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The most fiscal foreign rest this season is Tunisia. The country is small beautiful, with luxurious beaches and friendly population. In contrast to the same Egypt, here you can ride on public transport or taking a taxi (in Tunisia, ordinary taxis work as minibuses with a passenger prodder, women usually sit apart from men) and without accompanying men. Europeans go, I myself also went to a regular taxi bus and on a city bus, when I had to go from Hammamet to a raider for a fair for ceramic dishes, besides me on the same bus, Germans and French women, all in shorts and shirts and no one Not indignant.

Tourism in the country has always been focused on Western Europe. Therefore, the Russian language knows not everywhere even in large hotels. Most hotels running on all inclusive food, the most fashionable prefer half board, since "all inclusive" is not very useful for proper nutrition.

From the resorts the most budget is Monastir, there is also an airport where some charter flights arrive. Sus with his night entertainment is more suitable for young people. Those who want to get one of the best thalassotherapy programs in the world should choose Hammamet. Behind the beautiful beaches it is worth going to Majdia, and for the best weather conditions on the island of Djerba, here already in early May you can swim and continue it almost until the beginning of winter.

Hamamet as the largest resort of the country consists of two parts, even three: Northern Hammamemet is the old town around the historical fortress, hotels have been built here for a long time, but they are repeatedly renovated, followed by South Hammamet, here are some hotels, including very inexpensive and small 2 -3 *, in which the French are mostly resting, hotels are among residential neighborhoods. Next is the new and purely resort area of ​​Yasmin Hammamet. Here are new good hotels and how everywhere in Tunisia are excellent beaches. By the way, in Hammamet, healing the waves of the sea, the combination of organic and inorganic compounds in them makes water almost thermal, which is why Hammamemet is the center of thalassotherapy. Water also satures the air to the healing force, which is good to people with problems with the bronchopulmonary system. And, of course, swimming in Hammamet waters is excellent for recovery, rejuvenation and solving skin problems. In the surrounding store, you can purchase various shampoos, masks and creams. In the same stores sell a wonderful tanning agent, also protecting on burns, it is based on a mixture of olive oil, which is one of the best in Tunisia in the world, and lemon juice.

Between Susse and Hammamet, the new modern and largest enfida airport in North Africa, where our charters also arrive, there is no regular communication between Russia and Tunisia.

The resort of Port El Cantaui is located behind enfida. Quiet calm enough dear resort near noisy and cheerful sussa. After Sust, the south of his monastir, which was already mentioned above as about the place of the budget holiday in Tunisia.

For Monastirov in the south, Mahahdi is a beach resort with excellent hotels and thalassotherapy centers. The resort is new and very comfortable, but in contrast to the rest of the rest of the long shuttle, it is better to go here if the plane arrives in the monastir, and the farthest from Mahdia is the capital airport Cartage (so in French sounds Carthage, next to which He is the capital of the country).

City of Tunisia, as well as the raider is also the resorts where you can buy tours, but these two cities are not the most popular with our tourists. Although rest here is good and beaches are excellent.

Separately, you need to mention the island and the resort of Djerba. It can be called Arab Dominica. Long beach season, amazing purity azure waters, overwhelmed by splashing palm trees, framing beaches with golden sand. Lovely hotels in All Tastes. Located in the south of the Djerba country has its own microclimate, as already mentioned above here you can swim in the May holidays and the season lasts almost until the new year.

Also as on Continental Tunisia here is an interesting excursion program. Which diversifies beach vacation.

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Tunisia is the legacy of many nations and civilizations. Each of which left his mark. Ancient Phoenicians with their mysterious and fairly brutal religion – this is Carthage. The winners of the Phoenicians Romans are an El Jam Amphitheater, which is called the African Colosseum. IMPLEMENT OF STEPS, UNDERSTANDING OTHER CENTURES OR MILLES LIVE LIVE TRAKLODITS – These are underground houses at the edge of the Sahara. The city of Kairouan in the hot and hot center of the country on the edge of the Sahara is one of the sacred Islamic cities, here is one of the most revered mosques of the Islamic world Sidi-Uzba – the masterpiece of the architecture of the second half of the 7th century, when the formation of the Arab Caliphate just began and his warriors won all new and new lands from China in the East to the Atlantic Ocean in the West. In addition, Kairuan is a center of carpetdom, the best woolen and silk carpets and at the most favorable prices can be purchased here.

Numerous fortresses in coastal cities are pirates of different nationalities, Arabs and replacing them Turks. Tunisia was within the Ottoman Empire for a long time, so the flags of the two countries are very similar. Germans came to replace the French. Unlike the neighboring Algeria, it was not at the time of Louis XIV, but only at the end of the 19th century. They rebuilt the center of the capital to the manner of European cities of that time, so the central street of Tunisia reminds a bit of the Elysees fields, by the way, in most European languages ​​Tunisia is a city, and the country is Tunisia (I), and revived winemaking, which flourished during antique times and was Forgotten during the period of Muslim domination. Wines from Tunisia are very good, many varieties are under the name of France, which still dominates the country’s economy segment.

Natural beauty focused on the east of the country, the life-minded oasis of the Forn of Atlas give rich yields. Tunisia is especially famous for its olive oil and dates. They can be with a bone as we are accustomed without a bone, honey-golden, translucent as slices of amber, crimson-brown and even black, varieties of dates in their homeland are a lot, the most popular is called "Finger Light" ("Demlet Nur"), But the very chic is considered very large and sweet dates of Medzhul (Medjoul), unfortunately, just so going to the store they do not buy them.

The beauty of Tunisian oases is certainly beautiful, but they drive their heading to the Sahara desert, maybe from the point of view of nature lovers is not the most beautiful, but certainly amazingly a majestic place. Stretching from the east to the west to the very horizon of sugar resembles the sandy ocean, which, as the sea, has a dozen colors and shades. The desert is beautiful, mighty and dangerous natural creation, in a strong wind of her sand flies through the whole country to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Considering that in Tunisia, visa-free entry, the flight is only 4 hours and the tour includes accommodation, all food and drinks, shuttle service and medstrashka, that is, you can only take money for buying souvenirs and entertainment, it is an excellent version of high-quality holidays in a beautiful country.

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