Resorts of Austria: St. Anton am Arlberg

After the start "skiing" Austrian authorities intentionally limited the tourist development of this place in an attempt to preserve its authenticity, but excellent conditions for skiing (the snowy resort of Austria) and the opening of the tunnel did not leave these plans no chance. In 1901, the Arlberg Ski club was founded here, in 1928 the first Kandahar Cup is held – a classic high-speed competition that is still present in the World Cup calendar (December), in 1931 a cult film is removed here "White madness" (Der Weisse Rausch), which started the beginning of not only the cycle of films, popularizing holidays in the mountains, but also became the starting point for the Ski Anton ski film Film Festival (annually in August or September). And since then stop the rapid development of this area is no longer possible. Now the entire Rosanna Valley on both sides from St. Anton has turned into an endless series of towns and ski trails – this is one of the largest ski resorts of Austria.


St. Anton is a long strip of hotels, restaurants and shops stretching along the central zone (often called FussGangerzone to distinguish from the main street, which is essentially a highway from Landek to Arlbergpas Pass), and all his sights are small Local Lore Museum In the southwestern end of the main strip, the golf course is behind it and seeming endless mountains from all sides. Works Multifunction Sports Center ARL.Rock, numerous tennis courts, squash halls, skating rink (he Curling Center), Bowling, Paragolding Clubs and Equestrian Sports, Multiple Pools and Wellness Centers, Many Bars, Restaurants, Disco and Nightclubs.

Ski rest

In total, more than 280 km of perfectly trained tracks of all levels of complexity (39% "blue", 50% "Red" and 11% "Black") with a total area of ​​about 50 kV. km and with a drop of heights from 1300 to 2811 meters. At the same time, the longest descent reaches 8.5 km with a drop of 1350 meters. Plus about 180 km of freeride slopes, 58 km of flat skiers, Sannaya Route (2.5 km), 2 Fan Park with 3 Half Pipes. All this is surrounded by 85 lifts with a total bandwidth of more than 87 thousand people per hour.

  • Galzigbahn Cable Car Station
  • Winter Landscapes of St. Anton
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  • Ski Station Nassereinbahn

For experienced skiers the possibilities of the widest – numerous lifts and gondolas are associated together all the slopes around the village, forming a huge ski area. From the western side of the Galzigbahn cake reaches to the top of Galzig (2183 m), from where more than 20 tracks are offered to choose from. From here you can even go down (only with the guide!) Sweein on the Tsesu highway, Stuben or St. Christopher.

A little north of Galzigbahn begins Gampenbahn Chair, which rises to Plateau Gampen (1846 m), which also removes the nassereinbahn gondola (begins on the eastern outskirts of Cuckallon Anton), after which the Kapallbahn lift can be climbed to the Kapapal station (2330 m), with which excellent starts "Black" Descents, cumulative in almost the town. Here is a real paradise for experienced skiers: many tracks do not specifically flatter to form bugs, increasing the complexity of the slopes and bringing them to mighty tracks.

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  • Resorts of Austria St. Anton am Arlberg
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Beautiful descent for professionals is located between Mount Hampberg (2401 m) and the resort valley. For high-level skiers, a long, with a high drop of heights of the track from Verses Ulmer-Hytte (Ulmer Hutte, 2279 m) to the town Raus (Rauz). Lesky district will also like them Plateau Gampen (Gampen, 1850 m), where there are many interesting trails, and a slope area from dripped to the village. A not bad area of ​​skiing lies in the area Rendl (2100 m).

Newcomers in St. Anton will be heavy – light trails little. Lungs "blue" Descents are found only in the southeastern slopes of Galzig.

There is a small snowpark with Half Pipe, Sprons and Railways on Mount Randl (RENDL is associated with the center of the same name) east of St. Anton, as well as the newest Snowpark Stanton with all the necessary infrastructure. On Gamene, the track for Toboggan (4 km) was laid, several more descents can be found in the neighboring resorts of Petnoy-am Arlberg (1.5 km), Stenn (200 m), Flirsh (1 km) and Schretgen (1 km). And the rest of the resort’s guests will find something to do – you can climb the picturesque Multobelyukht gorge, sit in the Sennhutte restaurant with its panoramic terraces, walk along the numerous pedestrian paths stretching to the east or descend to the older small lakes west.

Around the city

Village St. Cristof Am Arlberg (Sankt Christoph’s Am Arlberg) lies in the upper gorge 5 km west of St. Anton, immediately behind the turn of the main highway to Arlbergpas Pass (1793 m). This settlement was founded as a mountain shelter in the XIV century until the beginning of the 20th century performed this role flawlessly. Spring between the mountains of Galzig (2183 m), Mayenkopf (1905 m) and Wirth (2339 m) village has the widest range of steep descents and opportunities for incorporate riding than anywhere else in Austria (more than 40 kV. km only officially indicated descents), and therefore for many years it serves as a recognized recreation center for experienced skiers (almost a third of the tracks here refers to the category "Black"). Now he is, rather, one of the stations of the extensive ski area of ​​St. Anton, a certain elite club, but relatively democratic prices and the smaller distance to the most complex tracks are attracted to him a lot of ski fans. In addition, there is one of the most highly mountain ranges for plain skis in Austria – 2.5 km at an altitude of 1800 meters.

A somewhat mansion stands the resort area of ​​the village Petno-am Arlberg / (about 5 km east of St. Anton), specially designed as a children’s and family leisure area. Four lifts serve 15 km of trails here, and when not generally very complex, and they have a pretty serious plots. For children allocated a special area M&# 228; rchenwiese ("fabulous meadow") And a few rolled out. And all this amid the scenic wooded slopes of southern exposure with an altitude of just under 2,000 meters. And the abundance of snow cannons guarantees quality slopes whatever the weather.

Tourist subscriptions

Ride around the Arlberg region can be on a joint ski pass Ski Arlberg, covering, in addition to directly resort Rosanna, also slopes Stuben, Zürs, Lech, Oberlech and Klosters. Thus, it is possible to try more than 500 km of tracks. The resort Zürs bus service, the cost of which is included in the ticket, bus to Lech fee – about 3 euros each way.

Depending on the season, the cost of a one-day subscription ranges from 42 to 67 euros for an adult and 25-40 euros for children, for 7 days – 227-239 and 136-207 euro, respectively, there are separate subscriptions for the weekend (25-42 euros) and even Hourly (deposit in 5 euro is charged for issuing contactless cards). In addition, the guest card of any of the hotels or guest houses gives discounts (6-8%) to certain categories of ski passes.

The ski season lasts from early December to the last decade of April.

How to get

Distance to Insbruka – 103 km, Munich – 184 km, Salzburg – 300 km, Zurich – 150 km. You can get there by car or by bus and by rail – branch in Vorarlberg goes through all the resorts in the area except for St. Christoph (under it there is a tunnel). The train station Sankt Anton am Arlberg is located just 5 minutes walk from the town center – stop here as the high-speed trains Eurocity, and legendary "Eastern Express" (Venice Simplon-Orient-Express).

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Resorts of Austria St. Anton am Arlberg

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