Turkey resorts: Palandoches

Lying only 10 km south-west of the center of Erzurum Mountain Resort Palandoches (Palandoken) is considered the best Turkish ski center. This is a whole network of relatively small mountain stations, stretching from Paratasken Pass (Palandelands) through the Bashkoi region (2100 m), Mount Busto Egers (3175 m) and Karakaya (3167 m). Catania area is located at altitudes from 2250 to 3125 meters above sea level.

Ski highways

By virtue of a rather serious steepness of most parakenen slopes (or rather the area of ​​skiing Palandoches – Dedeman) is known and as the best resort of the country for qualified skiers. However, finding more simple tracks here is quite simple – from more than 40 km of descents "blue" Trails – 7, "Red" – 8 and only 2 "Black" (with intermediate sections The total number of tracks reaches 22). From the very top, from the height of 3125 meters, go down two "Black" Trails and one "Red". Just below from the height of 2930 meters from the top station of the chair lift, two "Red" And one "Green", they pass along the southwestern slope of the mountain. Northeast leaves "Red Route", which goes B "Green", The skiers fall on it to the beginning of a raggy road or to a hotel. A large number of shorter "Red" The routes makes it possible from the first hours of staying at the ski resort to pass active acclimatization and prepare for more serious descents.

Nearby Mountains form a wild resort for Freiride lovers (skating outside the equipped tracks). At the same time, wide and gentlemen in front of hotels are quite suitable for beginners, and the longest route from the Bureu-Ejdera reaches 11 km! There are two certified tracks (ejber and drip) for competitions in terms of slalom and large slalom – the height difference between the start and the finish here reaches thousands of meters.

The slopes of 7 lifts are serviced (total bandwidth – more than 6,000 people per hour), telecaper and a pair of children’s bohembers. There are slopes for fans of a snowboard, four areas of oil skating and not bad (albeit a short) flat skiing closer to the city. Ski school with a staff of qualified instructors, ski and snowboard rental, ambulance station and its own clinic, available more than 7,000 seats in hotels (including in Erzurum). In addition, in some hotels there are ski shops with a modern assortment, and the nearby erzurum is able to provide the widest opportunities for recreation after riding.

Due to the characteristic local snow (fine-grained light "powder") and a long winter season (in the upper part of the slopes – from November to May, below – from the beginning of December to the first decade of March), Palandoken is popular even among residents of Europe and Russia, not to mention Asian countries. However, when planning a trip here, it should be borne in mind that the total number of drop-down precipitation here is small (not more than 650 mm per year), the wind is strong enough, and the sun is roast. So there are often periods when light "Crup" literally blows out completely and many Trass stand "naked".

Resorts of Turkey Palandoches


Palandoches on Turkish standards – the cheap resort. The average cost of the subscription to the lifts is: for 6 days – $ 100, 3 days – $ 78, 1 day – $ 35, half a day – $ 25, there are special cards on a certain number of lifts or some specific hot branches (for accommodation in a particular hotel The cost of using the lift is usually included in the price). Hour training in the ski school will cost $ 15-30 depending on the number of group, duration of training and time of day, rental of a ski equipment kit – from $ 15 to $ 20 per day, snowboard – from $ 25 to $ 30 per day. Severally lower rates from October to November, as well as in late April – early May.

How to get

Time on the way – 2.5 hours flight from Moscow Plus 15 minutes by bus from Erzurum Airport.

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