Turkey Resorts: Kash

Lying 40 km east of Kalkan Town Kash (KA&# 351;) almost completely repeated fate "neighbor".

Located at the base of Longuz Bay, at the foot of the picturesque cliffs with a height of almost 500 meters, until the beginning of the 1980s he was only a sleepy fishing village, for some 20 years it turns into a clearly-oriented to young people and Youth resort, whose population in the summer increases in tens of times. His comfortable bay as quickly became the center of the yacht sports (a new pier in Bayuzhacdenis Bay on the opposite bank of the narrow coherence occupied by the town). You can also visit the ruins of ancient Antifellos – Harbor of the Greek City of Fellos lying in the mountains near the modern village of Chukurbag (Cukurbag).

Excavations in the caress opened the settlement relating to at least IV century to. NS., and in the Roman era of both cities were an important trade and military base (and the antifellos rose much faster than his mountain "metropolis"), as well as the center of catching sponges, which mentioned even pine. There are few monuments from the ancient city now, besides scattered all over the district, but among them there are very remarkable samples like an Hellenistic theater with 26 rows of places (very popular from lovers to meet the sunset) near the port, a unique doric grave on the top of the hill and the so-called "Lion graves" with two funeral cameras of the Lycian period.

  • Urban street
  • Novostroek district
  • Mosaic threshold
  • View from water


Resorts of Turkey Kash

Despite the fact that Kash is considered to be the resort capital of the region, there are no good beaches here. Little beaches on the northern bank of the Budzhaquenisi are sufficiently littered and cannot boast clean water. In the city itself lies the beach Kuchukchakla, But he is all busy with hotel complexes. Buchuk-Sakla (1.5 km east of the city) is small, although the bay itself is quite picturesque.

The best shores are still east, in the area of ​​Lamagazy and Asar bays, as well as on the very peninsula of Chukurabag. It is cleaned here (one of the most transparent in the Mediterranean is up to 30 meters) and the largest variety of types of marine life, so these rocky shores are very popular with divers. And Kasha himself clearly comes to life at night – its shops are open in season to 1.00, and restaurants and bars – up to 3.00 and even later.

Around the city

North of the porridge stretches the mountain spies of the Lycian ridge with Mount ASAS (1505 m) and an array of ACDAG (3024 m.) serving asylum from summer heat on the coast.

60 km north of porridge, near a small town Gombe (Gombe) lies the only permanent Alpine Lake Likia – Eshil (Yesil Gol, Green Lake, 1850 meters above sea level), which is the first stop for any, who decided to rise to the peak of Acrda.

Approximately 30 km north-east of porridge lies the village Dereghase (Dereagzi, in Turkey more than a dozen settlements with the same name, this is the south of Dirgenler in the Demrem Valley) with the impressive ruins of the Byzantine Church and the fortress of the same period, very reminiscent of Architecture Albigo Languedok castles.

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Resorts of Turkey Kash

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