Dominica Resorts: La Roman, Boca Chik and others

This resort is often ranked to Punta, because it is located near, just 40 kilometers from Punta Cana Airport. Transfer from the airport to the hotel at the resort of La Romana will be no more than an hour.

The city of La Roman’s third population in Dominican Republic, yielding only the capital of Santo Domingo and the city of Santiago de Los Cablelos. Despite this, according to our standards, it is a small town, only 200,000 people. Dominican Republic is a small country, there is only one millionth city, and this is the capital of the country.

The main advantage of this resort is the proximity to the large city in combination with clean white sand and palm trees. There are many shops, restaurants, discos and nightclubs in the city.

In La Roman, there is an international airport, but flights from Russia are not landed here. The possibility of flying in a la novel is only Europeans and Americans. Russian tourists have to ride a bus from Punta Cana Airport. However, a minus of the resort is difficult to call, 40 kilometers can not be called a large distance.

Entertainment in La Roman

Entertainment program in la novel can be even more saturated than in Punta Ka.

Altos de Chavon (Altos de Chavon) – thematic village stylized under the early colonial era. Here you will feel as if you are in the Spanish colony of the 16th century. The sponsor of the construction of this Park-city was Frank Sinatra himself, there are constantly concerts, for which a copy of the Greek Amphitheater is erected. The city is largely dedicated to art, there are many workshops, souvenir shops and museums. Very interesting, and, most importantly, an unusual place.

Here we carry excursions from all resorts of Dominica. Altos de Chavon is almost mandatory to visit the place. Immediately, on the Chavon River, loved to shoot films about Vietnam, Dominican Republic is much closer to the USA than Southeast Asia. Here they shot such films as "Apocalypse today" and "Rembo".

Especially for Michael Jackson fans, publish the photo of the church, where he was combined with marriage. It happened exactly here in Altos de Chavon.

Fang Fun Cave is the largest cave system in the Caribbean Islands. The excursion there is very interesting, you will eat to horse caves, because in the National Park, the vehicle is prohibited. Look at the cave itself and the magnificent nature of the National Park.

Near La Romana is the island of Catalina, which is the National Park, also the island of Saon is also located to la novel much closer than to Punto Kana. Near the islands are coral reefs, popular divers.

Resort Juan Dolio

The resort is not very popular among Russians, is west along the coast from La Roman.

The city itself is very small, about 5,000 people. Previously, it was a fishing village, and the situation did not change much, just a few dozen hotels were built here.

Calm resort for a relaxing holiday, there is nothing more to add to this characteristic.

We recommend those who love nature and want to abstract from urban fuss for a while.

Boca Chika is a very famous resort in Western countries, especially among US citizens. And he has "bad". But everything is not so bad, it is not a street of Street in Pattaya, most of the obscene entertainment are not exhibited here to show.

The resort is located on the west along the coast of the island from the resort of Juan Dolio, and is located just 30 kilometers from the capital of the country, Santo Domingo.

Resorts of Dominican Republic of La Roman, Boca Chik and others

Boca Chica is very famous as a port for yachts. Many yachtsmen prefer to stop in the Caribbean in Boca Chika. There are many motels, developed yacht service infrastructure. The port is filled with yachts, and you can always go there. If you are interested in yachts, then for you a port of Boca Chik will be akin to the museum.


Samana is on the north coast of Dominica. This is the peninsula, which is considered one of the most beautiful landing places.

In the SAMAN region there is its own international airport, but the charter flights from Russia are not lacing there. To buy a tour in Samana in Russia is almost impossible, and those who still could do it, you will have to go by bus 180 kilometers. The path will be about three hours, the roads in Dominican are winding, often pass through the mountainous area, there are no high speed from the buses.

On the resort of Samana there are only mountains and beaches, but it is famous for this place not by mountains and not beaches, but by world whales. From January to March, whales sail here, spending a pairing season here.

In many ways, this resort come precisely to look at whales. Chance to meet whales when walking around the sea is equal to almost 100%, in many other places in Taiwan, Alaska or Hawaii there are much less such chances, you can make a dozen trips around the sea, and whales never meet.

Puerto Plata Resort (Puerto Plata)

Puerto Plata is another resort on the North Coast of Dominicans. Buy here tour from Russia is even more difficult than the above-described resorts. There is also an airport, and charter flights from Russia here also do not fly. Drive from Punta Cana Airport about four to five hours.

This resort is dominated by nature, clean sea and pleasant sand.

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Resorts of Dominican Republic of La Roman, Boca Chik and others

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