Rest in Cambodia 2020: Top 7 Incredible Tourist Classes

Today it will be about Cambodia. This is the Kingdom of Southeast Asia, which pays many secrets and amazing beauty of nature. Below will be a list of things that must be done in the event that you are going to spend your future vacation in Cambodia. I will share with you personal experience, proven advice and subtleties of rest at Cambodian resorts &# 8211; Believe me, you will make the right choice if you go to this country!

Stay alone with pristine nature

If you compare other promotion resorts of the southeastern Asia, then the holiday in Cambodia will become a find for lovers of quiet, peaceful places and clean beaches. Leave home mobile phones and all other gadgets and go to Island Ko Rong. Photos of this place will not be able to transfer all the purity of the beaches, gold sands and the emerald shades of the transparent sea. Back in the list of places recommended by me to visit in Cambodia:

  • Lake Tonleshap with reserves and floating villages;
  • Crocodile farm &# 8211; Here you can simply admire these animals;
  • Rama National Park &# 8211; Very beautiful exotic place, to Sihanoukville from here Hour ride.

At your service cocktails from tropical fruits and excellent service. Want to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the underwater world? Neighboring island Ko Rong Salo It is considered an ideal place for diving. You will not hurt, as the island is almost not visited by tourists.

Take a fascinating shopping in Cambodia

The campaign in local markets and souvenir shops can turn into an interesting quest. After visiting the Phnom Penh, you will need a lot of empty space in a suitcase, without a souvenir and the new clothes will not be left for any tourist. What can I buy in memory of the trip?

  • Original Clothes of famous brands, Since many plants are in Asia, the prices are lower than in Europe 5-10 times;
  • silk &# 8211; scarves, underwear, shirts, you can buy right in factories;
  • leather products &# 8211; Snake leather wallets, crocodile belt, medium price tag &# 8211; 80-100 dollars;
  • cosmetics &# 8211; The famous Asian cosmetics, especially popular coconut oil;
  • souvenirs &# 8211; Spices, miniature copies of temples, elephant sculptures.
Rest in Cambodia 2020 Top 7 Incredible Tourist Classes

In Cambodia, there is even the so-called "Russian market", where the Russian elite has previously made purchases. True, prices here, as in other places, popular with tourists bite.

Make a water walk in Mekong

In warm waters, Mekong lives rare and just amazing species of dolphins – Iravadian freshwater. If you swim away from the coast, you can watch how the dolphins frolic and dive with packs.

You can get unforgettable impressions and order a river cruise on the Mekong River for a few days. Landscapes of beaches and villages look surprising if we consider them, floating along the river space. Your conductor can be one of the locals.

Try traditional Cambodia cuisine

Another occupation, by which, of course, should not be held &# 8211; This is a visit to local restaurants and cafes, which serves Khmer’s delicacies. I advise you to try the best local cooking dishes:

  • BAI Sach Chrucheau &# 8211; it is rice with pork, roasted on coals;
  • Fish Amok &# 8211; Fish Mousse with the addition of coconut milk and spices;
  • Cambodian curry &# 8211; a dish with meat or fish, vegetables, herbs, potatoes, pretty sharp taste;
  • paw khemer &# 8211; Salad with lime, beef and sour sweet sauce;
  • KDAM Chaa &# 8211; Fried crab, seasoned with greens and spices;
  • Cha Hoy Tyk &# 8211; Dessert with rice and fruit in jelly, sell on the street, price about 10 rubles. For a portion.

For those who are not afraid of experiments, I advise you to try insects, such as ants with beef sauce and garlic. The taste is quite interesting, and the view is not terrible, since all this business is abundantly fenced by seasoning and hidden with a meat cap.

Ride by train from bamboo

According to the old rails between the capital of the kingdom and the city, Battambang makes its own route a unique train. From the side it is very reminded by Dresin. On the platform can comfortably accommodate 10 passengers. If the trip takes place with passing wind, the train develops speed up to 40 km / h. But the most important thing &# 8211; On the way you can admire landscapes and make colorful pictures.

Inspect the sights of Cambodia

Imagine a full-fledged holiday without excursions is impossible, the benefit of Cambodia there is no less than a dozen of interesting attractions that Manyat exotic. To examine them all for a short vacation is unlikely to succeed, but I advise you to see at least the main and most beautiful objects:

  1. Angkor Wat &# 8211; This is a unique temple included in the UNESCO list. Consists of three levels and 5 towers, surrounded by water with water.
  2. Temple that prom &# 8211; Another wonder with a thousand-year history, walls and roofs are seized by roots and branches of trees that are buggy.
  3. Temple Bapuon &# 8211; Huge sandstone pyramid with interesting galleries, however, the condition of the temple is dilapidated.
  4. Elephant Terrace &# 8211; An unusual monument of architecture, erected in honor of the army of elephants, which in antiquity defended the king from enemies.
  5. Temple of Baltai Site &# 8211; is a complex of three towers decorated with bas-reliefs. The object is dedicated to God Shiva.

Also among the most interesting places to visit &# 8211; Veda Poore Chrome, Royal Palace in Poña Stump, Temple-Mountain Property RUE and National Museum of Art.

Visit the best beaches of Cambodia

Visit Cambodia and do not visit local beaches &# 8211; Crime against yourself, because the local coastline and travelers shifting under the affectionate sun. In the top of the best Cambodian beaches entered:

  • Otres (Otres) Beach;
  • Ochheuteal (Okhchyl) Beach;
  • Hawaii (Hawaii) Beach;
  • PREK TRENG Beach;
  • Long Set (Long Set) on Koh Rong Island.

The most equipped beaches are located near Sihanoukville, wild and less visited by tourists &# 8211; on islands.

Cambodia &# 8211; An incredible exotic country with a centuries-old history, well-surviving architecture and infinitely beautiful nature. There is no time to miss the traveler &# 8211; You can not sleep on the purest beaches, go on excursions, try dishes of national cuisine, get involved in extreme entertainment and, of course, do not forget about the purchase of souvenirs in memory of rest.

Rest in Cambodia 2020 Top 7 Incredible Tourist Classes

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