Resort treatment – packages

Estonia began to develop a sanatorium in 1998 and compared to other Baltic countries is engaged in this most actively: participates in exhibitions, advertises its product abroad and generally makes a lot of effort to attract customers to his therapeutic resorts. Money on this activity allocates the state.

The main Estonian therapeutic resorts are Pärnu, Haapsalu and Kuressaare (on the island of Saaremaa). In Pärnu in sanatoriums and boarding houses Europeans are invested. For example, the Finns were reconstructed by TENDS sanatorium, built in the Soviet Union and belonging to the number of the most famous Pärni health resorts.

Tervis, numbering 274 rooms, – the largest Estonian sanatorium. It consists of seven buildings, the newest of which was built in 2002. Therapeutic profile of the sanatorium – diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, blood circulation organs, peripheral and functional nervous system. A dirt from the local Lake Hermista is used in the water and mud, which is used for both common procedures and local wraps.

"Packages of resort treatment" Here are divided into two types: short (up to 3 nights) and ordinary (starting with 4 nights). In addition to the price (46 euros per day with a double placement against 43), packets differ in a set of services included. Customers who intend to take care of their health for longer than three days, can additionally choose ultrasound, magnetic and mud, as well as tensile treatment, electrotherapy, inhalation and corn flour massage.

In the 244-seater Tervis Paradiis complex on the Pärnu coast, which opened in March 2004, equipped resort treatment rooms, where massages are offered, water therapy, electrotherapy and ozoceno-paraffin therapy. Also in the complex there are a halo-camera and a 25-meter pool.Among the relaxing procedures, practiced here, you can highlight the energy cocoon, an infrared sauna and a session in the hydromassage bed Hydro Jet.

Like many of his fellow, Tervis Paradiis has developed ready-made packages focused on various customer needs. There is here I "Package of resort treatment" (52 euros per day with double placement), part of which is two or three daily treatment procedures, and "Family package", designed for two adults and two children (129 euros per day per room), and "Beauty from Paradiis", Focused on modern women, ready to pay 121 euros per day (Single Room) for the ability to pamper yourself with silk bath and cosmetic procedures. In addition, the complex has its own water park operating all year round. Visit Aquapark Included in all the above packages.

Successful combination of price and quality demonstrates 170-seater sanatorium "Syrus", Pärnu’s coastal area. Regular customers "Syrus" – Finns and Swedes, so the sanatorium is reconstructed, taking into account their tastes: without excesses (and therefore inexpensive), but clean and cozy. The Medatorium Medical Center specializes in the prevention and restorative treatment of heart disease. The main components of the treatment are water procedures, therapy associated with movement, massage and music treatment together with a relaxing training. In addition to heart disease, in "Syrus" Crop the chronic diseases of the joints and the vegetative nervous system are treated. For this, paraffin-ozocheraid treatment, aquatic and physiotherapy procedures, therapeutic physical education, massage.

"Package of resort treatment" (from three nights) will cost 35 euros per day with double accommodation – this price is relevant until May. This includes accommodation, three-time meals, reception at the doctor and two or three procedures per day – from the pearl bath to the electromette, from the underwater massage to ultrasound. Single cheaper rated "Relaxing package" – 29 euros per day with double placement. Package includes accommodation, half board, pearl bath, massage and stretching. Finally, "Beauty package" For 48 euros per day Provides a client bed in a double room, two relaxing facial or body treatments, as well as a pearl bath with herbs. All procedures can be ordered separately – prices, let’s say, hesitate from 7 to 30 euros.

Much has changed for the better in the shore of the Gulf of the Sanatorium "Narva Yyesuu" – There, the main building was repaired, built a new healing case and built a new restaurant. Therapeutic profile of the sanatorium – the disease peripheral, as well as the central nervous system, cardiovascular, gastroenterological, gynecological diseases and joint problems.

Sanatoriums practiced mud, paraffin and ozkoleric procedures, massage (including four hands for 25 euros), inhalation and laser treatment, individual healing gymnastics. There is a salt camera. The classic healing package (from 5 nights) is estimated at 31 euros per day with double placement and includes accommodation, three mealsing nutrition, doctor’s advice, three procedures per day and morning sauna and swimming pool. You can also book "Beauty package" (Two varieties), "Rest package" and "Weekend package" (they are also two, and the second is called "Nostalgia").

Special Winter Offer Developed Hotel "Viimsi Tervis Spa" (104 rooms) located near Tallinn on the Viimsi Peninsula. A three-day program that is estimated at 120 euros, provides for two hours in "SPA Thalala", Massage, visiting the salt chamber and solarium, as well as unlimited access to the hotel recreation center, where there is a swimming pool and gym. The offer is indeed February 28, 2006.

However, go to "Viimsi Tervis Spa" makes sense and not only for this sentence. The local health center is practiced a variety of water and thermal processors, as well as all imaginable and unthinkable varieties of massage. Amazed imagination, for example, honey massage (23 euro per hour), as well as a car massage (18 euro per hour). Available here and mud (9 euros; dirt is delivered from kayne), and treatment with appliances. You can order a whole healing package. And the SPA Beauty Beauty Center offers as comprehensive services ("Beauty package" – 191 euros for 3 nights) and mass procedures for body care and facial.

Lauslamaa Resort complex, also located near Tallinn, boasts the water center with six pools – in one of them you can even swim against the current. After the inspection of the pools you can go to the bath complex. And in the local medical center, various types of massages are offered (including aromatic and lymphatic enterprise for 26 euros), laser therapy, ozocertaloparaffin treatment, therapeutic baths and other water procedures. And for 28 euros there are anti-cellulite wrapping.

Resort treatment - packages

On the island of Saaremaa in the small town of Kuressaare there is a whole network of spa hotels: "Ryutley", "Mary" and "Saareaa Walsa". Therapeutic building of the latter was built in 1978, so "Saareaa Walsa" a kind of veteran of the mud, which is famous for the island. For baths, only therapeutic dirt produced in the town of Mullutou on the shore of Suurlacht bay. The hotel at the wellness center was updated in 1997. He has 75 rooms. May 2001 was reconstructed and located nearby Guest House "Merinerty". Hotel "Mary" At 79 rooms opened in late 2000, and after two years 185-seater began work "Ryutley", Neighboring Middle Ages Castle, Park and Coastal Promenade.

A set of services included in the medical package, here is common to all three hotels, only the price differs. Accommodation in a double room, three meals, three healing procedures, gymnastics, use of a bath, swimming pool or gym in "Ryutley" cost 50 euros per day against 47 euros in "Mary" and 44 B "Saareaa Walla". V "Ryutley", Again, wider procedural range: there is an energy capsule, a hydromassage bed and an infrared bath. In general, in all three spa hotels, mud and hydrotherapy, massage, thermal, salt, electric and laser therapy are practiced and even there are works of creativity, where patients are engaged in art.

Another Estonian mud resort – Haapsalu. Here the Russians come quite rarely, and in vain: medical care in Haapsalu at the height. It can be recommended, for example, Fra Mare Spa (72 rooms), built in 1997. Here specialize in diseases of the joints and nervous disorders and help to fight with total fatigue and stress. Among the procedures that make the hotel, mud, herbal massage baths, light treatment, relaxing cosmetic procedures and musical therapy.

Fra Mare will open on only February 5, but it is possible to decide on the procedures or learn everything about therapeutic package. Say, a seven-day complex of medical procedures with a common range of services is 360 euros here, and a similar duration of a complex of cosmetic and wellness procedures (the choice of marine or aromatic packages) will cost 397 euros.

In Estonia, there is where to improve health and away from large water – there are several suitable establishments in the southern part of the country. Such, for example, a recreation center "Pyukhayarwe", Located on the shore of Lake Pyukhayarv. This is the former knightly manor built in the XIV century. In the 20s of the last century, the Estonian intelligentsia loved here, and now everyone can improve well-being. "Pyukhayarwe" There are 86 double rooms and 12 luxury rooms. In the local health center, the stationary and outpatient treatment of chronic diseases of the joints, muscles and the peripheral nervous system is carried out, as well as stress patterns. Group therapeutic gymnastics is arranged in the gym.

For health patients, doctors and nurses have special training in the field of recovery therapy. Moreover, they own the art of acupuncture and eastern massage. Recently, the list of services of the center has been replenished with a wellness capsule, infrared bath and solarium.

V "Pyukhayarwe" It is more profitable to come in winter: from November to April, the wellness package costs 41 euros per day. The package, like everywhere, includes accommodation in a double room, three-time meals, use of the pool and gym (in this case they are available in the morning), receiving the doctor and three healing procedures – a separate mention is worthy of heating clay and local treatment peat. In addition, here it is possible for 5 euros to measure the level of cholesterol in the blood, and for 10 euros to try on himself an acupuncture.

Resort treatment - packages

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