Rest in Cape Verde

Cape Verde, officially republic Cape Verde and part of Makaronesey, is the Atlantic Archipelago two steps from Senegal.

This country Formed ten islands and five small islands Volcanic origin, including the island Sal, and located on it the largest international airport in the country. The composition of Santiago is the island of Santiago, where Praia is located, the largest city and capital Cape Verde and San Vicente Island, where you can visit quite interesting Mindel cityAnd all of his attractions surrounding him.

Cape Verde will please anyone with his past, marked colonial history and landscape. In Cape Verde there is something to see, and then tell your friends and loved ones.

Going in Cape Verde, the first stop must become City of Praia on Santiago Island, Cape Cape Verde.Praia was founded at the beginning of the seventeenth century (1615), and was not the official capital until the mid-nineteenth century (1858). Poland’s population is just over 130,000 people. Now it is Cape Verde’s largest city, an important shopping port, from which coffee, sugar cane, fish and tropical fruits are exported to the rest of the world.

Praia is also Headquarters of the most important institutions in the country, Almost all in the area of ​​Plato or Plateau. Visiting Cape Verde and going to Praia, it is worth a visit Presidential Palace, Old Town Hall or Municipal Chamber, Church of Our Lady or Goggling Nos Senior Yes Grass. You can also make a few pictures at the monument to the researcher of Diego Gomez and visit the fancy chapel of San Antonio.

Another point of stopping on Cape Verde should be ; Old Town ; Or, as it is also called &# 8211; ; Cidade Velia ;. You can find it about 15 kilometers from Praia, in the area of ​​Ribeira Grande de Santiago. As follows from the name, this is the oldest city in the country and the first city founded by European colonists in this area of ​​the globe. There were I Vasco de Gama, and Christopher Columbus, Because there are many monuments dedicated to these events. He was chosen by Portuguese as one of the seven wonders of Portuguese descent in the world and declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, and this is why this is one of the things you need to see in Cape Verde.

Rest in Cape Verde

Another thing you need to do in Cape Verde &# 8211; It is unitructured ; Pico de Fuego ; or ; Pico to Fogo ;. With a height of almost 3000 meters, or rather, 2829, it is the highest peak and a valid volcano, which from the fifteenth century monster almost 30 tons of lava. The last eruption was dated in 2014! Despite this, on the slopes of Pico de Fuego in Cape Verde, coffee is grown. Curious phenomenon in a very beautiful top, which is recommended to visit in Cape Verde.

Go to the island of San Vicente, because you can see the present miracle. It is part of the island of the windward islands and has several beaches and landscapes that will leave very good memories from the traveler.

Although there are dozens of beaches in Cape Verde, few can boast beauty like a beach ; Chavez ; or ; Praia Chavez ;. Visiting it, you can get out of five fine kilometers of small sand. This beach is included in Natural Reserve Morro de Arey, Located in the immediate vicinity of Rabel on the island of Boavista.

Creative people should listen ; Morne ; &# 8211; Music genre close to typical Portuguese ; FAD ;. And especially active should learn to dance ; zuk ;. This is a rhythm close to ; Kizombe ;, which dancing couples. Sensual and very beautiful rhythm, just to fall in love with the island of dreams.

Rest in Cape Verde

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