Abkhazia resorts: New Athos

One of the truly cult places of Abkhazia is the city of New Athos lies on the Black Sea coast in the Gudautsky district, approximately 80 kilometers east of the Russian border and 20 km north-west of Sukhum. Now new Athos attracts tourists with lush subtropical nature and several large historical and religious monuments.

Sights of the new Athos

Heads List of Local Attractions New Aphon Monastery of St. Panteleimon. It was founded in 1875, when monks of the monastery of St. Panteleimon, located in Greek Athos appeared in the Iverland Mount. The New Aphon monastery was erected next to existing since the X century Temple of the Apostle Simon Kananitis, in which the relics of this saint. In a semi-kilometer from the temple, upstream of the River Psyrshi, there is a grotto in which there was a solitary Clay Simon Kananita. The entrance to the grotto is paid.

  • New Aphon Monastery of St. Panteleimon
  • Temple Simon Cannel in New Athos
  • River Psyrsha in New Athos

Next to the Temple of Simon Kananita is the former Psirtschinskaya HPP, Which in 1908 the monks of the Novo Ahophon Monastery. Now the power plant is inactive and performs the decorative role of artificial waterfall.

In the depths of the Iverly Mountain, the beauty and mystery of the underground world amazes New Aphon Cave. The complex labyrinth system was opened in 1961 and became available to tourists in 1975. On the tunnel on the trays, tourists fall into the hall "Apsns", Where is the deep lake. Next "Hall of speleologists" 260 meters long demonstrates bizarre stalactites, stalagmites and staples. Another lake with a well-positioned viewing platform is located in the hall "NARTA". Hall "Apsear" and "Anacopia" again demonstrate a thick forest of stalagmites and staples, and the hall "Iveria" Decorated with interesting sodeks. Excursions are held in these six underground emptiness. The total length of the tourist route is about 2 km, the temperature in the underground halls – +11ºWITH. Three more halls are allocated for scientific work, tourists are not often allowed there.

  • Entrance to the New Aphon Cave
  • In one of the halls of the New Aphon Cave

At the very top of the Iverland Mountain Anacopian fortress, built by Byzantines in the IV century. To this day, part of the wall, guard towers, tank, in which clean water constantly have, and the temple of the VIII century. Entrance to the fortress is paid.

    Resorts Abkhazia New Athos
  • Anacopian fortress
  • Ancient Temple in the Anacopian Fortress

In the village of Primorskoye next to the new Athos, ponds and waterfalls were broken down in 1910 Primorsky Park. Park has kept his beauty to this day and is a pleasant place for walking. Swans live in his ponds.

  • New Aphon Museum of Military Glory
  • Swans in Primorsky Park
  • Primorsky Park in New Athos

Just a kilometer from the park are located hydrogen sulfide sources, Where every wishes can take mud baths for a small fee. First, it is recommended to lie down in the hot pool, and then stir up mud, which in 20 minutes should be washed under the shower.

Accommodation in the new Athos

In New Athos, guesthouses, guest houses, mini hotels and hotels are located. The cost of accommodation depends on the season and proximity to the coast. When choosing a place of accommodation, it is also important to take into account the distance from the track. Sanatoriums and boarding houses located in distance from the sea, a transfer to the coast is organized several times a day.

Entertainment and active rest in New Athos

New Athos offers a calm and quiet rest; Noisy water entertainment – Waterpark and inflatable slides – No beach beaches.

Tourist information

New Aphon Travel and Excursions Bureau, Lacob Street, 42. Phone: +7 (840) 242-47-93, +7 (940) 925-91-92.

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Resorts Abkhazia New Athos

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