Resorts of France: Alps d’YEZ

This is one of the oldest (opened in 1936.) and universal resort regions of France, known and as a wonderful winter resort with a large number of diverse tracks, and as a summer recreation center with the purest air and characteristic climatic conditions. All his slopes are addressed to the south, so the sun shines in a bright day, the sun shines on the town and the valley constantly (more than 300 sunny days a year, the duration of the daylight in December is 7.5 hours, in April – until 11 o’clock), for which the resort received The second name – L’Ile Au Soleil ("Island of Sun"). And with the surrounding slopes of mountain peaks in good weather, you can look a quarter to a quarter (!!) all southern France, from the Italian border almost to the central massif.

  • In the center of the Alps&# 39; Yuez
  • Alpine resort
  • Alp-D&# 39; Yuez in winter
  • Festive fireworks

Residents of the Alps d’YEZ carefully follow the ecological state of the resort. Work is underway to restore forests, programs for processing and reuse of waste are being developed, reusable ski passes are used.

Winter holidays

Alp-d’YEZ – one of the most famous winter centers of the country, which is among the few world resorts with a drop of heights of more than 2000 meters (from 3323 meters on top of Lac-Blanc to 1100 meters in L’anversen-d’oz). There are 118 tracks here (38 "Green", 31 "blue", 33 "Red" and 11 "Black") with a total length of about 237 km. At the same time, the conditions of the resort, famous for precisely the most difficult "Black" descents, allow you to clearly separate the complex slopes from simpler and to offer excellent conditions for both experienced skiers and for young people or families with children.

  • Processed slopes of the Alps&# 39; Yuez
  • Descent to the Alps d&# 39; Yuez
  • High in the Alps
  • Track in the Alps&# 39; Yuez

Here is the longest ski trail in Europe (and in some data – and in the world!), stretching from the Sarenne glacier (Sarenne, about 3300 m) Already 16 km! Together with the tracks adjacent to it and the tunnels, it allows you to slide without a break for an hour and a half, while in the evenings almost all of its plots are illuminated. You can go down on this highway and at night – with lanterns or torches.

At the same time, there are unique routes from 4-5 connected tracks of different difficulty levels, allowing to pass in one descent to 8 kilometers! Especially good in this plan of descent from the mountains L’Alpette (2050 m), Signal (2125 m) and Signal de L’Homme (2176 m), Montfrais (1650 m), LIEVRE Blanc (2530 m), Plat de Marmottes (2300 m) and, of course, the peak of Lac-Blanc (3323 m), among which can be found relatively uncomplicated "Red", And quite serious "blue" Trails (for the Alp-d’YEZ such a paradox with marking is easily explained by a variety of descent conditions, even within the same route).

The top sections of the tracks go through an extensive glacier, and therefore are able to provide the most "Hard" Slopes in the region. And taking into account the use of numerous lifts and Gondola (82, the total bandwidth of more than 102 thousand people per hour!) To move from the track to the track per day you can "roll" several tens of kilometers and never go down to the hotel! The same applies to easier descents, a thick network covering the southern and southwestern slopes right in front of the Alps D’Yees.

Ski season lasts from the beginning of December to the end of April.

  • Freeride on the slopes of the Alps&# 39; Yuez
  • Extreme Skiing Trick
  • Sledging
  • Resorts of France Alps Yuez

The rental of the ski equipment kit or a snowboard will cost an adult in 160-190 euros for 6 days, for a child – 100-120 euros, classes in the ski school – from 51 euros per day for adults and up to 180 euros for children (with food), hire Skates – 3 euros, visiting the pool or bath of the sports complex – from 12 euros, a helicopter tour – from 50 euros, throwing skiers to the next ski resort Le de See Alps – about 60 euros.

On the slopes are equipped with two snow park – one for beginners, and the other for desperate extremals. There are illuminated tracks for night skiing.

50 km of trails are equipped for cross-country skiing. 30 km of walking paths are laid.

Every year in January, the Festival is held in the Alp-d’YEZ "Russian slalom", In which guests are honored from Russia, Russian music sounds, crowded events are held.


The estimated cost of living and relaxing in Alps D’Yuese is quite moderate for such a modern resort. One-day ski pass GRAND ROUSES (valid on the territory of Alpe d’Huez, Huez, Auris-en-Oisans, OZ-EN-Oisans, Vaujany, Villard-Reculas) will cost 38 euros for adults (13-59 years old) and 26 euros for pensioners (over 59 years old) and for children aged 5 to 13 years.

Ski Visalp subscription (includes all sports and entertainment complexes of Dolina Russa (Rousses), 2 days of skiing in the les-Alps and the free use of the resort bus) with a period of 6 days will cost 199 for adults and 142 euros for children and pensioners, for 13 days – 388 and 265 euros, respectively. SKI Visalp can be purchased in numerous sales centers or order via the Internet www.Sataski.COM with home delivery.


In addition to the ski ski, you can visit the Palace of Sports with numerous sports grounds and clubs, as well as three modern snowboarding parks (in Alps D’Jeese, Oriz-An-Uazan and Montfre). There are 3 ski schools (with Russian-speaking instructors), nursery (for children from 6 months to 2 years), skiing kindergarten Les Marmottes (from 2 to 4 years old) and school (from 4 years old), Municipal Museum (Musee d’Huez et De L’Oisans), Grotto with ice sculptures (located at an altitude of 2,700 meters from the lift on Pic Blanc), 2 pools (closed and open), 2 cinema, Olympic Open rink (works with 10.00 to 23.00), trails for snowmobiles and 50 km plain Trail, 30 km of hiking trails, club paragliding, helicopter landing pad (guided tours, and zabroska skiers carried out in 20 areas of off-piste), golf course 9-hole course, a toboggan run (length of 1350 m ), a school for training in extreme driving a car and many other objects.

Summer rest

In Alpe d’Huez advanced all the possibilities for summer holidays. The resort can make many kilometers of hiking trails and varied: in the Tourism office offers more than a dozen different routes length from 30 minutes to 5 hours. Powered equestrian school. Laid over 200 km of mountain bike.

  • Via Ferrata in the Alps, etc&# 39; Yueze
  • Horseback riding
  • Alpe d&# 39; Huez summer
  • Mountain bike
  • Mountain biking

DYuez-Alps, offers ample opportunities for climbing. On the precipice of Lac Besson 2,200 meters in height created about 150 routes that are suitable for athletes of different levels. Also in the mountains laid two routes Gorges de Sarennes Via Ferrata, furnished with all the fixtures and fittings for climbing.


The resort Alpe d’Huez ski season ticket in addition there Visalp subscription. Its owners have the right to visit the ice skating rinks, swimming pools, museums, concert halls and rental of equipment for cross-country skiing.

In winter, everyone can try their hand at driving on ice. At an altitude of 2700 meters to visit the open ice cave. It operates winter kiting training school.

  • Snowkiting
  • Skating rink in the heart of the Alps, etc&# 39; Yueza
  • An outdoor pool in the Alps, etc&# 39; Yueze
  • Dog sledding

In today’s Palais des Sports and Congress can deal with 26 different sports – squash, tennis, football, golf, aerobics, etc., It operates a fitness club, swimming pool, two cinemas.

From popular sports entertainment – a helicopter ride to a nearby ski resort of Les Deux Alpes. It is a pleasure for about 60 euros.

At the resort itself you can find 12 restaurants, 5 discos and numerous bars, as well as various sports and entertainment facilities in the nearby villages of the Lake, Oz, Ori and Villar. Every year in January, the Festival is held in the Alp D’Yuese "Russian slalom", In which guests are honored from Russia, Russian music sounds, crowded events are held. And descending to the foot of the mountain, you can visit the picturesque villages along the Romanez Canal and Lake Chambon.


In total, there are 19 hotels of different levels, as well as numerous cottages and chalets in the mountains and almost fifty places in the surrounding towns (all the resort is able to take up to 32 thousand tourists at the same time).

How to get

The nearest airports are Grenoble (63 km), Lyon (163 km) and Geneva (220 km), and because of the proximity to the Grenoble railway station (TGV Paris – Grenoble line) you can get here by train (from the station 3 times a day Special buses are sent).

The nearest train station SNCF is located in Grenoble. There you can transfer to the local train, which goes directly to the Alp-d’YEZ station (1.5 hours in the way).

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