Rest in Calabria

Rest in Calabria is not only the sea, picturesque beaches, mild climate. Rest in Calabria is contact with its history, majestic architecture and ancient monuments of this wonderful land.

The name of Calabria comes from the Greek "Calon Brion", which means fertile land. Starting with III in. to N. Era, when The region was conquered by Rome, In Calabria, the period of decline begins. When the empire created by Rome Pala, Calabria is experiencing a period of wars and conquests in the region often flashes the malaria epidemic. Her shores are often attacked by Berber Pirates. Gothic wars led to a sharp decrease in population, the region is exposed to terrible devastation. Land Calabria fall under the power of Byzantium.

In the second half of the XI in. The new era of the Earth Italy is increasingly subjected to the attacks of Normanov (Vikings), who approved their domination on all seas that wash Europe. In 1061 Calabria after the Norman conquest is part of the new kingdom of both Sicily. The Gajenstaufen Dynasty became the first ruling family of the kingdom, then he was replaced by the Anzhuy Dynasty, with which the Royal Aragon Dynasty competed. As a result of this struggle, the kingdom of both Sicili broke up. Calabria enters the Neapolitan Kingdom.

The second half of the XIX century is commemorated by the fight for the country’s union. In the Calabrian Mountains, Aspromonte, Juseppe Garibaldi fought for a long time and even got a wound here. Today, Calabria is mainly an agricultural region with a less developed industry than North Italy and a high percentage of migration to other regions of the country.


Capital region &# 8211; this is The city of Katadzaro With a population of 97,000 people located on the coast of the Ionian Sea. It was founded closer to the end of the IX century. NS. In the X century, the city falls under the power of the Byzantine Empire and he was assigned the status of the capital of the province.

Initially, the city was based as well-fortified fortress, which often saved the surrounding residents from the invasions of enemies, epidemics of malaria and plague. In 1059, Katadzaro was captured by the Normans and was attached to the kingdom of both Sicily.

Fame in the city in the Middle Ages brought flourishing there Shelkovoy production. Masters of silk producers were invited even to the court of the French king. In 1668, the plague epidemic has strongly reduced the population of the province and the city itself, and Katadanzaro declined. Through the century, another trouble fell on the city. In 1783, a terrible earthquake occurred, and the city was partially destroyed and restored for a long time.

Katanadzaro spread out on the picturesque hills, connected by magnificent viaducts. The heart of the city and its historical center is Mazzini Avenue. There are main attractions of Katadzaro. The beginning of the prospect is on Square Matteati. On the right at the very beginning of the prospectus is located Church of St. Giovanni, Built in the XVI century. She was rebuilt several times, but she did not lose their attractiveness and individuality. It has a very beautiful XVII century portal with an extension in the form of a double screw staircase.

If you move a little away from the avenue in a small alley is the most Ancient city church Sant-Ombono. This picturesque church was erected in the XII century. Unfortunately, from the original of the ancient church to this day, only a part of the fragments of serfs have been preserved.

Then the avenue passes by Square D. Russia, There, surrounded by the buildings of modern architecture, an old construction was a little lonely attached &# 8211; Pension Guluppie. To Grimaldi Square on a small section of the avenue can be contemplated by an old Church of Immacolat, Having a built-in bell tower and original facade.

Further, the avenue is decorated with beautiful buildings and palaces, built in late Middle Ages and in the Renaissance Epoch. The chief cathedral of the city is close to the avenue, in the area of ​​quiet old quarters. Currently Duomo Last time was reconstructed in 1960.

The first church in this place was erected in the XII B, but after the earthquake of 1783, the building was destroyed, and an excellent cathedral in the style of neo Barrok was built on the site of the church. The inner part of the cathedral contains a large number of historical values, including a unique silver tomb with the relics of St. Vitalino, which is considered by the patron of Katadzaro.

Near Church of St. Francesco Ends Main Street Katadanzar. From here it is easy to get to the observation deck, where you can admire the beautiful scenery of the Bay of Skyluchery.

Another important architectural building of the city is Viaduct Ponte-Sulla Fiamalla. He binds the main part of Katadnzaro and the old district of Galliano. Ponte Sulla Fudmella is a masterpiece of engineering art. One of the longest bridges of Europe.

Rest in Calabria

Administrative center Calabria &# 8211; A completely modern city in which modern buildings prevail, but nevertheless the old medieval quarters with their indescribable flavor exist in Katanadzaro and this, soaring the city of the Spirit of this Italy.

Calabria resorts

Calabria as if created for a pleasant and beautiful rest. Hot summer with constant refreshing sea breeze, soft with minor sediments Winter characterize climatic features of the coast.
In the mountainous area, the climate is similar to Alpine: in the summer there is much more cooled than in the coastal zone, but the snow often has snow.

Optimal holiday time on the coast of Calabria From the end of May to the first half of October.

Fertile coast region washed by two warm seas &# 8211; Tyrrhenian and ionic. On the huge space of Calabria’s coast, many beaches for every taste.

There are crowded resorts and noisy with the provision of various beach services, such as Praia-a-Mare, Scalea, Joy-Tauro, and there are quiet and secluded, where no one will prevent you from enjoying peace and solitude. These include Fusaldo, Tropea, Chirella. Such resorts are great for relaxing family holidays.

On the Tyrrhenian coast, long sandy beaches are dominated by small rocks and cliffs. On the ionic coast, most of the beaches of a small size in the form of stone platforms.

Calabria’s coast attracts Diving lovers. Near her coast resting more than five dozen ships. There are even vessels, sunken in the ancient era. In real fans of underwater diving, the survey of sunken vessels is always of great interest. For lovers of active entertainment on the coast, many discos, night bars and restaurants.

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