Resorts of the world: Samui

Samui Island is so much a mansion among the Travel attractions of Thailand, which is inexplicably perceived by an independent tourist unit. Almost like Bali in Indonesia. Listing only Phuket, he is part of the Champon Archipelago, where he makes up a company of several dozen islands, most of which are part of Angtehong National Park. From the point of view of territorial division refers to the province of Surathathani. Guests «Bathing» In the Siamese Bay of the South China Sea, relating to the pool of the Pacific Ocean.

Until the 70s of the twentieth century, the isolation existed in some insulation from the mainland country. Here they developed their characteristic traditions, a unique ecosystem was formed, so the island to this day is considered one of the most beautiful in the region, and local coconut palms, the emerald jungle and coral reefs have a special charm.

For a trip to Samui, there are general rules for the entry of Russians in Thailand. Visa-free stay allowed to 30 days. Our compatriots are always waiting here!

Interesting facts about Samui

  1. In Wikipedia Island is recorded as «Self».
  2. The central part of the island is impassable wild jungle, and the coast since the 90s of the twentieth century successfully «colonize» Tourists.
  3. It is believed that the uninhabited island was populated in the VI century fishermen. Not by chance fishing still enters the top articles of Samuy’s income.
  4. Coconia – Business card island. Palm plantations occupy most of the territory.
  5. Isle of two roads. One makes a circle on the mountainous part of the island (road 4169), and the second runs along the entire coast (road 4170).

Key landmarks

1. National Marine Park Angthong

Park consists of 42 island surrounding Samui. The picturesque landscape formed by them is a water area over 100 km2. Is a sought-after tourist route.

2. Temple Wat Kunaram

The main attraction of this Buddhist temple complex is a mummified monk. In the 1980s of the last century, Luang Pho Daenga went into deep meditation from which he had no longer left. For those who have passed since the death of the monk, the body remains unchanged. Mummy is in a glass crypt and is available for review to everyone.

3. Big Buddha

The island version of the traditional monument for Thailand, which gives tribute to the traditions of Buddhism, is amazing. Big Buddha – This is not a hyperbole, but an extremely accurate description of the 12-meter statue.

4. Pagoda Temple Laem Sor

One of the most picturesque objects in the island. Pagoda, like the temple complex itself, differ in bizarre architecture, contrast of flowers, amazing combination of the magic of nature and the creation of human hands.

5. Magic garden Buddha

Park in the mountainous terrain of Samui, known for the hundreds of statues depicting Buddha. Despite the fact that the magic garden is a newly model, from those who want to visit an oasis in Emerald more often, there is no pen.

Unusual gastronomic traditions

Samui carefully protects the gastronomic traditions of the Kingdom. Although thanks to the high popularity of the island among tourists on Samui, a cafe appeared with the usual for European stomach food. There will even have restaurants where you can try Thai cooking! And yet Thai dishes look in the island entourage more organically.

In local establishments, you can try classic soups Tom Sums and Tom Kha, Pad Tai Pad, Fried Rice or Green Curry. Almost everywhere on the coast you can taste sea delicacies at reasonable prices: lobsters, squid, shrimps, crabs.

Who is the resort

At the disposal of travelers, almost the whole island with the exception of the South-West, where the infrastructure in comparison with the eastern and northern territories is practically not developed, wild beaches, and hotels are rare.

For youth rest

Where: Lamai, Chaweng, Naji

In the east, the nightlife, bars and clubs climb on the light after sunset, and every morning you can meet dawn on sandy beaches. Chaweng has the fame of the best beach on the whole east coast with a wide selection of hotels for every taste and wallet. On the beach Lamai you can enjoy surfing, relax in spa centers, «light» on discos. Nahai will like kaitsurfing fans.

Tourists with children

Where: Bophut, Maenam, Ban Tai

In comparison with the noisy oriental coast, the northern part of the island is immersed in the blissful silence. Spacidian palm trees «Separate» close to sandy beaches, giving shadow. Cozy bays guarantee a calm sea, a gentle entrance to the water. Leisure young travelers can be diversified by visits to the oceanarium, butterflies park, water park «Coco Splash» and exotic «Paradise Park» in more often jungle.

For romantic couple

Where: Tong Son, Hua Tonon

A secluded atmosphere, silence and peace, stunning beauty sunsets and soul restaurants on the exchange. Beaches are covered with snow-white sand, sea clean, azure.

Samui – this place with a special climate. And it’s not only not so much about the weather, how much about the unique atmosphere of this island, about the strength and energy of the place that everyone says who rested in the rays of the sun on his beaches. It is your time to tell your weight word!


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Resorts of the world Samui

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Resorts of the world Samui

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