Resorts: Blue Sea and clean-clean beaches

In Soviet times, the most affordable for a member of the trade union was a foreign resort was the coast of Bulgaria. This simplicity even gave birth to offensive variations on the well-known saying about the inextricant chicken essence. And in vain. Black Sea from the Bulgarian coast warm and clean, sand – golden, dirt – therapeutic. The beach season lasts for five months, and the heat is almost never happening due to permanent breezes.

In socialist times, the service, of course, was also socialist. But the Europeans in the Bulgarian resorts and then was not an example more than on our Black Sea. Evil languages ​​associated this popularity not only with amazing nature, but also with the fact that Bulgarian men are considered the most beautiful in Europe. So promotion of Burgas, Sunny Beach, Albena and Golden Sands began to develop a long time, thanks to the reviews of the elderly German.

Now, in addition to state support for the resort business, Bulgaria will warmly welcome foreign investment in the development of the infrastructure of the coastal zone. As a result, the mass of hotels in Albena and on golden sands now belongs to the omnipresent Germans. Therefore, the level of service began to comply with European standards.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria continues financially to remain a country available for most of our tourists who want to warm up by the sea. The cost of a tourpacker designed for a two-week rest starts with $ 250. The fact is that this year, to attract holidaymakers from Russia, the Bulgarian tourist chamber proposed a kind of bonus – bought a ticket for 10 days for another 4 days get free. Those who decide to go there on their own, can meet and at a smaller amount. Russian Bulgarians not completely forgotten, so even without knowledge of foreign languages, our compatriot can find a cheap apartment and prepare food on his own, buying high-quality local products in markets at very funny prices.

Where exactly go depends on how much money you decided to spend on vacation. The cheapest Bulgarian resort – Burgas. Overnight with breakfast costs $ 2-3, a family room – $ 8-10 per day, and a three-bedroom house, living room, kitchen and bathroom – $ 150-200 per month. Conditions are good everywhere: only those who have passed the Special Commission can start tourists and who received the offset of homeowners. They try. For example, residents of the village of Saint Vlas near Burgas built 400 small hotels, villas and family boarding with all amenities, opened several dozen restaurants – and turned the poor fishing village into a popular resort.

Approximately the same level of prices in the sunshine, but it is more focused on organized holidays in hotels and guesthouses. Sunny-cooked inexpensive youth center "Pomorie" Designed for students and schoolchildren and takes guests from all over Europe, including from Russia.

Middle class can count on a pleasant stay on the golden sands. The cost of a two-three-star hotel – $$ 5-12, and four-star – $ 22 with half board. At the same time, on golden sands, in addition to the free pools for the resorts with medicinal mineral water, there are many entertainment and marine rides. Will find something to do, and amateur surfing, diving and sea walks on scooters, boats and yachts.

Albena, the resort is now completely private, designed for wealthy customers. For a day, most hotels are $$ 25-170, but away from the beach you can find two-star hotels for only $ 12. But in Albene, in addition to typical sea entertainment, you can use the services of a magnificent equestrian base, tennis courts, golf courses. For those who want to eat parachute, volleyball, football and gyms.

Resorts Blue Sea and clean-clean beaches

There are special offers. For example, romantic lovers can choose a complex cottage "Dunes". It is stylized under the medieval monastery, but has all modern amenities and is relatively inexpensive – $ 35 per day.

Club system "Eline" In just $ 50 a day, the All Inclusive system offers, and, it assumes how an opportunity to do both active sports recreation and wellness procedures.

Well, for those who like the sun, air and water are needed luxury and a large society, the closed club is intended "Riviera" and resort "sunny day". Here the cost of living comes to $ 700 per day.

In Bulgaria, many historical monuments. Those who are interested in the ancient and Byzantine culture can go on excursions directly from the resorts.

For students and retirees, a whole system of discounts have been developed. Bulgaria considers Russian tourists with welcome guests and hopes that the flows of our tourists will soon reach the same level.

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