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A ski resort of Ore consists of four villages: Duved, Tegefjell (ARE BY) and Ore Bjornen (Are Bjornen) – and five skiing zones: Duved, Tegefjell (TegefJall), OPE -Bu (ARE BY), Ore Bjorn (Are Bjornen) and Rodkulle (Rodkulle). All settlements are interconnected by bus routes. Whatever the village settled in the village, he can ski on the territory of the whole complex.

Ore meets all global requirements for the high-level ski resort. For the highest technical characteristics, it is often called "Scandinavian Alps". Here three times passed the stages of the world skiing cup (one of them – the final), and for 2007 it was appointed the World Championship according to this sport. In Ore – the best in Northern Europe, the system of lifts, 100 km of ski slopes, height difference 900 meters (374-1274) and guaranteed snow from November to May.

Among the professional skiers, spoiled by the Alps, there was no view for a long time that there are nothing to do in the Scandinavian ski resorts in particular. But when at the Swedish ski resort, Ore in 2001, final competitions for the World Skiing Cup were held, all bias disappeared. The skiers reached out convinced that this resort had a lot of advantages: a variety of highways, there is no time with the lifts, but there is a mass of a place for aggregates, the European level of service, excellent technical equipment (preparing the slopes of randics, lighting tracks, snow peel, bus transfer between hotels and hotels lifts), the presence of bougiels and trails for children and beginners, well-thought-out system of lifts. At the same time, prices are lower than in the Alps. As an additional "Bonus" Skiers get all Scandinavian exotic in Sweden, from trips on deer sleds until the opportunity to taste fresh salmon. Skiing season in Swedish ski resorts continues from December to May.

In Ore equally good opportunities for skating both on the mountain and on the low skiing. For lovers of snowboarding, all the routes are open, but in addition "Fan Park" and a special gutter "Snow-Cross". The ski season in Ore continues from mid-November to mid-May, when most lifts work.

Height difference – from 440 to 1420 meters, "Green" Trails – 12, "blue" – 39, "Red" – 39, "Black" – 5, virgin – 5. The total bandwidth of the lifts – 47 thousand people per hour, one gondolate, one cabin, 6 chairlings and 31 bugel lifts, as well as one funicular. Price "Ski-Pass" For 6 days – 165 EUR, the cost of one individual classes with an instructor – 60 EUR.

Ore B

Ore-Bu – the center of the ski resort of Ore, in which most hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment are concentrated. Here are the most interesting "Black" and "Red" Ski highways. The overall descent system is recognized as the best in Northern Europe. On the ski slopes of tourists delivers the funicular directly from the central square of Ore, the central rental point is located there. Height difference: 539-1429 m.

Lifters: 1 Gondola, 1 Funicular, 1 Cabin, 5 Chairs, 9 Rubber Lifts.

Trails: 17 "blue", 3 "Green", 25 "Red", 5 "Black". Maximum height of the lifting: 1274 m. The length of the extended route is 6.5 km.

Ore Bjornen

In this village, almost never winds, as it is located in the hollow, protected from all sides by the mountains. Here always on two or three degrees warmer than in other village villages. Ore-Bjornen is located in six kilometers from the center of Ore, with whom a regular bus service has been established. This place is well suited to families with children – a playground work here, as well as "Amusement Park Bjornen".

Lifts: 6 buffal. Trails: 9 "blue" And two "Green". Maximum lifting height: 727 meters.

In Ore-Bjornen, the only kindergarten is open at the resort, where you can leave a child aged four years (from 9:00 to 15:30, from Monday to Friday – in the opening hours of the lifts). English-speaking teachers work here, special descents and springboard are built for children. Children’s center and children’s lifts are located in a pedestrian zone.


Over the second largest village at the resort of Ore, located 10 km from his center. It is especially attractive for companies or families, in which there are fans of a snowboard and at the same time experienced skiers, fans of sharp feelings of inclusive skiing. From the village to ski slopes easily reach on a special "Transfer" lifting. And already from there, a new six-grade lift will deliver to the top in less than 10 minutes. All seats are protected from wind special "Hoods".

The main thing in the award is the ski slopes and silence in the evenings. Calm, measured life will have to taste the travelers seeking to relax from the bustle in the circle of friends and family.

Resorts of Sweden Ore

Evening Skating: Tuesday, Hamreliften Lift. Lifters: 1 chair, 6 buffal.

Trails: 4 "blue", 4 "Green", eleven "Red". Maximum height, Mullefiell Mountain – 1031 m.


This part of the oar resort is good for youth and snowboarders, which are expected to be here "Snowboard playground", "Unnecessary" Descents and the best Snowboard Instructors. In 2000, the amusement park was opened next to the snowboard platform. Anyway in Tegufigel – riding on rarefied forest areas. Everything here is arranged in such a way that you can get up right at the cottage threshold and immediately be surrounded by delicious nature. From the neighboring zone of skiing, a whistle, Tegufigel is connected by a single lift system, and with the village of Duqu and the center of Ore-Bu – a regular bus service. To the center of Ore from here 5 km.

Lifters: 4 buffers.

Trails: 7 "blue", one "Green" and three "Red".

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