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When you go to the country on another hemisphere of the world, it is useful to learn about it as much as possible in advance. We will be happy to help you.

Where is Bali?

Bali – This island as part of the province of the Republic of Indonesia. The state is almost entirely located on the Malay Archipelago – The largest in the world that it divides Brunehem, East Timor, Philippines and Malaysia (partially). The island is washed by the waters of two oceans: Indian and quiet.

Do you need a visa to Bali?

For citizens of the Russian Federation, entry into Indonesia for up to 30 days is carried out in visa-free mode. To cross the border of sufficiently following documents: passport (with a period of at least 6 months at the time of the trip), migration card, hotel reservation, return ticket. It is also recommended to issue a medical insurance policy. Purchase of the tour suggests that you will have everything you need for a safe and comfortable crossing of boundaries.

What currency on Bali?

On Bali, as one of the Indonesian islands, in the course of the state currency – Indonesian Rupee (IDR). IDR course to RUB will please. For 1 ruble, you can get about 220 rupees. Bali prices are friendly to the Russian wallet: for 80 RUB you can drink 0.5 liters of fresh juice, and for 400 RUB to eat a large seafood dish. Of course, food prices and drinks vary depending on: Currency Course, Restaurant / Store, Location – Tourist establishment / for local.

Which resort on Bali choose?


To whom: lovers of history

Former Badung enters our list on the rights of the capital. The city is most often used as a starting point for trips to «Present» Resorts. Popular Resort Next to Denapacar is sanur (10 km), ideal for family relaxing relaxation. The capital itself will be interesting as a sightseeing site: see temples, museums, palaces, visit the restaurants of national cuisine – Varungha, taste exotic fruits in the bazaars, bargain for souvenirs in colorful markets.

To whom: King of dance floor

Just 7 km from Denpasar and 15 minutes from the airport is one of the key resorts of the island – Kuta. It is not customary to sleep at night, spending time in silence, strive for solitude. Dozens of cafes, bars, clubs are open to guests, discos often end on the beaches, and the choice of cocktail for the evening will be one of your favorite evening entertainment. Kuta love surfers. She adore hippies. Oh yes, the criteria of the perfect beach resort it also corresponds to. Wide and long beaches with snow-white sand make the coastal strip of cute like heaven.


To whom: Children and parents / fans of seafood

Just 8 km from the airport and you in Jimbaran, one of the best resorts of the southwest, which have to relax and measured rest. Due to the location in the cozy bay, Jimbaran boasts a calm ocean and a gentle entrance to the water. That is why the resort is more often choosing travelers with children. However, if you have not yet acquired offspring, or left the heirs at home, you should not write off Jimbaran with accounts, because it is «Seafood capital» Islands. Many resort restaurants are on the beaches, at the water itself, and the popular tourist attraction – dinner with gifts of the sea at sunset. Sunsets in Jimbaran are considered one of the most beautiful not only on the island, but also in the world.

To whom: Estetam

Bali – An amazing island that attracts travelers not only by coastal resorts, but cities in the thick of the jungle, from where the ocean is not visible even in marching binoculars. Ubud – One of the most popular Bali Resorts is 1 hour drive away from the coast. Surely, you saw photos of luxury villas and hotels with panoramic «infinite» pools, terraces descending down in the entourage of everlasting vegetation and rice fields? They were filmed here. Ubud – Original cultural and craft center Bali. Jewelry workshops, art galleries, tree thread centers and battle workshops attract art connoisseurs in all its creative manifestations. Ubud also popular among newlyweds as a place for a luxurious honeymoon.


To whom: Surf fans

Resorts of the world Bali

The two main attractions of the site are the Hindu temple dedicated to the God of Sea and the sea itself with ideal surfing conditions. The temple is 1 of 6 key shrines Bali. It is located on top of a sheer rock, from where the breathtaking view of the ocean opens. If you are a fan of active water sports, then choosing a depressure as a place to relax, you will understand why Bali is called paradise for surfers. Note, Surf-spot key peaks are: Sicret, Temple, Bomb, Outside Coner and Rastek.

What eating to Bali?

Indonesian cuisine is distinguished by a variety. Having absorbed the gastronomic traditions of European, Indian, Chinese and Arabic cuisines, Indonesia has transformed the knowledge gained in a special way. For Indonesian dishes are characterized by products of plant origin, in honor of fruits and vegetables. Among the cereals, the first place occupies rice. Popular Batat, Soy, Corn, Kassava. The most popular specialist is red pepper, brought by Portuguese and Spanish colonizers.

Despite the common features, in individual regions of the country there are own culinary canons that differ significantly from each other. For example, for Balinese cuisine, tagging beef, not pork, because its inhabitants do not confess Islam. The most frequent borrowing from Indian cuisine.

What you need to try to Bali:
1. Bhabi Guling – Milk pig, fried on a spiner with an abundance of seasonings and spices.
2. SATE LILIT – Easy seafood snack, baked with spices on lemongrass wand. Served with walnut sauce or chili.
3. Pepes Ikan / Pepes Band – Fish / shrimp baked grilled with vegetables in banana leaves.
4. Black rice pudding – Traditional sweetness with coconut milk, vanilla and palm sugar.

What traditions are on Bali?

Not in vain Bali is considered «State in the state». From the rest of Indonesia, it is different to all: from religion and kitchen to traditions and architecture. Study of culture, customs and traditions of Bali – Fascinating process.

Do you know that:
1. Balinese are good-natured and do not envious, because sure: the position of man is a fair consequence of his merit in the past life.
2. On the island everywhere you can come together on umbrellas – Tedungi. They have sacred meaning and protect not from the sun, but from evil spirits. The color of the umbrella corresponds to a certain deity. For example, red – Brahma.

3. There are own colors and each of the caste, which is divided by the Balinese society. For example, the highest caste of brahmanov corresponds to white. The language is divided into 3 levels: the highest, medium, rough. Each of them is used strictly defined byulates.
4. On Bali there are two sacred volcanoes: Gunung-Agung and Gunung Battur. Both of them are revered by the local population, and to sleep on the island and is taken altogether to Gunung Agung. It also symbolize high towers, standing next to any of the Balinese temples.
5. One of the most popular traditions on the island is the custom of the spill of the teeth. It is believed that the procedure is expelled to demons, improves the nature and help follow the karma.

6. Home Gambling Islands – cock-fights. To the pennate soldiers here include with great revelation: take a visit, bathe manually, fed a special meal.
7. Children on Bali loved and overspend. Births are a collective process, because the newborn is especially vulnerable to dark spirits. The children of both sexes get a reverent attitude, but inherit the land and wealth only boys. Fate girls – Leave your home and join your husband’s family.

Resorts of the world Bali

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