Resorts of Turkmenistan: in the edge of sheedy legends

In the days when the world celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Makhtumkuli, President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, heading for the Holy Place – the Grave of the Great Poet, climbed the Schutdag Mountain Surpantine on the Plateau, spreading high above the village of Nohur, and stopped the car. Admiring the magnificent panorama of high-mountain pastures, mountains and gorges that have crumbled century trees and seized by wild grapes and blackberries, noted that here you can create world-class tourist bases that will work all year round.

. Having passed 10 km from the mountain village of Nohur, located at an altitude of 1000-1100 meters above sea level and, rising another meters by 500, our car, overcoming the last rise, broke out on the high-mountainous expanser, from where the amazing panorama of mountain peaks, valleys and gorges, which swore Century Archha. We enter the shallow gorge surrounded by hills from the north, south, west and open from the east. The front arch and the inscription on it said that we are in the territory of the turbase. True, it was impossible to immediately see it because of the arch grove that covered the slopes of the gorge.

Only coming out of the car, you see modern houses lined with sandstone mountain stone, and five large yurt, who organically fit into the landscape of the gorge, not disturbing his primacy. Clean mountain air, by the smell of arch resin, blooming dispersion is circling his head. Surprisingly easily breathe, despite the difficult mountain. I struck the coolness, it seems that forgotten for a long time: we left Ashgabat when there were 40 degrees in the shadow. Here not more than 20-25 degrees in the sun.

– Well, today is still warm, – says one of the holidays, a local resident d.Aliyev, who interrupted our enthusiasm on this, – the newsletter here was, as in London, slowly frosted a quiet rain, moisturizing the earth. And in the winter there is snow here, so it is possible to ride skiing if the base will work in winter. However, in the evening you ourselves feel the coolness in full.

But before the evening there was another time, and we decided to get acquainted with the tourist base. And finally made sure that the purity and environmental safety of this wonderful corner of the original nature of the hosts showed special care. There is no asphalt and concrete. All walkways – from mountain rubbing, and the supporting walls are placed from traditional sandstone for mountain buildings. From it – all the steps and transitions.

As much naturally looked and 5 large yurt, cozy and located in the territory of the turbase. Over the door of each – gel, symbol of one of the velayats of the country. The corresponding thing was all internal decoration of Yurt. Such a yurt is designed for several people.

In one of them rested after a hike in the mountains of a woman tourist, which introduced us to us: Maral, Natasha and Jereen. We did not interrupt their rest and went further – our guide on the territory of the tour pub was the director of the IP "Saada" Cockagan Mintiyev – a native resident of these places. He proudly showed us his farm. And it was proud of what: at home worked, what is called, according to the Eurostandard. Three houses on the Lower Tarus of the Mountains – 2 rooms for 4 people and 3 houses on the top tier – with family rooms on 2 people. And the living conditions of tourists can envy many residents of the capital: ceramics, a tile in the bathroom, the clock, hot, cold water. And it is here, at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level!

Caring and about those who stop in yurts. For them, a special Sanitaryblock is made according to the same standards, moreover, in the future, it is planned to build a sauna. Gas, which heats the building, heats the water, helps to prepare food, put here natural. It allows you to maintain the ecological purity of these places.

The living space offers a magnificent view of all small gorge: bumping across the slopes Arch trees, a detachable carpet from flowers and herbs for the bottom of the gorge. A small plot took the garden and Bakhcha – potatoes, cabbage, greens, watermelons grown here and for their needs, and in order for the tourist menu to be diverse. Here, on the basis, make the ignarious chal and just as great cheese.

– We still have a lot to make the life of tourists to be interesting for the base to work all year round, "says.Mintiyev. – Won there, – he shows on the opposite slope, – We have a mixer to build a swimming pool with a waterfall, the office has laid here and the dining room will be built, and here, on the slope of the gorge – an amphitheater for cultural events. True, there are certain difficulties, including financial, but we try to overcome them and do our best to implement the word president – to create a tourist center that meets all international standards.

This evening for tourists and guests were placed on tables, Dastarkhan was raised. Guests were treated with excellent pilaf and kebabs, fresh vegetables from their garden, hot chill, excellent chalom. All dishes of national cuisine are prepared by a graduate cook and a guide Pirimukhamed Oramyuhamedov. For meals there was a relaxed conversation about the sights of surrounding places. Our familiar Natasha, Maral and Jereen with delight, told about the first campaign to the city of Uchaduk, whose height is 1900 meters above sea level, about what a beautiful view opens from this vertex. Tomorrow they are going to go to the beautiful place of Noahura – Aider’s Gorge.

– Yes, this fantastic corner of the untouched wildlife, the gorge, originating from the Valley of the Sumbar River, is striking the guests with his harsh beauty, – says the guide of Yagshimhammed Shamuhamedov. – Famous Nohur and Waterfalls. One of them Hurhura: nine alpine streams merge into a small river. With noise and rainbow splashes, it will be launched from a 53-meter cliff. This is a truly fabulous spectacle!

There is one more landmark of Noahura – Cave "House Dawa". Local shepherds say that in this 17-meter mountain failure found a huge bone size, and at night, terrible voices are often heard from the cave. That is why she got its name, which, of course, intrigues and attracts tourists. However, like a famous tree, which is hundreds of years and Chinar. Under the shadow of him, according to the legends, stopped for the night Saint Ali. And the fingerprints of the Horse Kony Dul-Dulley remained on huge stones under the tree, which can be seen today.

Resorts of Turkmenistan in the Edge, Ovened Legends

Well, and, of course, every tourist will certainly want to visit the village of Nohur – this paradise is surrounded by mountainous arrays. This is a completely special unique natural zone of Turkmenistan. "Paradise", "Wonderful garden of Eastern beauties – Peri" -These and other epithets were awarded Nohur from long. And today in his villages, like swallow nests, she was lined on the slopes of the mountains at home, and nearby – hanging gardens and gardens. Nohur is abolished and freely spread out at the foot of the hill manaman, closed from four sides of the high mountains hiding in the depths of their rare beauty the pearl of our country. Everything in love with all who at least once visited this paradise. And everyone can talk long and selflessly talk about Noahur, as it does this director of IP "Saada" TO.Mint:

– A lot of fairy tales, folk legends, legends talk about Noahur. It is believed that his name comes on behalf of the Biblical Righteousness of Nov (Nuha), whose ark after a forty-day sailing moored to Mount Manaman. Old-timers of these places explain the wealth of Flora and the fauna of Noahura in that the Nuch has released all animals and birds in these mountains, and planted all seeds that kept in the ark.

Listening to the stories, we did not notice how the day bowed in the evening, and when the cold and fresh oriental wind made us tremble, remembered the words d.Aliyev. Solidal owners gave us warm jackets. A "predictor" This situation was completely died in Tulup.

Dozens of lamps tanned with the last rays of the Sun and in the gorge. They argued with huge stars, which seemed to be handed. Tourists, by the way, causes a special delight – to be close to the stars. And residents of Noahura Tourist base seems like a city from the most stars.

In this late hour of tourists and guests of the base "Changdybil" Manila warm and comfortably light, clean houses where it was possible to relax. In some of them, the screens of televisions were shone to deep nights, which could be viewed 3 National programs of Turkmenistan, dozens of satellite TV programs broadcasting in Russian, English, French, German, Italian and other languages.

With the first rays of the Sun begins the usual life of the base. Pirimuhamed is preparing breakfast, makes blanks for lunch – there will be a shtern today. Tourists, together with the connoisseur of local flora, Babanazar do the morning warm-ups on the gorge, getting acquainted with therapeutic herbs: yarrow, marigolds, chamber, cowboy, hunter and with amazing grass, which is called arsenic. If you attach it to the patient, the pain subsides.

During the morning walk, tourists received not only the charge of cheerfulness, but also "Naguli"appetite, and after breakfast, our friends go to a long tour – in Aider’s gorge, they will return only to nights. And we rest in the shadow of Rasky Dascidate Archie, we admire the beauty of the gorge, low clouds that cling to their beauties for the tops of the mountains, enjoy the coolness of the eastern wind, intoxicating the aroma of mountain air and are preparing in the return path – down, in Ashgabat.

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