Resort Zarzis in Tunisia

The resort of the Zarzis is small, here you rarely meet Russian tourists, although rest here has its undeniable advantages, however, there are enough flaws. We will describe in detail about the burzzle both the resort and about the city, the economy of which specializes at all on tourism.

Prices and other information in this article are updated in March 2020.

Geographical position

Zarzis is located in South Tunisia – this is the southernmost resort of the country. See the map of the resorts of Tunisia to the right, click on the map to enlarge. The city is located in the southern part of the peninsula, which is also called the Zarzis.

In detail about the location on the map of all Tunisian resorts we told in the article "Map of Tunisia with resorts".

In the north, 20 kilometers is the island of Djerba, which leads the "Roman Road" (now this embankment on which the highway and pipeline passes). Zarzis is located in Vilayte (province) of Mednin, the city of Medsenin (Capital of the province) is 60 kilometers to the west.

A bit of history

At different times, a port and village existed on the site of the modern price. In the famous Byzantine nautical description, "Stadiam, or the Peripal of the Great Sea" says: "Here is the fort, standing above the ruins and guarding port". Then this place was called "Gerges" ("gergis").

The city emerged in this place from the fishing village already during the French Protectorate. The French enjoyed this place, and the Zarzis became popular for the rest of the soldiers and officers of the French army, the units for re-formation and replenishment were sent here, the so-called R&R. Zarzis became the most southernmost point of the presence of French colonists in Tunisia, south of the desert to move the meaning no longer.

The French at the beginning of the 20th century began to develop agriculture in the vicinity, they land around the city huge plantations of olive trees and dative palm trees. More modern Tunisians enjoy the fruits of their labor, which will be talked later in the section on the city’s economy. The French built the first guest houses and small hotels, but with the departure of the French, the development of the resort has stopped for decades, and re-a real resort of the Zarzis was only at the end of the 20th century.

Figures and facts

Population – 75,000 people, Area – 340 kV. kilometers. The last figure is just a giant, given the small population. Some major cities in Russia have about the same area: Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk or Vladivostok.

The city is large in the area, but here are all houses up to 2 floors high, a lot of space unoccupied space, in the city, there are even farms and plantations of olive trees. From here and such a big nominal area. On the side of the left, see the city of Zarzis, click on the photo to enlarge.

Life in the tar of calm and unhurried, discos, bars and other nightly institutions almost no. With sunset closes shops, shops and cafes, life on the streets freezes. However, and the day of the salaries are not very active, life here "boils" only on Monday and Friday – in market days.

What are residents – the salary economy

Tourism is not the main specialization of the salary economy. Lesson number one for the population of the city is agriculture.

Figures shake! 700 000 olive trees, 110,000 phenomena palm. Yield olives in zero reached 60,000 tons, and this is 12,000 tons of oil. Oil pressure in local enterprises. Tunisians enjoy the same plantations that landed French colonists at the beginning of the 20th century.

The photo on the right shows harvesting on these olive plantations, click on the photo to enlarge.

The second important branch of the economy is trade. The port here exists since the times of the ancient Carthage. The port is large by the standards of North Africa – 28 hectares of the square, 9,000 square meters of hangars, Loading Doc 610 meters can take ships with displacement to 25,000 tons. In port enterprises there are about 5,000 residents of the city. Zarzis – the main "cargo gate" of the southern part of Tunisia.

The Special Economic Area "Zarzis Park Of Economic Activities" was declared in the port of Zarzis Park Of Economic Activities, previously was called "Zarzis Free Zone". This free economic zone was founded in 1993. It had great hopes for her, but she did not give rise to any economic boom in the region.

Fisheries – the traditional fishery of the provinces flourishes in the 21st century. In market days (Monday and Friday) in the markets of the city you can see the entire range of local fish, and in numerous restaurants of the city Try the most delicious fish dishes.

Already in the late 90s and early 00s, tourism became an important part of the city’s economy.

Tourism in Zarzis

For the construction of hotels, a coastline of 8 kilometers long was highlighted in the north of 3 kilometers from the city feature (in the area of ​​the Syhel village), this zone is called: "Zarzis Touristique Zone".

On the Internet and tourist guides, you can read phrases "Important Tunisia Tunisia" or "Big Resort". Do not believe anything like that here. The tourist area is built up tight, but more part of the private sector.

Hotels here are only 9, of which 3 are classified as 3 stars, and 6 as 4 stars. Not a single "five" here is not and never. In addition to hotels, there is a large selection of apartments and rooms in guest houses, you can stay in both the tourist zone and in the city.

Beaches here are sandy, not inferior in quality Hammamet or Sousse. In the city feature the most famous beaches: "Casino" and "Plage Sidi Kbir". The only minus that the beaches are rarely cleaning, if you nailed to shore algae, then do not wait for their cleaning.

There is no airport in the burline, tourists arrive at the airport "Djerba-Zarzis International Airport" on the island of Djerba. Many tourists are inspired by the name "Djerba-Zarzis", believing that the airport is somewhere in the middle between the resorts, and it will be necessary to go to the hotel. We will disappoinate, the airport is located on Djerba near the city of Humt-Suk, from where to drive 60 kilometers away, on a tourist bus about 1.5 hours.

Beach season in a zarzis

In some descriptions, the Zarzis is called a year-round resort. But is it?

The question is controversial, in December and January, the air warms up to 17-18 degrees, water temperature – 16-18 degrees. In 2009, a climate record was installed in the zarzission, a climatic record was established, in the afternoon, the air was warmed up to 29 degrees, but it should not be seriously reliable to repetition such an event. If this temperature does not scare and accustomed to the wind up to 20 meters per hour, then the answer "yes".

On the photo on the right shows fishermen in the zarzission in January, click on the photo to enlarge. By their clothes, you can guess the weather conditions at this time of year.

However, most tourists are not used to relaxing in such conditions, and local hotels in winter are almost empty. Russian tour operators never sold tours to Zarzis in winter and do not sell now (approx.: The article is updated in March 2020).

The beach season in the zarzission begins in mid-April and ends at the end of October, as at all resorts of Tunisia. Read the details in our article "Season and weather in Tunisia".

Advantages of the resort of Zarzis

We have already mentioned about high-quality sandy beaches, but the list of positive moments does not end.

Zarzis is located between the island of Djerba and the Sahara desert. From here all trips to Djerba are available: crocodile farm, El Mushroom synagogue, Guellla Museum and others.

Zarzis is the closest to the Sugar Resort desert. From here the most convenient to go to the tours on the Sahara. Recall that there are dozens of options for routes, about what we talked in detail in the article "Excursion to Sahara". From the Zarzisa you can go to one-day tours to Ksar Gilan, Matmatat, Duz, Tatavin, Shenini.

Resort Zarzis in Tunisia

The city is very beautiful and colorful, houses are made in a traditional Tunisian style, not higher than 2 floors, white walls, blue doors and shutters on the windows.

What to see in the burzzle itself

Real attraction in the city of Just One – Museum of the Zarzisa. The museum was founded in 2003, apparently the authorities realized that it was necessary to create in the city at least one landmark.

For the museum, the building of the old Catholic church was chosen by Notre Dame De La Gird (on the photo on the left), which the French was built at the beginning of the 20th century (between 1920 and 1930). The last service in the church was held in 1954, since then the building was empty.

All archaeological finds from the entire Zarzis Peninsula collected here. There are several very curious exhibits in the museum – Punic ceramics, steles from the city of Zita. One of the parts of the museum shows the life of the ancient inhabitants of the peninsula.

The entrance to the museum is 8 Tunisian dinars. Opening hours: From June 1 to September 15 – from 9-00 to 13-00 and from 16-00 to 19-00; From September 16 to May 31 – from 9-30 to 16-30. On Mondays the museum is closed.

In addition to the museum, you can see several beautiful mosques.

Where to shop

The "Generale" store is located on the C109 road at the intersection with Avenue 20 Mars Street. Recall that alcoholic beverages in Tunisia can only be bought in stores of this network.

Carefour Express supermarket is located on the road C117 at the intersection with Avenue Mohammed Ali Hammi. On the central square there is a product supermarket MONOPRIX network.

How to move around the city

The easiest way to do this by taxi, the good taxi in Tunisia is inexpensive. Rides around the city will cost no more than 5 dinars. Drivers know the city’s venue to tourists well, just say "Muizum", or "carfur", or "monophix", the taxi driver will immediately understand the destination.

It is also useful to know

– Zarzis is famous not only by olives and dates. Here grown magnificent figs of varieties "Biter Akal" and "Chaaari". Do not miss the chance to try, read our article "Fruits in Tunisia";

– Change the euro and dollars on Tunisian dinars in the zarzis is difficult, as the exchangers are only in two hotels and a few more in the city center. To be ready for this problem, read the advice in our article "Exchange of money in Tunisia";

– In the zarzission, do not expect someone from the hotel staff to speak Russian. Even English here know badly, but in French they say everything. Read our article "What language in Tunisia".

Have a good holiday in the Zarzission, and read other interesting reviews about Tunisia on our website (Links below).

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Store with alcohol in the tarrow Only one, and this is not Generale, it is generally not indicated on Google maps. This place code in Google Maps 8F5HC3XJ + J6 is not on the C109 and on a duplicate road, looks like a courtyard of the house with a check-in, inside the store, I hope this information will be useful. Taxi there / back can cost from 40 to 60 dinar, so you tramble, maybe even 30 will succeed just show the place on the map. In general, there are inexpensive cars at the box office, 80 dinar will turn out for a day, plus gasoline 50 Dinar refrain and turn the zarzis along and across. The most interesting places is the road along the sea, the port, olive groves, the center can be looked out once, you can go to market days. Gasoline there is expensive, just more expensive than our, somewhere 50 rubles liter. But the taxi drivers are fired by smuggled gasoline from Libya, including a taxi must be cheap, but not always on tourists, how and everywhere are trying to catch.

Resort Zarzis in Tunisia

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