Egypt resorts: Sharm el-Sheikh

The famous resort of Sharm el-Sheikh (the name is translated as "Tsarsky Bay") It is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula – the small part of Egypt, which lies not in Africa, but in Asia. Sharm el-Sheikh – the largest resort of this region, there is an international airport serving tourists from all over the peninsula.


Sharm el-Sheikh, like most Egyptian resorts, is a variete of hotels stretching along the edge of the sea for several tens of kilometers. The length of the resort zone is 35 km, and it consists of bays, each of which has several hotels.

  • View from Sofitel to Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh
  • Nama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
  • View from Sofitel to Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Center of the Tourist Zone – Bay Naama Bay. Once it was here that the first hotels arose here, and now it is the most noisy part of the resort. Other bays – Sharm el-Maya, Shark Bay, Nabe – much quieter.

Hotels and infrastructure

Sharm el-Sheikh hotels are located on three lines, so everyone can choose a rest on his pocket. However, what is called the 3rd line is sometimes located 3 km from the sea, so this question is better to clarify in advance. A lot of expensive hotels belonging to such world famous networks like Movienpick, Marriot, Sonesta Beach, Sofitel, Hilton Fayrouz. Compared to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh is considered a prestigious resort.

  • Hotel Sofitel, Sharm El Sheikh
  • Bar at Sofitel, Sharm El Sheikh
  • Hotel Sheraton, Sharm El Sheikh
  • Resorts of Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh

The busiest part of Sharm El Sheikh – Naama Bay Bay. Here you can go to the disco and in the nightclub, sit in the bar, try you happiness in a casino or just stroll along a three-kilometer pedestrian embankment, destroyed entertainment for tourists.

  • Amusement Park Alf Leila We Leila, Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Golf Course at Jolie Ville Moevenpick Golf & Resort 5 *, Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Casino, Sharm el-Sheikh

In Sharm el-Sheikh, you can do tennis, lie down in the jacuzzi, go to the gym, drive on the maps or play golf. Waterpark at this resort is not, but there are Fun Town, Amusement Park for children, and Alf Leila We Leila, Amusement Park. There are here and Dolphinarium.


It is a paradise for divers and lovers to sunbathe. Swimiers here have a little harder. Beaches are not equally pleasant everywhere. The fact is that the coast of this resort has many coral reefs, so entering the water in some hotels falls from pontoons.

Almost, only Naama Bay Offers resting beaches, comfortable for swimming: sandy and gentle, with a convenient access to the sea, without coral reefs nearby.

  • Ras Umm Sid Beach, Sharm El Sheikh
  • Naama Bay Beach, Sharm El Sheikh
  • Ras Katy Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

Beaches in new areas (Hadaba, bay Sharks Bay, bay Charm El Maya, bay Nabe) Are there in the environmental zone, where it is forbidden to clean the bottom from corals. Therefore, almost all the beaches are inconvenient here for swimming (especially for swimming with children): Corals start almost at the shore and stretch 15-20 meters. But among the corals – the mass of bright fish and other marine literality. So it is worth putting a mask – and far from the shore you do not have to go – all the wonders of the sea will appear before your eyes.

All beaches have sun beds and umbrellas, water sports, bars, restaurants and discos are working,.

Diving and snorkeling

Sharm el-Sheikh – one of the best places for diving lovers. Corals that are too close to the shore and interfering with simple vacationers will be interesting for divers. Especially for those who do not dive at the depth. In Sharm el-Sheikh about 20 diving centers.

  • Divers enter the water at Rif Ras Katy, Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Boat with transparent bottom for marine excursions, Sharm el-Sheikh

The land promised for all enthusiastically underwater world is the Ras-Mohammed National Reserve, which is just 25 km from Sharm El Sheikh. Water here is clean and transparent, and not far from the shore begins a breaking down in a depth of 30-50 m, where the coral reef is.

Best time for travel

Rest in Sharm el-Sheikh can be happy. Air temperature in summer can rise to + 40 ° C, and in winter it is rarely lowered below + 23-25 ​​° C. Water temperature even in winter keeps at + 20-22 ° C.

Resorts of Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh

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