Leisure for brave: Why extreme tourism is gaining popularity?

Extreme and adventure tourism every year enjoyed ever in demand all over the world. Standard vacation with beach recreation and visiting local attractions is no longer impressive travelers. Responding to the requests of the audience, the tour company is developing their product, offering all new, unique and exciting entertainment within the tourist package.

Why people have a need for emotionally rich leisure during holidays and what are the prospects for the development of extreme tourism, the editorial office of the turmpoma told Andrei Panchilov, Founder Freedom Roads – Companies in the organization of exclusive tours to the United States.

Where did the need for extreme rest appeared?

To begin with, it is worth noting that the word «Extreme» It became relatively recently used, 30–40 years ago. But massive interest in dangerous types of entertainment originated much earlier when concepts «extreme tourism» not even existed. Why do we pull us so far, immerse yourself under water or accelerate to huge speed for bright emotions?

The fact is that millennia Humanity had to survive in extreme conditions, fleeing from wild animals and fighting with natural elements. Globalization and digitalization contributed to the need to fight for survival disappeared. Life literally has become too comfortable and boring. People had to invent classes to get excitement and chilling bloodless impressions, because the need for adrenaline surges is laid in us at the genetic level. The emergence of extreme sports and adventure tourism is associated with the development of global progress.

Today, entertainment such as jumping with parachute, river alloys, surfing, diving, mountaineering and other activities involving overcoming their own fears have fans worldwide and are available to almost everyone without exception.

Many adventure tours are designed for rest with children, and extreme routes sometimes even are an integral part of them.

The emergence of unique copyright tours: where to seek them and to whom will fit

The demand for author travel is growing every year. And yet, despite the trend, large players of the tourist industry offer mainly a classic product with ordinary routes on typical, long-known places for a long time. The development of extreme tourism takes place mainly due to the players of small and medium-sized businesses, which carefully and to the little things work out their tours. After all, mapping route – the process and so difficult, and traveling with elements of extremes is often demanding in many issues.

The organizers of active, adventure tours must be calculated by everything: from the availability of transport links and search for the most picturesque points to the full safety of travelers. Some representatives of copyright tours prefer to independently explore the routes in search of rare geolockations and the most unusual, including dangerous, entertainment – all that is able to make rest truly unique and memorable. Extreme Fans willingly acquire similar tours, despite the fact that their value is significantly more than standard programs.

Rest for braves Why extreme tourism is gaining popularity of tourism from the tourism

Pandemic as a impetus in the development of adventure tourism

The coronavirus pandemic and the closure of borders not only plunged the world’s tourism sphere in the crisis, but also led to a change in the trends of this market. Major world festivals, national iconic events, concerts of popular artists, usually collect crowds of tourists, today do not fit into plans for vacation. Tour operators are forced to look for new levers of influence on the audience, offer customers new, more original leisure formats.

Extreme tourism, however, it is impossible to fit into the current situation. Traveling of this type answer at once several relevant needs of people. First, active rest involves finding outdoors, where it is easier to observe the social distance. For this purpose, such tourist entertainment is ideal as Hayking (hiking in mountainous areas), camping (accommodation in tents) or rafting (alloy on mountain rivers).

Secondly, against the background of long forced self-insulation, the population has increased the need for vivid impressions. The sharp sensations provide mountaineering, roofjumping, paragliding, parachutism, jeepping, buggy races on sand dunes and other types of extreme sports.

People are tired of the monotony of batch tours. Even those who annually preferred the same resort, after a pandemic think about more saturated recreation formats. All this creates fertile ground for the development of more active types of tourism, including extreme.

Rest for braves Why extreme tourism is gaining popularity of tourism from the tourism

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