Resorts of Austria Wildschenau

Austria resorts: Wildschenau

In the eastern part of Tyrol, in a triangle between a twist and hopfarthnam, lies a young ski region Wildschenau (Wildschonau, in Russian, the name Wildshona has become more familiar). Covering a large mountainous massif between the Salzburg Alps, the Mountains of Brookberg and Kranechoch, it includes villages Auffach (Auffach), Niderau (Niederau), Obera (Oberau), Multal (Muhltal), Dorf (DORF), Tirbakh (Thierbach) and others combined into one Wildsch area&# 246; Nau – Roggenboden – Oberau. The name of the region gave mountain Vildshenuer Aha Valley, On the shores of which most slopes are located.

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More than 1000 meters above sea level are most importantly located on the height of Wildshönaau. The total length of the trails is about 72 km – most of them are short "blue-green" and "Red" The slopes scattered throughout the valley. Skating goes almost from all the slopes Mountains Roskopf (1731 m) and Pass Horler-Stig (1474 m) in the East, with Mountain Markbakhiokhiokh (1500 m) and Lanereköplefl (1600 m) in the south, Hollrider (1312 m), Shatzberg (1903 m) and Lempers-Berg (2202 m) in the West and Zonneberger-Joh (1285 m) in the north. And at the same time, there are many short extracategorical descents lies in the southern part of Vildshenuer-Ahe valley, near the tiny villages of Soynanganger (here is the southernmost point of the plain skiing), Schwarzenau, Henigcaser, Pra, Spitzes, swords and others. The slopes here are quite cool and often bitten, so these places are popular with extremals.

Wildschonau enjoys a reputation for newcomers, but purely "blue" and "Green" Trasa can only be found on the lower slopes from Niderau and Obera, plus a pair of traverses between Affa and Mulhal. The upper sections in the overwhelming majority "Red" (except for two "blue" Trails on the ridge of Marcbakhyocha) and "Black". Oriental slopes of the Shazberg and at all "Pure red", and the longest highway of this level (more precisely – the bunch of the tracks) stretches here as much as 4 km – at the same time it is the greatest – more than 100 meters along the entire length. At the same time, three tracks are adapted for riding in the dark.

Experimental skiers will like and long (more than 2 km) "black" Descent No. 15-16 from Laneraköplefl to Niderau. The slopes are serviced by almost two dozens of lifts (designated by letters, while the tracks are numbered), for the most part by the rods (on the whole region – only three cabin lifts). However, even the shortest slopes of Obera have their own bohels, so the trails are almost no time to dispersion.

Here it is good to rest with the family – in addition to ski routes in Wildschenau, there are many kindergartens, there are several special lanes (one longer than a kilometer) and a snowpark near Authphak. More than 60 km of plain skiing and about 20 km of pedestrian trail are laid. There are many snacks and cafes on the slopes, and there are many restaurants and bars in the villages themselves.

Ski and snowboard school, indoor pool, children’s park, several rolling offices, saunas, fitness centers, tennis courts, massage salons and sports stores. In general, the rest infrastructure is still developing and is not yet able to compete with the nearby resorts of the Wilder Kaiser region, but due to the orientation of Wildshunau on family vacation, there is practically no lack of family entertainment. Especially since prices are noticeably lower here than in Hopfartarta or Kitzbühel.

Skating season lasts from the beginning – mid-December to early April. In general, the north-oriented slopes of Wildshönaau are quite good "Hold snow", But due to small heights there are episodic problems with the abnormalization on the median and lower sections of the slopes.

Tourist subscription

Allstarcard can be used (Kitzbühel resorts, Wilder Kaiser – Brixenthal, Schneevinkel, Khokhal, Wildschonau, Alpbakhthal, Cell-am See and Caprun) – on 1 day for adults it will cost 43-45 euros for 6 days – 204 euros ( There are discounts for children and adolescents). There are several local subscriptions, whose rates are highly dependent on the season and the skiing period – in the midst of winter, for example, a one-day ski pass will cost 25.8 euros for an adult and 15.2 euros for a child, a five-day – 97.8 and 57 euros respectively.

How to get

The nearest airports are Innsbruck (70 km, about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car), Salzburg (132 km, about two hours) and Munich (114 km, just under 2 hours). You can also drive by train through Munich, Innsbruck, Vergl (W&# 246; RGL) or Hopfgarten (Hopfgarten) – about 15 km along the road to Niderau in both cases.

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