Resorts Mexico: Cancun

Cancun is a whole network of beaches, resorts and parks stretching at 140 km along the coast of the Caribbean to Tulum. This is the most visited and popular resort of Mexico. The prevailing nationality of tourists in the resort is Americans.

The city consists of a business mainland and a resort island with a size of 25 km by 500 m and is located almost parallel to coral Rifu Palankar, starting near the island of the case (the second largest reef in the world). Few resorts can be compared with cancany on the beauty and purity of the sea, the proximity of archaeological zones, natural reserves and, naturally, clean snow-white beaches, which are more than 20 km.

Separate Attractions of the Area – His underwater National Parks Garraphon, end, walking and Chankanab-Lagun, and "Crocodile Park" Crocotun – Reserved zone where Yukanian crocodiles, pink flamingos and many other types of animals and birds live and breed. Near the lagoon, Nachptus spread a new water park "Welt End-Weld", in which the most modern water rides are collected. And almost anywhere around cancun you can swim by boat, swim in the lagoon, as well as do any water sports or diving. For more cautious, the whole flotilla of tourist submarines performing cruises among coral reefs. Those who are to taste exotic, invites a recently rebounded stadium of the corrida. Golf, tennis, fishing, casino, shopping centers (all products, except tobacco and alcohol, tax not tax), children’s park "Mexico-Magiko", Stormy nightlife and excellent kitchen of several hundred restaurants. In general, there is everything that you can imagine.

The coastline of the Cancun resort from a bird’s eye view resembles a digit "7", Sharing the resort into two parts: "short" and "Long". The short part is characterized by a calm sea, because Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres is closed from the ocean (ISLA Mujeres). But here there are its cons – the presence of algae in water, which clog the beach and make the sea not so transparent. In addition, in this part of the beach area is the port, which is also poorly reflected in the purity of water. Proms of accommodation in hotels of this part of the resort is the proximity to entertainment facilities and the city center. To the city from here 10 minutes by bus (running with a very small break).

main feature "Long Part" – Permanent waves because they do not meet any obstacles on the way from the open ocean. But at the same time in the sea, you can not only spangling, but also to feel the healing power of the water massage – no worse than in the jacuzzi. Water in this part of the resort is crystal-clean, and since there is no algae, then the beach is in perfect condition. Sea bottom sandy, but the sand does not rise at the moment of entering the water. Minus "Long Part" – This beach is further from the city, 15-20 minutes by bus ride.

In Cancun, a very soft marine climate, weakly dependent on the time of year. Average daytime temperature (in degrees Celsius, maximum / minimum): January – 27/19, February – 27/20, March – 28/21, April – 29/22, May – 31/25, June – 31/25, July – 32/26, August – 32/25, September – 31/24, October – 30/23, November – 28/22, December – 27/21.

Resorts Mexico Cancun

The hotel area is located on a narrow long braid and separated from the rest of the city of the picturesque lagoon. Most hotels work on BB system (breakfast only). The territory of Cancun is divided into two zones: the city center (Downtown) and the hotel zone. The hotel area is five minutes away by car from Downtown.

For tourists in Cancun, about fifty five star hotels, modern shopping and entertainment areas, sports complexes, fitness centers, dozens of discos and youth clubs.

Here you can ride under the underwater scooter "Submarine Bob". Those interested to bring to the catamaran to coral reef and immerse the seabed on this kind of vehicle, where tourists enjoy underwater skating and contemplation of the beauty of the seabed and its inhabitants at a depth of ten meters.

Resorts Mexico Cancun

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