Resorts of Austria: St. Johann-In-Tyrol

The resort is positioned as well-suitable for family holidays and newcomers. This does not mind any abundance "Red" the tracks because they are universally moving into wide and convenient to teach the ottomans that could be classified as "Green". And the proximity is more "Sports" Kitzbühel allows you to find the slopes for every taste. At the same time, about 23 km of cross-country skis trails were laid (275 – taking into account the entire region), there are 3 launches, the track for Toboggan in St. Johanne (plus 3 more in the adjacent regions), 2 tracks for carving, several sites For Mogul and a small freeride zone, snowboarding park, paragliding clubs, a motorcycle and airplane, as well as a skating rink near Panorama Leisure Center (Pass-Thurn-Strasse, 3).

  • Parish Church in St. Johann-In-Tirol
  • View of the city with Harschbichl Gondola
  • Central Square of St. Johann-In-Tyrol

In the town itself there are all the necessary objects of recreation infrastructure – swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, discos, numerous restaurants, bars and clubs, 3 wellness center, 2 horse maneja (plus 4 more in the district). Also available all the establishments of Kitzbühel, which can be reached literally in 15 minutes by free bus (if there is a ski pass).

Tourist subscriptions

Three-day Schneewinkel Skipass subscription to all ski lifts The Schnevinkl includes riding in the fields of FEBERBRUNN – Hochfilzen and Waidring – Steinplatte and will cost 83 euros (children’s) and 103 euros (adult) in high season and 71-88 euros. The weekly subscription will cost 135-168 and 158-196 euros, respectively.

Separate subscriptions on the Sankt Johann area – Oberndorf (one day costs 28-35 euros in high season), Kirchdorf (20-24 euros), Erpfendorf (16-18 euros) and other, as well as a special ski pass for women (24 euro), but it applies only to certain periods.

You can use the Common Kitzb subscription&# 252; Heler Alps AllstarCard, providing access to 1081 kilometers of descent and 357 lifts of the combined Schnevinkl – Kitzbel (Kitzb&# 252; Hel, Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental, Skiregion Schneewinkel, Hochtal Wildsch&# 246; Nau, Alpbachtal, Skicircus Saalbach – Hinterglemm – Leogang, Zell am See – Kaprun) and Kitzsteinhorn glacier (3203 m). Depending on the season and the age of the tourist, it will cost 22-44 euros for 1 day, 105-211 euros for 6 days and 182-364 euros for two weeks (a photo is needed, a deposit of 2 euros is introduced for Keycards). There is a system of all kinds of discounts and bonuses.

Skating season lasts from early December to early April.

How to get

The nearest airports are Salzburg (60 km, about an hour via Vaidring), Innsbruck (90 km, about an hour and a half by car) and Munich (109 km, about two hours). You can also drive from Salzburg via Lofer, from Munich via Kufstein, from Innsbruck through Enbakh or Klagenfurt through Matriah (Saint Johann has its own railway station).

Resorts of Austria St. Johann-In-Tyrol

Around the city

The remaining resorts of the region lie within a radius of 3-8 km from St. Johann and are somewhat inferior to him in terms of infrastructure development. Region AchenghofSt. Johann (Eichenhof Lifte – Sankt Johann in Tirol) has already been practically merged with the ski regiment of the center of the region itself, but still stands out as having 8 km of ski slopes and 5 lifts.

Region Kirchdorf (Skilifte Kirchdorf) Lies in just one and a half kilometers north along the Großa-Ache Valley and has 4 km of lounges with heights from 1244 meters and 3 lifts. But the seruation Hinterberg, Sloped between the slopes of the mountains of Lerberg (1213 m) and Unterberghorn (1773 m), replete with mineral springs and is famous for both a great mininglimatic resort.

  • Erpfendorf Name at night
  • Golf in Erpfendorf
  • Kirchdorf Region
  • Cross in Kirchdorf

Still in a kilometer north the valley lies the village Erpfendorf – Center of the Young Ski Region Larhenghof – Erpfendorf (L&# 228; Rchenhof lifte – erpfendorf), which has 4 km of rather short, but steep descents that are serviced by 2 lifts.

Region SteinplatteVaidring (Steinplatte – Waidring) – this is 43 km of ski slopes and 10 lifts 11 km northeastern, in the fusion site Dolin Piller (Pillarse Ahe) and Hoinbach. The resort has small heights (maximum – 871 meters on Mount Steinplatte) and therefore focuses on novice skiers and the elderly.

Region PillearseSt. Ulrich (Bergbahn Pillersee – Sankt Ulrich Am Pillersee) lies in 9 km east, at the southern tip of Lake Pillerse, and can offer about 24 km more serious trails (heights from 1683 m on Vallerberg mountain up to 2155 m on Zhorene) serviced by 8 lifts.

Southerly Fiberbrun Schneedorado FiBerbrunn) has 46 km of simple ski slopes (more than 50% of the slopes – "blue") with altitudes of 1,100 meters and a more complex riding area of ​​Wildzeloder (2117 m) serviced by 10 branches of all types.

Lying South West Zone WeisbachHochkelFiberbrun (Weissach Hochkogel Lifte – FiBerbrunn) is clearly a little simpler – here there are only 3 km of tracks and 3 lifts, and the height of the mountain Hochkel "Total" 1066 meters. But the southern part of the ski area stretches on the slopes of Mount Carsetin (1922 m) and has a more complex relief that will be able to interest and experienced skiers.

Well, located in the very north area Wright-im-WinkleWinclmmos (Reit IM WINKL – WINKELMOOS) with its 12 km mainly "blue" The tracks and 4 lifts are essentially the German territory, although it is included in the United Ski Pass Schnenkl.

A few mansion is the area of ​​skiing Hochfilzen (Hochfilzen), lying in 19 km southeast, in the upper flow of the Pillas-Ahe River. With a drop of heights from 690 to 1790 meters, as well as the presence of 60 km of ski slopes and 18 lifts, it is still already known as the center of the plain ski, cross country and biathlon. The perfect height difference, the mild climate and the beautiful surroundings of the Kitzbulian Alps ridges and Leoganger-Steinberg attract thousands of fans here "ordinary" Ski for which 52 tracks are laid (including 25 km – in the mountains). Also here is a good sports infrastructure – the village more than once adopted international biathlon championships, there are 15 km "All-season" Pedestrian trail, launches, natural rink, shooting range, courts and climbing club.

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