Resorts of Turkmenistan: on the shores of Khazar

The political and social stability of Turkmenistan is one of the main conditions for the growth of its economic potential. With the beginning of the Golden Age of the Turkmen people in the country, tourism and the resort industry began to develop accelerated pace. In a large extent, natural factors contribute to a large extent: the presence of the most pure in the environmental coast in combination with a number of sources of mineral waters and therapeutic mud. Here, a warm period is very long, the transport network is well developed, the possibilities of creating large sanatorium complexes are successfully implemented.

The Turkmen Coast of the Caspian Sea is most successful. Due to the geographical location of the city of Turkmenbashi, it was here that in the last two years there was a resort center of the country, which gave the beginning of the accelerated development of the recreation industry, tourism, rehabilitation. The length of the coastline of the place of Avaz, built-up bases and recreation areas, departmental sanatoriums and children’s health camps, reached 25 kilometers. In the so-called "Second echelon" – Thousands of country sites of individual owners. When the area is allocated for the construction of resort facilities, the principle of specific opportunities of the organization-developer is taken into account. Therefore, on the shore of Avas, structures corresponding to all the requirements of modern architecture, with excellent design.

In accordance with World Practice, Turkmenistan as a result of an international tender identified the firms that built upscale hotels in both the city trait of Turkmenbashi and the town of Avaz. Firstborn of the Resort Industry – Hotel "Turkmenbashi" and hotel "Serdar" appeared thanks to Turkish firms "Asist" and "Gama". And the construction of the hotel "Serdar" Significant contribution to the team of trust "Balkanneftegazstroy".

Hotel "Turkmenbashi" – High-rise construction in the picturesque mountain part of the independence alleys of the seaside city. Its height is branded by the relief of mountains, climbing almost at the water itself. In the hotel 90 rooms with two places for holidaymakers, and the client can choose a room with a view of the sea and on the mountain landscape. Services – Classic, high global standards: soft microclimate, pools outside and inside, banquet and conference halls, walking overpack to the sea.

Hotel "Serdar" – The five-star hotel provides guests with a wide range of rooms from the supreme-class suite at a price of $ 200 to single – 60 dollars for one day. The hotel’s wellness center is a wonderful pool, sauna, Turkish bath and gym. There is a massage room. Telephone communication, as it should be, with the whole world.

The city of Turkmenbashi has previously constructed areas of the resort. In the city feature on the territory of the park laid by the Turkish company "Weight" There is a compact hotel "Tolkun" ("Wave"). From the windows of the rooms there is a beautiful view of the waters of the Turkmenbashi Gulf and the raid, with coming and exhaust ships. There are no problems with parking machines, rooms are comfortable and have spacious balconies.

Hotel "Avaza" Croatian specialists commissioned by the team of the Turkmenbashinsky refinery, but all guests of the city can take advantage of its services.

Today Khakimik of the Primorsky city successfully decides a new task for the Region – learns to attract, take tourists and vacationers. Exotics on the banks of the Caspian Sea, here and desert terrain, and mountains, and gentle sea. In Turkmenbashi itself there are amazing places, quite a few old buildings, monuments.

What is the advantage of rest and rehabilitation at the sea resorts of Avaz? Of course, the whole thing in the diversity of mineral salts dissolved in Caspian water. They affect the body not only at the moment of swimming. Sea Water Bodriti, strengthens health, it has a beneficial effect on the activities of various organs, frees the air from dust, massages the body.

Another healing factor – in warmth of sandy and shell beaches. They are in Avaz a lot of chisty. In recent years, due to environmental measures, the purity of coastal water improves. In the local water area began to appear the fish disappeared was rocks, in large quantities now crayfish and shrimp.

Resorts of Turkmenistan on the shores of Khazar

The resort wealth of Avaz, as experts believe, soon "to grow old" and winter, off-season views. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel "Serdar" Hydrologists have discovered two sources of radon waters, which will provide an opportunity to expand the range of wellness services. Already today, you can take mud baths from the healing rape lake Molla-Kara. It is delivered in tank trucks.

Iodine air resort, saturated with iodine and after the velvet season will be useful to those lending, who poorly transfers the scorching heat. Avaz is located on the way of migrating waterfowl of migratory birds, so in winter there is a pretty long hunting season. Why not include the list of services, in the framework of the law, of course, the licensed shooting of Lyshuk-Kachkaldakov for guests of the resort?

The national flavor is an indispensable condition so that the tourist is delighted with the travel, he was satisfied with the rest and did not regret the spent money and time. Already today, Daichansky associations of the Tourkmenbashi Etrapa target appointment deliver to the table of the holidays The best varieties of lamb. Kebabs here are preparing no worse than in the Caucasus, and from "Red" fishes. And the one who at least once tried the dismayful camel chal, returns to Avaz again and again.

Ashgabat architects are now completing the improvement of the master plan for the city of Turkmenbashi and the resort town of Avaz. The number of hotels here will exceed one and a half dozen. The question of the transfer of the end of the technological channel of the local CHP outside the sanatorium zone, is supposed to remove the power of the fish processing plant.

The emergence of a multi-row high-speed highway is promoted by an accelerated pace "Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi". The city, the name of the country’s president confidently becomes the center of the Recreation Industry.

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