Resort Yasmin Hammamet in Tunisia

Spa Zammin Hammamet One of the most modern in Tunisia is a project of organized construction with a clear development plan, a predetermined set of shops and places of entertainment. Holiday in Yasmin Hammamet has its pros and cons, we will talk about in detail in this article, but let’s start with the location and history of the resort.

Prices and other information in this article are updated in March 2020.

Yasmin Hammamet on Tunisia map

In detail about the location on the map of all Tunisian resorts we told in the article "Map of Tunisia with resorts".

A bit of history

The project was born in the early 90s. Inspired by the success of the resort area of ​​the Port of El Cantaui, in Hammamete, decided to create a similar large organized resort area, especially since the locations on the coast in Hammamet itself no longer left and the development of tourism in the region suspended.

For the new resort, the coast south from Hammamet was perfect, but problems arose. The fact is that Vilayetu (provinces) Nabul, where Hammamet is located, belonged only 2 kilometers of the coast, which was not enough to the resort, and then the coast belongs to Vilayetu Sousse. The authorities of the two provinces have long coordinate this construction.

By the mid-90s on the coast, construction began, the developer was SEDHS ("Hammamet-Court Development Company"). The resort was allocated 4 kilometers of the coast and 277 hectares of the square along it.

It was planned to place in Yasmin Hammamet Hotels with a total capacity of 14,000 people and 10,000 seats were provided in apartments of different levels of comfort. In fact, it turned out even more, we will talk about the composition of hotels later in this article.

2003 is considered a year of opening the resort – most hotels, shopping and entertainment centers have earned. Yasmin Hammamet became the only resort in Tunisia, located immediately in two provinces. The border goes right through the port center. Fortunately, this feature does not affect tourists.

How many beach season lasts in Yasmin Hammamet

As in other resorts of Tunisia – from mid-March to mid-October. Read the details in our review "Weather and Beach season in Tunisia".

Features of rest

Let’s start with flaws. The most important disadvantage – the road along the coast, and most hotels the beach across the road. There are no underground transitions, and always have to move the road, which is especially important for tourists with children. There are no traffic lights, there are only "zebras", which almost all drivers ignore. Need to be careful on Tunisian roads, What we talked in detail in the article "What do not tourists in Tunisia".

There are several hotels whose territory is directly adjacent to the beach (pure first line). However, these hotels are located on the southern and northern outskirts of the resort – away from the new Medina and Carthageland Park.

The second drawback – the resort of Yasmin Hammamemet is far from the airports. The nearest enfida airport is 50 kilometers away (about an hour of bus ride). Many tourists read the official name "Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport" and think that the airport is located right in Hammamet – 5 minutes and in the hotel! Nothing like it, the name is just a name.

Not always charter flights sit at Enfida Airport, many charter airlines prefer Monastir Airport. In this case, get ready for a trip to the hotel for a duration of 2 hours (100 kilometers of the way).

Important Council! When buying a tour to Yasmin Hammamet, watch the arrival airport carefully. Preferences give a tour with a landing of an enfide aircraft.

Another problem is a beach line shortage, on which each hotel has a little space – about 50 meters. Places chronically lacks, which is especially felt in July and August.

Now about the positive sides. The resort Yasmin Hammamet is very logical on the technology "sandwich". At first there is a beach, behind him the road, along which there are small shops and cafes. For the road, the first line of hotels, behind hotels a large road, along which large shops and shopping centers are concentrated, then the second line of hotels, for her the main road. Tourists easily navigate and impossible to get lost.

The resort can be proud of a developed tourist infrastructure. Many restaurants and shops, especially pleases the abundance of Fix stores – the most convenient way to buy souvenirs in Tunisia. In the photo on the right is the largest local shopping center Costa Mall.

Of course, the main advantage can be considered the quality of the beaches. Clean white sand, smooth sandy bottom and always gently and comfortable entrance to the sea.


At the time of the latest update of this article (March 2020) in Yasmin Hammamet there are 30 full-fledged hotels (with assigned stars). Of these, 10 "five", 18 "fours" and only 2 "treshki". The total capacity of hotels – 19,000 people, the capacity of apartments, guest houses, villas and bungalows – 11,000 more. Do not forget about private apartments for resting.

Despite the abundance of "five", this resort can not be called expensive, prices for accommodation in hotels and tours here are medium in Tunisia.

Problems of the resort

Resort Yasmin Hammamet in Tunisia

In the mass media resort Yasmin Hammamet call "without soul". He has no specialization. For a quiet family holiday, it is too noisy. For youth recreation too quiet, discos and clubs. For relaxation with a good cultural program is not suitable, there are no attractions here, you can only go to the old Medina Hammamet or at Villa Sebastian. It is this problem that many Western tourist publications denote, with which we completely agree.

The hotelians themselves call each other. An active season when hotels are "scored under the urban" here lasts only 2 months – July and August. The total hotels load during the year is 32%, which leads to low profitability of the hotel business. Most of the hotels closes in November and opens in March.

Low filling problem try to solve. First, at the expense of golf lovers. Initially, there were only two golphic fields in the spa project, and now (approx.: The article is updated in 2020) there are two here, called Yasmine and Citrus. But at different stages of design and construction are still six other fields.

Second measure is to attract travelers on yachts. Port Yasmin Hammamet can take 719 yachts now, the initial capacity was only 149 yachts. Now under construction Still 2,000 seats. Now many readers will be surprised: how many yachtsmen rest here? In fact, not so much, because most of the yacht is on anchor, they are left to park for a long time.

Will these measures to develop the resort of Yasmin Hammamet? Wait and see.


She is only one here – this is Medina Yasmin Hammamet. To tell about it in detail on this page we will not, because we devoted this place a separate article. Read Review "Medina Yasmin Hammamet".

Inside the medina are: Amandin rides Carthage Land, Aladin, Ali-Baba, small aqualand water park, dozen good restaurants, bazaar, big hammam center. There is even a casino "Casino of Medina" – one of four in Tunisia.

Another attraction is conditionally considered the port where yachts of different classes and price categories stop. Go and see very curious.

It’s important to know

– ride in Hammamet and move around the resort of Yasmine is most convenient for a taxi. For trips to the resort pay within 5 dinars. For a trip to the center of Hammamet, pay within 10 dinars. Official tariffs, see our article "Taxi in Tunisia";

– In Yasmin, there is no His MG (Magasin General), and at strong alcohol will have to go to Hammamet. In Yamin, some stores sell beer and wine. Where exactly look for Mg, read in our article "Magasin General";

– In souvenir shops in Yasminina prices are medium, if compared with other resorts of Tunisia. In order not to buy gifts and souvenirs of Suddoroga, read our review "What to bring from Tunisa – prices and best ideas".

Have a good holiday in Yasmin Hammamet, and read other interesting reviews about Tunisia on our website (Links below).

Resort Yasmin Hammamet in Tunisia

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