Resorts of Italy: Val di Fiemma

On the wide valley of Val di Fiemme (Val Di FIEMME), often called "Gate" Dolomite Alps, many lively resort centers are scattered, and not only ski. The biggest ones are the towns of Cavalese, Predazzo, Alpe-Chermis, Bellamonte and Ski Center Lathemar. In these places there are constantly sports competitions in mountain and running skiing, jumping from a springboard, ski federal and figure skating.

Ski skiing in Val di Fiemma

The height of the valley is about 1000 meters, there are more than 40 lifts serving a riding zone from 1000 to 2327 meters with a length of tracks about 140 km, developed service, including indoor sports centers with swimming pools, rollers, numerous restaurants, bars and shops.

  • Alpe-Chermis district (Alpe-Cermis), which can be climbed onto the funicular from the settlement of Cavalese;
  • The Bellamonte Area is connected by the general system of trails and lifts with the Tre-Valley Skating Zone (three valleys);
  • Latemar district, to which the cabin lift goes from the town of.
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  • Skiing Competitions La Marcialonga
  • Resorts Italy Val di Fiemma

Between these three districts, ski-bass runs, so you can easily get to any riding area from any of the hotels. Val di Fiemma enters the combined zone of Dolomiti SuperSki.

The resort of Val di Fiemma is ideal for experienced skiers who prefer more or less relaxing. Fans rushing in "Black" Runs in Val di Fiemme will be boring: they will enjoy except the slopes of Alpe-Chermes, Yorothele (Eurohotel) and Doss-Dei-Larezi (Doss-Dei-Laresi). "Red" Latheathera and Gadzherina’s highways will enjoy experienced skiers. Beginners It is better to first try your hand in the Bellamonte area and on the northwestern side of Alpe-Cammis.

Season of skiing from December to April. On the state of snow, as well as current prices for ski passes can be found on the official website of Val di Fiemma:

Infrastructure Val di Fiemma

As the resort lies a little away from the most popular areas of skiing, prices for hotels and shops are significantly lower than in neighboring cities. For accommodation, tourists can choose as expensive 4-star hotels (for example, Shandrani, Bellavista, Lagorai) and more low cost hotels on 2-3 "stars". In addition, a developed service is offered for recreation services, including indoor sports centers with pools, rollers, numerous restaurants, bars and shops.

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  • Riding Outside Val Di Fiemme
  • On cross-country skiing Val di Fiemma
  • Christmas Fair Val di Fiemma

Cities Val di Fiemma


Ancient medieval city of Cavalese (Cavalese) – the capital of Val di Fiemme – is located in the widest part of the valley. There are no large ski centers here – only a small separate riding zone with one lift and children’s ski school. But it takes the beginning of a large cabin lift from here, raising skiers to the Alpe-Chermis zone (2250 m) with its 5 "blue", 5 "Red" and 1 "Black" highway, as well as numerous virgin sections.

Cavalese – the main transport center of the valley and the place of concentration of cultural life. There is a dozen restaurants and as many bars, 3 cafes, a cinema and theater, a museum, a disco and several other affection, an indoor pool, a tennis court of Parco-della-Pieve, an ice stadium, a ski ski school, a snowboard, telemarket and paragliding, More than 30 km of hiking routes and 150 km of flat skiers are laid. Here you can see the Franciscan Monastery (XV in.), Saint Virgilio Church (XIII-XVI centuries.) and other sights.


Ski resort town of Predazzo (Predazzo) is located in the northeastern part of Val di Fiemma Valley, at an altitude of 1372 meters. This is a small town, the main attraction of which is the Museum of Geology and Ethnography, two churches, a modern stadium for jumping from springboard and about 40 km of ski slopes. In fact, the latter is much more – from any slope, you can roll both in the valley of the preysso, and in the combined zone of the Val di Fiemma. Bellamonte – Alpe-Lucia lifts are associated with Sestra, and the Gardon Lift Lift is prey – Gardone – with a ski center Lathemar.

The town itself contains 10 restaurants, 8 bars, 9 cafes, indoor pool, wellness center, tire, tennis court, ski ski school, snowboarding, telemarism, mountaineering and ice climbing, paragliding, kiting and horseback sports, as well as a separate children’s skiing area with kindergarten in Gardone.

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