Resorts of Tunisia – Map and Descriptions

What resorts are in Tunisia? Where they are located on the country map? Which airports serve different groups of resorts? What time is the trip from airports to hotels? What the resorts of Tunisia are similar to each other than fundamentally different? Read the answers in this article and watch a detailed map.

Map of Tunisia with resorts

Detailed map of Tunisia with resorts, airports and tourists important with city and attractions See below, click on the card to enlarge full screen.

The resorts of Tunisia are taken to divide into three groups.

North Tunisia. On the map highlighted in blue. These are resorts in the provinces of Machia, Monastir, Sousse, Wakeul. Here are the most popular resorts among Russians.

South Tunisia. On the map highlighted orange. These are resorts in the province of Mednin.

Capital region. On the map highlighted green. These are some small resorts around the capital (city of Tunisia).

Further in this article we will consider in detail all the groups and all resorts in these groups. Let’s give travel time from airports. Talk about the main advantages and minuses.

In the meantime, we start with the fact that all resorts are the same.

Weather and beach season

From the southern resort of Zarzis to the most northern Bizerta 435 kilometers (in a straight line). And it would seem that the difference in the climate should be substantial. But in practice there is almost no difference in the climate, the difference in the average temperature per year is only 1.5 degrees. We can say that the weather at all resorts of Tunisia is the same.

Beach season at all resorts begins at the end of April, ends at the end of October. All the details in our article "Weather in Tunisia for months".

Quality beaches

Beaches at all resorts are approximately the same. Rather, say: "The beaches are equally gorgeous!"

Soft small white or golden sand, pleasant bottom, gentle entrance to the water. Seashells in the sand are rare, because today the beach fauna is already far from rich.

The only exception is the island of Djerba in the south, where there are stones in the sand. Hotels clean sand, and some hotels have no. We recommend carefully looking at the beach photo when choosing a hotel on Djerba.

Knowledge of the Tunisians of the Russian Language

At all resorts, the situation is approximately the same.

Tunisians do not really seek to learn Russian. In big hotels, there is usually a person who speaks Russian. In small hotels, most likely there will be no such person. That our tourists who do not speak in foreign languages, have to rely on the hotel guide or stock by a translator on a smartphone.

English knows from 200-300 frequently used phrases. This is usually enough to explain the Taxist destination, ask the waiter about the dishes of the dish or ask for something at the reception of the hotel. With knowledge of English in Tunisia can go boldly.

Well, if you know French, you can talk to any topics with tunisians. Now part of the objects in Tunisian schools are taught only in French, and every tunisian at the end of the school has already well says, reads and writes in French. All the details in our article "In which language is spoken in Tunisia".

Rules of entry

Whatever the resort you are going to which airport does not arrive, visa, migration and custom rules are the same everywhere. Everywhere Russians are allowed without a visa for 90 days, everywhere you need to fill the migration card, everywhere the same restrictions on customs.

North Tunisia

The North Tunisia group includes the most famous resorts among Russians: Sousse, El Cantaui, Hammamet, Yasmin Hammamet, Nabel, Skanes (Monastir) and Machia.

These resorts look almost "one face". Near the cities, the seaside sections are highlighted where ZONE Touristique is organized (with FR.: tourist zones). In these areas there is a line of large hotels, behind the first line of hotels there are shops, restaurants, offices of sightseeing bureaus, residential real estate.

Of course, the resort does not always look exactly. For example, on the souss and raid hotels are located right in the city, and the line of hotels here "Rvanaya". In Yasmin Hammamet, central hotels are not right on the beach, but across the road from the beach.

Airports and travel time to hotels

Resorts serve two airports.

First – Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport (Code: MIR) in the city of Monastir. This is a small airport with one terminal and one runway. In the past 2019, the airport received 1,587,000 passengers.

Second – Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport (Code: NBE) next to the town of Enfida, which is approximately in the middle between the Sousse and Hammamet. It is also a small airport with one GDP and one terminal. The last official statistics on it is only for 2018 – 913,000 passengers.

Travel time to hotels in different resorts in the table below. Prices for taxi travel in Tunisky dinars (TD), see our article "Tunisian Dinar".

Travel time to hotels from Monastir Airport ("Him. Habiba Burbibe "):

Raid Hammamet Yasmin
El Cantaui Sousse Monastir Machia
Distance 120 km 110 km 95 km 30 km 15 km 0-5 km 50 km
Travel time 2 hours 1 hour 50 min 1 hour 35 min 30 minutes 15 minutes up to 10 min 50 min
Taxi price 80 TD 75 TD 60 TD 25 TD 15 TD Up to 5 TD 40 TD

Travel time to hotels from Enfida Airport (Enfida Hammamet):

Raid Hammamet Yasmin
El Cantaui Sousse Monastir Machia
Distance 70 km 60 km 40 km 30 km 40 km 60 km 120 km
Travel time 1 hour 10 min 1 hour 40 min 30 minutes 40 min 1 hour 2 hours
Taxi price 50 TD 45 TD 30 TD 25 TD 30 TD 45 TD 80 TD


The third population of the country and a large resort center. In the city’s city on the coast of about 20 large hotels, including topics Movenpick, Sousse Palace, The Pearl Sousse. Also on the second line and deeper in the city there are several dozen small hotels and guest houses. The choice of apartments for renting here is the richest.

The main advantage of the soutience is that it is a big city with hundreds of cafes, restaurants and shops, several large supermarkets. Here is a decent set of local attractions, the main one of which is the Medina Susta, entered into the UNESCO list. Sousse is the largest in Tunisia AquaSplash Water Park at Thalassa Sousse hotels.

Who does not have enough entertainment and attractions of the Sousse, can always go to the El Cantausi for a taxi for 10-15 dinars or in Luiget (minibus) for 1 dinar.

Sousse is also a large transport node of the country. From here it is convenient to go to watch Monastir or Majdia on the subway Sahel, you can go on the train to the capital. On buses or taxis it is convenient to get to El Jema and Kairuan.

All the details about the resort in our article "Sousse".

El Cantaui

El Kantaui is a tourist area to the north of the Sousse. Here are 6 kilometers of beach stripes, in the center there is a port of El Kantaui with a capacity of 500 yachts. All entertainment concentrated around the port.

The main advantage of El Cantaui is a rich entertainment program. Here is the Amusement Park Hannibal, Aquapark Acqua Palace, Music Fountains, Hard Rock Cafe. In the port you can hire a yacht for a walk through the sea, ride a boat with a glass bottom or stylized under a pirate ship.

If this is not enough, you can go to Sousse for a taxi for 10-15 dinars. Also from the souss you can get to Mahaty, Monastir or the capital.

Assortment of hotels in El Kantaui is worthy. Here are two dozen big hotels on the first line and as many small on the second line. Hotels of all price categories – 3, 4, 5 stars. And there are "Trejcs" on the first beach line.

All the details about the resort in our article "El Kantaui".


Hammamemet is an exclusively resort city, and even the name is translated literally as a "bathing place". Hammamet’s beaches are considered the best in Tunisia, although not all tourists support this opinion.

In Hammamet about 30 large hotels, and most on the first line. On the second line and deeper in the city there are some more dozen small hotels and guest houses. Strip length – 7 kilometers.

Hammamemet famous as the main Tunisia Tunisia Center of Thalassotherapy. It is here that the world famous Thalasso Center Azur is located. Details in our article "Thalassotherapy in Tunisia".

Hammamet is also convenient for excursions, from here there are only 60 kilometers to the capital – 1 hour ride by bus and Loueza (minibus). However, the excursion program can be organized and not leaving Hammamet. You can see Medina and Kassa, Villa Sebastian, go to the water park Flipper.

All the details about the resort in our article "Hammamet".

Yasmin Khammamet

This is a special resort south area from Hammamet. Here are 8 kilometers of beaches and 30 large hotels – mostly tops and fourths. The only minus – in the central part of the resort hotels separated from the beach dear. In the very center is the harbor with a capacity of 700 yachts.

In Yasmin Hammamet, a decent set of entertainment. Here they built the reconstruction of the classic Arab medina, inside which was placed expensive hotels, restaurants and amusement parks. Carthage Land Theme Park boasts dozens of attractions for any age. There is also a small water park Aqua Land.

Who does not have enough entertainment of Yinda, can go to Hammamet for a taxi for 8-12 dinars or in Louis (minibus) for 1 dinar.

Also Hammamemet in Tunisia is known as the second important center of golf tourism (after El Cantaui) and the second thalassotherapy center (after Hammamet). And naturally, rearing in Hammamet, tourists get quick access to the sights of the capital.

All details about the resort in our article "Yasmin Hammamet".


The resort city is immediately at Hammamet in the East. The raider is the capital of the eponymous province and the entire Peninsula Cap Bon. The peninsula is in Tunisia the main resident of citrus and grapes, as well as the first center of winemaking. Also, the raider is famous as the main center for the production of Tunisian ceramics.

As the resort raided interesting, but small. There are only 12 large hotels and a couple of tens of small hotels and guest houses. Hotels are located in the city, which is very convenient for tourists. From any hotel for 5 dinars you can get to the medina, bus station, railway station or supermarket.

The capital is only 70 kilometers from the raid, and tourists are easy to reach by bus or taxi. And although the raid there is no significant attractions, it is easy to get to Hammamet to a taxi for 10 dinars.

Radilla has and cons – great remoteness from Enfida and Monastir airports, a narrow range of hotels, lack of youth entertainment.

All the details about the resort in our article "Will".

Monastir (Skanes)

Monastir – a small city, about 100,000 inhabitants, of which about 30,000 students. But the city is very remarkable, since the native for the first president of Habib Burgibiba. Here he built his mausoleum, a big mosque of his name, a summer residence, which has now become a museum.

Hotels are not located within the city, but in the tourist area in the western suburb of Skanes, hence the second name of the resort. There are about 40 large hotels in 9 kilometers of coastal strip here. Monastir is considered to be a resort for budget recreation, so the majority of the four hotels are here, and only two.

The main advantage of the resort is proximity to the airport. Habiba Burgibiba. Some tourists even walk from the airport to their hotel. The second advantage is interesting local attractions associated with Habib Burgibibib. Also on the train Metro Sahel can be quickly and cheap to go to Mahaty or Sousse.

All details about the resort in our article "Monastir (Skanes)".


Makhdia at the Fatimid dynasty was the capital not only Tunisia, but also all Maghreb. Now it is a small city with a population of only 50,000 people. The city is very calm, leisurely and very conservative. Often it is recommended for family holidays.

The tourist area is located north of the city, there are 5 kilometers of beaches and about 20 hotels of medium and large sizes. Mostly hotels 3 stars, but there are 4 hotels 5 stars from which Iberostar Royal El Mansour is considered the best.

In Mahidia, there is almost nothing to do, except for the beach holiday. Tourists watch only black gates and archaeological museum. For the entertainment, it is better to go to Sousse or Monastir on the Metro Sachel.

In Makhdia, produce the best in Tunisia soap from olive oil. Second important branch of the city’s economy – Fishing. Resting in Mahdia do not miss the chance to go to the fish restaurant.

All details about the resort in our article "Machia".


This is a small city in the east of Peninsula Cap Bon, 60 kilometers from the raid. For tourists Kelibia is interesting as a sightseeing direction – here we go to watch an ancient fortress.

However, Kelibia has one large beach hotel Cap-Bon Kelibia Beach and a dozen mini-hotels and guest houses. We can say that Kelibia is a mini resort. At the moment (article updated in March 2020) cannot buy an organized tour to Kelibia.

European tourists go to Kelibia on their own – fly to Tunis Caphagen Airport (Capital) and go to Kelibia on buses, lugs (minibuses) or taxi. Not only the fortress is interesting here. Kelibia is famous as a fisheries center, and there are a lot of beautiful restaurants in fishing kitchen. Also from Kelibia Convenient to ride Watch Kerkuan.

Kelibia – an important center of diving tourism in Tunisia. Here in the coastal waters dozens of interesting places, including the English cruiser "Manchester", dried during World War II.

All details about the resort in our article "Kelibia".

South Tunisia

In South Tunisia, only three resorts. Djerba Island is the largest resort in the country, Zarzis – a small resort, Gabes – micro-resort.

Djerba and Zarzis look like the resorts of Northern Tunisia. Here is a long strip of large hotels on the first line, hotels are smaller on the second line. Gabes is completely different, we will tell about in detail below.

Airport and travel time to hotels

Resorts serves only one airport.

DJERBA-ZARZIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (Code: DJE) – This is a small airport with one passenger terminal and one GDP. Airport receives charter and seasonal flights, as well as several regular flights from France cities. Last statistics are available for 2016, passenger traffic – 1,246,000 people.

The airport is located in the northwest of the island of Djerba, 10 kilometers west from the city of Khumt Suc. Travel time to hotels in different resorts in the table below.

Djerba Zarzis Gabes
Distance 20-30 km 55 km 110 km
Travel time 20-30 minutes 1 hour 2 hours*
Taxi price 15-20 TD 40 TD 70 TD *

* – time and price of the trip will be higher, as you have to do or make a hook through the Roman Road, or wait for the ferry in Ajim.


Djerba Island

The largest resort of Tunisia. The tourist area is located on the north and eastern shores of the island. There are 20 kilometers of beaches, about 50 large hotels on the first line and as many small hotels and guest houses on the second line.

Jerba has many advantages, and the first is the proximity of the airport. Second – this is a wide selection of hotels from the luxury Radisson Blu Palace and Hasdrubal Prestige to the modest side. There are options for any wallet. Dozens of apartments are also available both in the tourist area and in the Humt Suk (the capital of the island).

Another advantage is a rich set of local attractions, which are enough for a week of vacation. Even you don’t need to travel on excursions, to any you can take a taxi not more than 15 dinars. Crocodile farm, El Mushroom Synagogue, Guellla Museum, Gazi Fortress Mustafa and others. Also on the island there are several decorations for filming Film Wars.

All details about the resort in our article "Djerba Island".


The city of Zarzis is a small – 75,000 people of the population, located 20 kilometers south from Djerba. The tourist area is located along the beaches in the north of the city, there are only 9 large hotels, and there are no five of them.

In the tar of tourists almost nothing to do. The only local attraction is an archaeological museum that can be seated without a rush in 30 minutes. There are several interesting mosques in the city, but you can see them only outside, because non-Musulman is not allowed inside.

To see something interesting, tourists go to Djerba or with an organized excursion, or independently. In the center of the city there is a bus station, from where you can leave on the lugs (minibuses) on Jerba, Tatavin or Duz.

Gabes is not a tourist city at all. Local economy specializes in the cultivation of olives, oil production, fishing and trade through the large local port.

All details about the resort in our article "Zarzis".


The city of Gabes (emphasis on the second syllable) is the largest in South Tunisia and the 6th in the population in the country – 153,000 people. Despite this, he never became a full-fledged resort. Here are 5 kilometers of magnificent beaches, but there is not a single beach hotel.

Hotels in Gabes are located in the depths of the city. Tourists go here no longer for the sake of beaches, but for traveling to South Tunisia. Gabes – Main Transport Knot South. From here on lugs (minibuses) you can get to Matmatati, Tatavina, Duza, Tozura, Cepping. And soak on the sandy beach of Gabes for tourists is a pleasant bonus.

Gabes has its own local airport. That is, you can fly to Tunisia (Capitals) and then a local flight to Gabes. However, most tourists prefer to fly to Tunisia (the capital) and take a train time, while travel time is large – about 5 hours.

In Gabes, there are almost no interesting objects for tourists. You can look at the local markets or try traditional cuisine in local restaurants.

Capital region

This is the main direction in Tunisia for independent tourists, mainly for the French. Near the capital, only one resort with large hotels with the All Inclusive system is a gammart. The rest of the resorts are suburbs of the capital, where there are no big hotels, and tourists live in removable apartments, apart hotels or guest houses.

Airport and travel time to hotels

Resorts serves only one airport.

TUNIS-CARTHAGE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (Code: TUN) – This is the largest airport in the country, the only civil airport with two runways. Here are two terminals – the first for regular, second for charter flights.

Travel time to hotels in different resorts in the table below. Read our detailed article "From the airport of Tunisia to the city".

Gammart La Marsa Seddia Beach Carthage SID-BU SAID
Distance 15 km 15 km 35 km 14 km 16 km
Travel time 15 minutes 15 minutes 40 minutes* 15 minutes 15 minutes
Taxi price 13-15 TD 13-15 TD 30-35 TD * 13-15 TD 13-15 TD

* – Time and price of the trip may be longer depends on traffic jams in the capital.


About the resort of Gammart can be said that he is "small, yes remote". There are only 10 large hotels and 8 of them are classified as 5 stars. Gammart is the most expensive resort of Tunisia. Externally, the gammart looks like the resorts of Northern Tunisia – the line of large hotels along the shore.

For tourists through the courses, Hammart is not very convenient, as charters from Russia are sitting at Enfida and Monastir airports, where to go far from. From enfida 125 kilometers (2 hours), from Monastir 175 kilometers (3 hours). But for independent tourists arriving at the airport Tunisia Carthage, it is Gammart – this is the perfect choice.

In Hammart there are no local entertainment and attractions. Do they need? After all, to the capital for a taxi go only 15 minutes. To Carthagen or Sidi-bu sida even less – 8-10 minutes. To the largest carrefour hypermarket in Tunisia – 6-8 minutes.

Resorts of Tunisia - Map and Descriptions

The hotels of Hammart rarely encounters the All Inclusive system. Tourists or pay separately for lunches and dinners in hotels restaurants, or you can go to one of the restaurants around hotels, the benefits of restaurants here are a few dozen.

All details about the resort in our article "Gammart".

La Marsa

This is another suburb of Tunisia (capital) 15 kilometers from the city center. La Mars does not look like other resorts of the country, he is completely different.

In La Mars there is no big beach hotels on the shore. There are no big hotels here. There are no beach hotels here. All hotels in La Mars are small and located in the depths of the district – 50 meters from the beach and on.

Public beach of La Mars is considered one of the best in the country. At least the beach is regularly cleaning, after all, an elite suburb of the capital. The entrance to the beach is free, but all additional services are paid, even parking near.

Attractions in La Mars are only two. This is a local embankment, which is called "Little Nice" by analogy with the English embankment in French Nice. The second interesting place is the largest carrefour hypermarket in the country. We warn that the hypermarket is far from the coast, and have to go by taxi.

All details about the resort in our article "La Mars".

Seddia Beach

Skyrod Beach Resort is located in a small town Burge Skyriya, which is 25 kilometers southeast of the capital. Since the southern line of suburban trains comes here, the town is customary to be one of the suburbs of the capital.

In Seddia Beach is only two large hotels – Caribbean World 4 * and Hotel Salwa 3 *. There is another Hotel Solymar 2 *, which is customary to the Skyrya Beach resort, although it is located west in the neighboring region of Erymy. Also in Sedonia there are several guest houses. We can say that Seddia Beach is a mini resort.

The beach in Sedon 5 kilometers long, the pillar is never happening here. The beach with great sand, but often is littered, because it is rarely cleaning it.

Local entertainment and attractions are not at all. You need to go to the capital or taxi for 20 dinars, or on a suburban train. In the West from Burge Skrydium is the Budvorin reserve – one of the best in Tunisia sites for trekking (hiking).

All details about the resort in our article "Seddia Beach".


Once at this place was the ancient city of Carthage. Now it is an elite residential area and part-time micro-resort. Naturally, resting in Carthage is expensive, as residential real estate here is the most expensive in the country. Carthage is the Palace of President Tunisia and the House of Many Important Officials.

Carthage is about a dozen guest houses and mini-hotels, a couple of dozen apartments for renting tourists. Most of the hotels and apartments are located in the northern part of Carthagene – Amilkar district. The most gorgeous here – Hotel Amilcar 5 *.

Organized beaches in Carthage two. First – Amilkar Beach in the north of the district, Second – Salambo Beach in the south. Both beaches are small – 150-200 meters long. Fortunately, and resting on these beaches very little.

TGM train line through the Carthage region. At this train, you can quickly and cheap to the center of the capital – Avenue Habiba Burgibiba or Sidi-bu sida. And of course, you can see all the places of the archaeological excavations of the Carthage.

About Carthage How about Attractions Read our Review "Carthage".


The town of Sidi-bu-Said, or as it is also called the "White-Blue City", has long been one of the main attractions of the country Tunisia. Here come on an excursion more than a million tourists a year. About Sidi-Bu Sida How about Attractions Read our detailed review "SID-BU SAID".

However, Sidi-bu-Said is also a mini-resort, and very expensive. Now in the town there are five mini-hotels in which rooms are worth from $ 100 to 200 per night.

Sidi-Bow-Said Beach is near the port, a small beach – about 100 meters long. The main inconvenience is that from the hotel to the beach will have to descend on a mountain road with a length of a kilometer, and then back to the hotel will have to climb. Therefore, rest in Sidi-bu sida we recommend only a tourist in good physical form.

The main benefits of rest in Sidi-bu-Said are a unique atmosphere of the town and its beauty, an abundance of restaurants and a cafe, the opportunity to explore the famous Sidi-bu-Said in all details, and not passage as tourists on excursions.

Other resorts and tourist cities

In Tunisia, there are several resorts that have not gained popularity among Russian tourists and do not belong to a certain group. Talk about them further.


The northernmost resort of Tunisia is located 70 kilometers north of the capital. And 9 kilometers from Bizerta is a white cape – the northernmost point of the mainland of Africa. Despite this, the weather in Bizerte is almost no different from the weather in other resorts of the country.

Bizerta is a small resort, here are only 8 relative to large beach hotels. But the big beach is about 4 kilometers, the crowd of tourists here never happens.

Bizerta is inconvenient for tourists on batch tours (vouchers), as it is far from those airports where charters from Russia arrive. Enfida Airport – 170 kilometers (3 hours), Monastir Airport – 240 kilometers (4 hours).

But for independent tourists Bizerta is very convenient. If you arrive at Tunisia Carthage airport, then get conveniently by train (1 hour) or on buses from the North Bus Station.

In Bizerte, there is the only Russian Orthodox Church in Tunisia! Also interesting Medina, Old Port, Museum of Oceanography.

All the details about the resort in our article "Bizert".


A small town (20 thousand people) 180 kilometers west from the capital, almost on the border with Algeria. In Tabarca 5 kilometers of magnificent beaches. Here are a dozen big hotels on the first line and several dozen guest houses on the coast. Assortment small, but hotels of all price categories.

In Tabarca there is an airport, and sometime the charter flights from Europe flew here, which was very convenient. Now they are no longer arrived, and the airport serves only local flights. Tourists have to get from the capital by bus 3 hours.

For tourists in Tobark’s travels, the more uncomfortable. From enfida here to go to 3.5 hours, from Monastir up to 4 hours. However, this disadvantage is covered by undoubted pros: low prices for accommodation in hotels, developed infrastructure, interesting local attractions. Especially tourists like "needles of tobark" – this is a forest from stones of bizarre forms.

All details about the resort in our article "Tabarka".


Second population (275 thousand people) Country City. SFAX is not considered to be a resort, however there are some good beaches, including the famous Casino Beach (Plage du Casino). And this beach is not sandy, and the stone-pebble, which is rarity for Tunisia.

20 kilometers south of the city is the second famous Chaffar Beach (Plage de Chaffar), which is considered one of the best in the country. You can also wake up the boat to the island of Sharki, where there are some magnificent beaches. All beaches in SFACCE Public.

Hotels in the city of a few dozen, but there is not a single beach hotel. Local hotels are mostly focused on arriving. However, and vacationers in the Sfax grabs – mostly these are the French. Sfax has its own international airport, and regular flights from France fly here. Unfortunately, flights from Russia do not fly, there are no charters.

For our tourists, Sfax is interesting primarily as a sightseeing direction. There is an old medina, an archaeological museum, a big mosque, several interesting bazaars.

All the details in our article "SFAX".


Kairuan is located in the depths of the mainland, this is not a resort, but a very attractive city for tourists. This is the ancient capital of Tunisia and all Maghreb. Here is the Great Mosque of Kairuana – the most ancient and large in Tunisia and all Magrib. For Muslims, seven pilgrimages in the Great Mosque of Kairuan is counted for pilgrimage to Mecca.

Medina Kairuana is one of the oldest in the world. The National Museum of Islamic Art is interesting for collections of coins and books, as well as the pages of the blue Koran. You can see the holy well Bir Baruta.

Tourists on excursions drive to Kairuan, but they watch only the great mosque and then glimpse, and even inside the most often not coming. To see everything interesting in Kairian, you need to go here for a few days. Especially interesting here during Islamic holidays.

Cairoan has a dozen hotels on any wallet. Choose a hotel better in location relatively interesting places, and not for the price.

All details in our articles "Kairuan" and "Great Mosque of Kairuan".

Duz city is not on the coast, it is not a beach resort. Duz got the nickname "Gate to Sahara", as this is the only major city on the outskirts of the Big Eastern Erga. Tourists ride in Duz it is for the sake of trips to real sugar.

In Duza, popular travel to sugar on camels, buggy, quad bikes. Especially courageous tourists can go with a caravan for two weeks. In the depths of the desert there is a unique hotel MARS, where the numbers serve awnings right in the desert. By the way, the hotel has electricity and other amenities.

The city of Duz is very picturesque, many palm trees are growing here. Duz is an oasis city, and not even all tourists understand that they are actually in the Sahara desert. There is a dozen hotels and guest houses of different prices.

During a two-day excursion to Sakhara, tourists often spend the night in Duza. Of course, independent tourists can see much more.

All the details in our article "Duz".

It’s important to know

– The situation with the currency is the same at all resorts – according to Tunisian laws, calculations are possible only in Tunisian dinars. Only hotels have the right to take from tourists currency. Occasionally shops take euro or dollars, but in any case at a disadvantage. Money will have to be changed at any resort, read our article "Currency exchange in Tunisia";

– The situation with communication at all resorts is the same – everywhere there is a coating OODOO, Orange and Tunisia Telecom, the roaming of Russian operators works everywhere. For tourists it is most profitable to buy a local SIM card. Read our articles "Tunisian SIM cards", "Cheap Internet in Tunisia", "Cheap calls from Tunisia".

– If we decided on the resort for rest, look for a batch tour on our page "Search tour to Tunisia" or read the review "Trip to Tunisia yourself".

Successful holidays on Tunisian resorts, and read our interesting articles for tourists about this country (List of articles below).

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