The second minus is a weak selection of hotels. Hotels in La Mars Little, there are no big hotels, there are no hotels with private beach. But a lot of mini-hotels and apartments. For tourists from Western Europe, this alignment is only a joy, but for Russians is very unusual.

The third minus – to travel to tourists for long triggers. Here we will talk about this in the next part of our article.

How to get

If you relax on the way (batch tour).

In this case, the transfer provides a tour operator, reach the bus. Unfortunately, charters from Russia very rarely fly to the capital airport Tunisia Carthage. Morally get ready for a long time to drive from Monastir or Enfida Hammamet airports. Table with time of travel from airports below:

Airport Arrival Monastir
(code.: Mir)
Enfida Hammamet
(code.: NBE)
Tunisia Carthage
(code.: Tun)
Travel time to hotel 2.5 hours (180km) 1 hour 45 minutes (125km) 20 minutes * (20km)

If you relax yourself.

Independent tourists most often arrive at Tunisia Carthagen Airport. From here to La Mars is the easiest way to take a taxi, the cost of the trip is about 15 dinars. Or can be on the bus and train TGM, then you can get in 1.5 dinar. Details in our article "How to get from Tunisia to the city".

Important moment

Since La Mars does not use Russian tourists in great demand, most of the search engines of the tours do not know such a separate resort. La Mars hotels are most often ranked in Gammart, less likely to La Guellett.

We recommend looking by the name of the hotel, so rather.


In La Mars, only one public beach is called "Plage Publique de La Marsa", the length of the beach is about 1.5 kilometers. Beach entrance is free, but all other services are paid.

Parking near the beach – 3 dinars. Set of umbrella, sun beds (or chairs with table) – 15 dinars. There is no clear price list here, usually if the beach workers see a foreigner, then the price is overestimated. Morally get ready for the price and higher, although they can call below.

Beach on weekdays is more or less free. On weekends and on holidays are usually crowded. Weekend in Tunisia as we have – Saturday and Sunday. Calendar and holiday description Look in the article "National Holidays in Tunisia".


In La Mars there is no hotels with private beach. There are no big hotels here.

There is one hotel with officially assigned stars – it’s Dar El Marsa 5 *. This hotel is considered the best in La Mars. The hotel is 300 meters from the beach. Another respectable hotel – Hotel Plaza Corniche is located in the east of TGM station, on Moroccan Street (Rue du Maroc).

There are mini-hotels, aparthotels, guest houses. Their dozens, for every taste and wallet – from 50 to 150 dollars per night. Only one of them Dar Marsa Cubes is near the beach, the rest in the depths of the area.

A lot of apartments and villas that can be booked including popular hotel sites (, ostrovok and the like).

Weather and season

In La Mars, the climate is about the same as the rest of the coast of Tunisia. The beach season in La Mars begins in the recent days of April and lasts until the end of October. Read our detailed review "Season and Weather in Tunisia for months".

How to move around La Mars

Resort La Mars - description, pros and cons

The city is large in the area, so tourists most often have to take a taxi. Even if you live near the beach, then the TGM station can be 1.5 kilometers. Carrefour hypermarket ride 5 kilometers. To the palace Abdelil to go near a kilometer.

In such a situation, walk long and tedious. Better moving on a taxi. In the center of the city, a taxi trip is usually worth 5 dinars, taxi drivers simply do not agree to ride the meter for "penny". To the carfur you will reach 10-12 dinars, but already on the meter.

Where to take alcohol

In La Mars there is no ALL INCLUSIVE system, and in front of lovers to rest with additional doping there is a problem: where to get?

Option 1. Bring with you as much as you can only on customs norms of Tunisia. Read about the importations of the importation in our article "What can and can not be imported to Tunis".

Option 2. On a taxi to go to the local carrefour, there are selling beer and wine.

Option 3. Take the TGM train and get to the end. Next, go on Avenue Habib Burgibiba to the end, there will be Magasin General, they sell alcohol there.

Option 4. Take a taxi and tell Taksista "Boutique de Alchool", taxi drivers know local alcohol shops. Just good prices in these stores do not wait.


Palace Abdelile

This palace was built in the 1500s as a summer residence of the rulers of Tunisia. In the 16-19 centuries, the city of La Mars was called the "summer capital", as the Sultans and the Bay of the Husseynide dynasty lived in the summer. Read our article "The History of Tunisia".

Now in the palace there is a cultural center, where the exhibition of art is constantly working, concerts, temporary exhibitions and other events.


The embankment of La Mars is called "Little Nice", and she really looks like an English embankment in Nice. Along the embankment there are cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops. This is the center of evening life of the resort of La Mars.

Carrefour Tunis

The biggest hypermarket in Tunisia. It is located in the west of the district of La Mars – from the beach about 5 kilometers. There is not only a big store, but also Food Cord, thematic shops. If you decide to stock food, then this is the best place. You need to get on a taxi, the price of a trip – 10-12 dinars.

Useful and important advice

– La Mars is not a tourist area, so there is only dinars here. Fortunately, in the city many currency exchange items. About the features of currency exchange, read in our article "How and where to change money in Tunisia";

– If you book a hotel room and apartments, do not forget to consider in price Tourist tax. Details in our review "Tourist tax in Tunisia";

– If you are going to relax in Tunisia yourself, then La Mars is one of the best options. Read our article "Rest in Tunisia yourself";

– in La Mars there is a large market SOUK BOU SELSLA. Immediately warn you what it looks pretty handicraft. But prices here are lower than in supermarkets. And if you know how to bargain, it is much lower. We highly recommend Tunisian fruits. Read our article "Fruits in Tunisia – Calendar and Prices".

Have a good rest in La Mars, and read our articles about Tunisia (List of articles below).

Resort La Mars - description, pros and cons

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