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Val Torans Runs run to the Ski Station and the Eagle village (Orelle) with eight mountain peaks and six glaciers. In total, there are about 66 descents with a total length of more than 140 km (14% "Black", 37% "Red", 31% "blue" and 18% "Green"), and almost all of them are at the heights of more than 2000 meters, and therefore for the most part only suitable for experienced skiers. A few routes are laid through alpine passages (only "Black" and "Red") allowing you to ride from Val Torans to other resorts of three valleys, and the peaks of Poan de Translas (Pointe de Thorens, 3266 m) are famous for its spacious virgin fields. Only in the lower part of the valley, at altitudes from 1800 to 2300 meters, there are about one and a half dozen "blue" and "Green" Descents available for novice athletes.

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Trails are serviced by 31 lifts with a total bandwidth of about 52 thousand people per hour. Moreover, it is in Val Torana that the biggest suspension lift in Europe is CARON (cabin is designed for 150 people), raising skiers to the highest point of the Cime de Caron Valley (3200 m), offering a beautiful circular view of French, Italian and Swiss Alps – just about a thousand vertices! And the Funitel’s cable car, which comes from the valley to the foot of the glacier, raises to 3 thousand skies per hour.

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Val Torance village was created specifically for skiers. Therefore, the tracks and hotels are located so that it is possible to ride what is called, "from door". Yes, and the number of other sports facilities is impressive – the longest in France, the Toboggan Sanway (length of 6 km, has night lighting), children’s and adult ski schools, sports center with indoor tennis and squash court, gym, fitness center, playground climbing, roller center, several playgrounds for team games, a large playground for children from 2 to 6 years old, aqualub, well-equipped snowpark, a runway for Bordercross and about 4 km of flat skiing. At the same time, there are enough evening and night entertainment, and on Tuesdays (in 18.00) Jazz concerts are held in the Chapel Val Torans.

In Val Torance, enormous protection is paid great attention. The resort is developing with all environmental requirements. A hydrocarbon control is carried out, the vehicle movement is limited to the resort, and the Mountain Riders Association attracts the skiers who visited the resort to active participation in environmental protection.

The estimated cost of accommodation and recreation in Val Torance is somewhat cheaper than in other resorts of three valleys, and hotels are located so that, putting on skis right at the doors of the hotel, you can easily reach the nearest lift. One-day ski pass Val Thorens – Orelle will cost 37 euros for adults (13-59 years old), 32 euros – for pensioners (over 59 years old) and 26-28 euros for children aged 5 to 12 years old, six-day – 178- 182, 151-155 and 125-127 euro, respectively. Ski-Pass Vallee de Belleville (total Valley Belleville, 330 km of highways) costs 220-225 euros for adults, 187-193 euros – for pensioners and 165-169 euros for children, and a period of 13 days – 455-475, 368-386 and 332-350 euro, respectively. TROIS VALLEE TROIS VALLEE TRAIS VALLEE REGION FOR SALE FOR GENERAL CONDITIONS. The rental of the ski equipment kit or a snowboard will cost an adult in 160-190 euros for 6 days, for a child – at 100-120 euros, for visiting the pool or bath of the sports complex will have to pay 6-12 euros, for 6 days of occupation in a children’s sports school (with nutrition) – 200 euros, for adults (half a day) – 115 euros.

The ski season lasts from the end of November to the beginning of May, but in November and before the beginning of July it is possible to ride the Pekl glacier.

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