Resorts of the Transcarpathian region

Transcarpathia &# 8211; This is a unique geographical location, natural and cultural resources. Region with the regional center in G. Uzhgorod. Transcarpathia borders with Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. This is one of the most beautiful corners in Central Europe, located in the Tis River Basin, on the southwestern slopes Karpat. Brown Carpathian Bear &# 8211; Symbol of Transcarpathia. On deep valleys and gorges carry their crystal clear water rapid mountain rivers (p. Tisa, R. Borisawa, R. Terrel), there are more than three dozen beautiful high-mountain lakes (Lake Sidevir, Lake Top, Lake Vorozka), formed in the Ice Age. Dubovo-beech and coniferous forests, More than 360 sources of healing mineral waters, alpine meadows are real natural treasures of Transcarpathia.

Transcarpathia &# 8211; this is Mixing nationalities, traditions, customs, religion and cultures of several European peoples. Hutsul archaisms, Slovak melody, Hungarian … All this woven together. For vacationers, a huge variety of sanatoriums, tourist bases, health and health complexes, hotels. Climate Transcarpathia Extremely favorable for tourism and improvement all year round. Collection of berries, medicinal plants and mushrooms, horseback riding, healing mineral springs and purest mountain air attract thousands of tourists in summer. Winter holidays in Transcarpathia &# 8211; this is Sunshine Skiing, Skiing, Snowboarding and the delicious Mulled wine in the famous Hutsul’s Kolybakhs.

In Transcarpathia Widely developed equestrian, air, cycling, water tourism. You can take advantage of equestrian-horse tours on the most beautiful alpine meadows and on snow-covered mountain trails, see the beauty of Transcarpathia from a bird’s eye view, a paraglider grade or Get unforgettable impressions from extreme alloy on the mountain river. All this is possible in Transcarpathia.

Fans of rural ( ; Green tourism 😉 in Transcarpathia Just expathed. His picturesque places will allow guests to relax in the countryside, hold holidays or weekends outside the city, distract from urban fuss and noise, meet with Transcarpathian national cuisine, Pottery secrets, painting, modeling, Lazzoplets, Bryneza. In Transcarpathia, every can visit many cafes and restaurants, taste dishes of unique original kitchens (chicken in Uzhgorod, Banosh, Gutsul Brynza, Bay, Goulash soup with kvasoley, Knedli), and also warm up the famous Uzhgorod coffee or Transcarpathian wine. Residents of the village of Turkey Rents in the local river Tourishk in the spring catch the frogs and prepare extraordinary kebab ; Tsarevna Frog ;!

In these places are located A large number of sanatoriums and wellness centers, in which you can undergo a thorough medical examination and get the necessary medical care. This is a sanatorium ; Bogolvar ;, ; Vodogray ;, ; Thermal-star ;, ; fantasy ;, ; mountain tees ; other. The use of unique mineral sources helps in the treatment and prevention of many diseases and strengthens immunity. And in the town of Solotvino Salted salted lakes are located &# 8211; Real sources of beauty and underground mines, effectively healing asthma.

Ancient stone palaces and castles that have survived to this day, &# 8211; Medieval architectural monuments of Transcarpathia. Well preserved to today Mukachevsky and Uzhgorod castles, and from fortresses in Kvas, Nevutsky, Khust, the queen remained alone ruins. Before your view, unique buildings will open, combining a variety of architectural styles of different eras (Baroque and Renaissance, elements of Gothic and Romanesque styles).

Uzhgorod Castle &# 8211; this is Wonderful architectural ensemble, the history of which has more than a thousand years. The castle is located on the castle grief near Uzhgorod. Now in the castle there is a Zakarpati local history museum, in which you can admire the many unique exhibits.

These are the items of the shop craft, the rarest bronze weapons, folk musical instruments, the first printed books and valuable vintage manuscripts. Nevitsky castle is also called ; Castle brides ; &# 8211; It is an ancient medieval castle, located at an altitude of 260 meters on Mount. From ancient times, the castle was a support base of local feudalists, and in 1644. was destroyed as a result of internecine wars. According to the legend, in the Nevutsky castle in the Middle Ages hid brides &# 8211; Aristocrata. Therefore, it is here that newlyweds come from all over Transcarpathia. Mukachevsky Castle &# 8211; The most valuable historical monument in Transcarpathia. As a symbol of high morality, the faded spirit of the people, as the wealth of his culture and history, it is towers this majestic building over the Latiable River.

Resorts of the Transcarpathian region

Valley Narcissov &# 8211; Unforgettable spectacle! According to the legend, a long time ago in the Khustsky castle lived a beautiful prince’s daughter Rusya. For the day of her majority, the ordinary Potter Ivanko presented her an amazing vase, which bloomed a snow-white Narcississ. Young people fell in love with each other and in secret met in the valley. Having learned about this, the prince grabbed the vase and broke her about the rock. She crumbled like rain, and in the morning all the inhabitants saw that Valley as if beautiful white and green coat covers Spring daffodil.

Transcarpathia is rich in ethnic flavor, customs and traditions, here you can hear many legends and believes and as if to plunge into an exciting world of fairy tales.

Winter holiday lovers can choose a fascinating mountain ski resort for their relaxation and entertainment Kusutino. Spa name comes from the name of the village, In which there is all that will be required to be a demanding skier: hotels, ski slopes and a lot of small institutions, designed to improve the rest of tourists. Peculiarities of ski slopes Kususino &# 8211; Big length I Small steepness of the slopes. Due to this, in the settlement, everyone feels comfortably, who, who has the deviats of extreme-world skiing attacks of nausea and dizziness. Here you can spend vacation with the whole family. But professional skiers are also frequent guests in Kustere &# 8211; It is convenient to work out skating technique. Actually, ski slopes are located On the mountain painting, have a small village tower. There are several lifts on the mountain and a stunning chairlift. Comfortable living conditions will be provided hotels ; Olympic Village ;, ; oak guy ; and other private pensions. The highlight of Kusvino can be considered Kolyba located along the cable car. It’s a good opportunity to warm up a little and relax. In these Cozy houses You will find hot wine, champagne and all sorts of deliciousness: that, without which winter, not winter.

In this beautiful snow-covered place, all conditions have been created for unforgettable winter holidays.

So, Transcarpathia &# 8211; This is an exciting land where you will spend unforgettable days. Only here is so deep and full Feel a fabulous flavor of medieval times and aroma of history. Maybe you will not be able to come here again, but captivating the soul, Transcarpathia will bear you from the brightest, most beautiful of your dreams!

Resorts of the Transcarpathian region

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