Resorts of France: Lez-Ark

Range Zone Lez-Ark (Ark, Les Arcs, WWW.Lesarcs.COM) occupies the Northwest part of the paradist riding region, adjacent to the borders of the Vanuaz National Park.

The resort of Lez-Ark is one of the most popular in France, it combines the Mountain Stations of Ark-1950, ARK-2000, ARK-1600, ARK-1800, as well as the historic village of Villarieger (Villaroger) and the town of Bur-Saint-Maurice ( Bourg Saint Maurice). The newest of the stations is a fashionable ARK-1950, whose construction ended only in 2007. The sun shines on the slopes of the Lez-Arch throughout the day, landscapes from all its stations are simply amazing, and most of the tracks are laid by enough gentle and wooded slopes, so specialists consider this resort ideal for children. However, at the top of a lot of interesting slopes that are able to interest and more experienced skiers.

Ski skiing in the lez-arch

In total, 105 carefully well-groomed ski trails are laid here ("Black" – eighteen%, "Red" – 36%, "blue" – 47% I "Green" – 9%) with a total length of about 200 km. At the same time, the longest road Aiguille Rouge – Villaroger reaches 7 kilometers long, and "Black" Descents Comborciere, DROSET, LANCHES, Robert Blanc, Varet and the famous KL (on it every year the World Championships are held annually) satisfy the requirements of the most experienced athletes. The tracks near the Ark-1950 and ARK-2000 are narrower and practically flavored (for the most part fall under the category "Red"), but below the crest, around Ark-1600 and ARK-1800, framed by pinewide "blue" slopes literally flow one in another. All zones of skiing the resort Lez-Arch are connected by lifts (total 54), so you can choose any of the villages.

Snowp’Arc Fan Park over ARK-1600, Snowpark Apocalypse Park with Half Pype over ARK-1800 (it was here that the cult film Apocalypse Snow, 1985.) and the track for Bordercross over the Ark-2000, 45 km of flat skiers, the widest opportunities for milling riding in the area, the rigid highways of L’Aiguille Rouge glaciers, Bellecote, Grand Col and L’Aiguille Grive, and also almost the rest of the paradise zone, with which the resort is connected by a network of lifts and railways.

In the 2014 season \ 15, a new riding and entertainment zone near the village of Ark-1800 – Mille 8. On its territory there is a unique backlight system and voice. While the remaining lifts close from 16 to 17 hours, riding in Mille 8 is possible up to 19.30 daily, without days off. There is a sledge route with attractions – video projections, obstacles and tunnels. Equipped wood skiing with light and animation – the lighter is light, suitable for beginners and young children. Remedy entertainment route for freislary. Mille 8 riding included in the price of standard ski pass. Separately, you can purchase a comprehensive ticket for skiing and a water park, which opens immediately next door. It will be a new year-round water and entertainment complex. The complex includes an indoor pool, jacuzzi, ice grotto, waterfalls, hammams, saunas, children’s playroom and fitness center.

The ski season lasts in Lez-Arch from mid-December to mid-April – early May.

Resorts of France Lez-Ark


In addition to the wonderful conditions for mountain recreation, there is an ice cave, a large number of children’s and adult sports schools, bowling, dog sledding racing, iceside, a fitness center, paragliding, skating rink, squash boxes, a club of deltalaneurism, 3 nightclubs, cinemas, discos, restaurants, museums, swimming pool, playroom games, ski performances, performances, horseback riding and much more. The Willard Natural Reserve is adjacent to the riding zone (1062 hectares at a height from 1200 to 3650 m), famous for his popuhala population. Access to the territory of the reserve to tourists is limited, and skating – it is strictly prohibited, but under certain conditions it can be observed for the life of wildlife from a sufficiently close distance, while not disturbing all prohibitions.

Ski-Pass in Lez-Ark

Les Arcs Ski-Pass (Les Arcs, Peysey-Valladry, Villaroger) will cost an adult (14-59 years old) in 41 euros, for a child (6-13 years old) – 30 euros, for pensioners (from 60 years) – 35 euros, six-day – in 193, 145 and 164 euros, respectively. Total Zone Ski Pass Paradiski Unlimited (La Plagne, Les Arcs, Peysey-Valladry, Villaroger Plus 1 Skania Day in Espace Killy, Trois Vallees, Les Saisies and Pralognan en Vanoise) for 6 days will cost 233 euros for adult, 175 Euro – for a child and 198 euros for pensioners; for 13 days – in 404, 303 and 343 euros, respectively. Ski passes for children under 6 years are free. There are all sorts of special offers for families with children, children’s and organized groups and so on (with the current state of rates can be found on the site of the resort, which has a Russian-speaking section). One-day stay in kindergarten will cost 36 euros, for 6 days – from 270 euros, for adults six days training with all accompanying elements (ski equipment rental, ski pass, training and t. D.) will cost a minimum of 290 euros.

Resorts of France Lez-Ark

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