Thailand resorts: Pattaya

Pattaya – The most famous beach resort in Thailand, is located on the coast of the Siamese Bay, in two hours at the south-east of Bangkok. The resort city stretches along the sea coast with beautiful beaches, and the entire shore is built here at the hotel complexes of the most different level. Pattaya fits lovers of stormy nightlife and water sports, but for family and secluded rest it is better to stop their choice at other resorts of Thailand.

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Beaches Pattaya

North of the central part of Pattaya are small beaches Nickie Beach (Naklua Beach) and Vongamat Beach (Wongamat Beach). These places are considered the best choice for holidaymakers with families and children. Attend the beaches, mostly tourists from nearby hotels, so a calm atmosphere reigns here. On the beaches there are rental items for water sports, as well as small restaurants.

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Chief resort beach Pattaya Beach (Pattaya Beach) stretched a few kilometers almost along the entire resort and is an extremely lively place. From hotels and other buildings The beach separates the road. In the afternoon, the fans of outdoor activities on the water are held here, and evenings – lovers spend time in coastal bars and restaurants. Those who wish to spend quietly, it is recommended to pay attention to other beaches on from the center or the coral islands coming to Pattaya. On the islands you can ship on the flight boats, but it should be borne in mind that in the first half of the day there are strong fits on the islands.

Small beach Dongtan Beach (Dongtan Beach) is south of Pattaya and is a calm and quiet place of rest. The beach is located in the distance from the road, so the noise of cars here does not interfere with the sun and the sea. Dongitan beach privacy often attracts resting unconventional sexual orientation. On the beach there are restrooms and showers.

The beach begins south Jomtien Beach (Jomtien Beach) stretching for many kilometers. This place is popular with windsurfing and kitesurfing fans. Jomtien Beach is more calm compared to the central beach of Pattaya, it is also believed that the coast is cleaner here. However, the beach is quite crowded, so for a secluded rest it is worth choosing other places.

  • View of Jomtyen
  • Jomtien Beach
  • Jomtien Beach Embankment

Entertainment and attractions in Pattaya

Despite the fact that the resort has a lot of fame brought a huge number of evening and night entertainment, you can spend time in Pattaya afternoon. Here you can visit the park "Mini Siam" Mockups 100 of the most famous attractions of Thailand on a scale of 1:25, Floating market, Village of elephants, Where are the views and you can ride in mighty animals.

A great view of Pattaya opens with Hill of Big Buddha.

20 kilometers from the resort is a temple complex Wat-Yannasangwararam.

  • Park Mini Siam
  • Wat-Yannasangwararam
  • In the park Nongnch
  • Nightlife: Fireworks over Pattaya

In addition, in patty are located Dolphinarium, Oceanarium, crocodile farm, and Karting Pattaya Go-Kart. Not far from the resort in the town of Nongnuch is the amusement park, where you can see colorful and informative shows with national music and dancing. North of the resort runs Safari Park Kao-Keo. Also in Pattaya will not work in finding licensed diving centers, including Russian-speaking instructors.

The resort offers a large selection of restaurants for every taste – with national and European cuisine. There are also good features for shopping – several large modern shopping and entertainment centers, as well as many small shops with souvenirs. In the evening, in Pattaya, you can visit the usual and GO-GO bars, massage salons, nightclubs and cabarets. Most entertainment facilities are located on the famous Walking Street.

Transport in Pattaya

U-Tapao Airport 50 kilometers from Pattaya daily hosts international flights, including Russian charters. Getting from the airport to the resort can be taxi and minibuses. Comfortable long-distance buses carry out transportation from Pattaya in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other cities of the country. In addition, there is a direct bus service between Pattaya and Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. You can travel around the resort and the surrounding area of ​​Pattaya on the route taxis, taxis and motorcycle.

Resorts of Thailand Pattaya

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