Day 30: Capadokia Day Second

The second day in Cappadocia we decided to start very early and see the famous daily festival of balloons, and then continue to explore the sights. We have a rather large plans, but there is a suspicion that after an early lift and balls of forces, everything is not enough. Let’s see if everything is intended. In the evening, we asked the hotel staff about the balls. Administrator girl at the hotel prompted us from which point is best to look at the balls, and what time you need to be in place. I had to wake up at 5 am to be in place already at 5:30. So early ascent allowed us to park almost at the entrance to the viewing platform and take an excellent position to observe. We did not take part that at 6 in the morning in October in Cappadocia very cold, so I had to warm on the move all the clothes that was in the car. It’s good that it was a lot. &# 128578;

poznamka.RU in Cappadocia

Balls in Cappadocia

Capadokia business card is not her landscapes and underground cities, not cave churches and beautiful valley, but a flight in a balloon. Every morning (if the weather conditions allow) hundreds of balls are torn to the sky so that thousands of tourists from all over the world admired the beauty of Cappadocia with bird’s eye view. We knew that this year we will not be able to fly on the ball as the age of Max does not allow this (at the time of the trip, Max was 5 years old, and you can fly from 7).

Of course, it would be possible to send someone alone to the sky, but we are so accustomed to share all the emotions that the option, when one flies, and the two look at the bottom did not even consider. Therefore, this time we observe from the ground. To observe balls on the advice of the administrator of our hotel Grand Cappadocia, we chose Sunset Aydın Kırağı Looking.

The darker hour before dawn, there is still no clock and 6 am

The site is the most common, next to it there is a small parking and a cafe, in which you climb into disposable cups of tea bags and instant coffee. By 6 am, on the site there was only a couple of tens of people, but by 6:15 find a free space so that you do not blocked the view, it was almost impossible. Well, that we took advantage of the Council and arrived early.

Starts light and immediately becomes visible, where in the valleys

We did not expect balls so much

The first balls have already risen in the air

First there were few

But with each minute, more and more balloons rose into the sky

People on the viewing platforms also added

Balls began to take off at 6: 20-6: 30, and by 7 in the morning there was no less couple hundred balls. To 7:45 only a few balloons remain in the air – a little more than an hour and the magic ended.

If you want to be not among the audience, and among the participants of this parade of the balls, you will have to lay out from $ 150-200 for each person, the price is even higher in season. It is necessary to understand that it is necessary to order such a rest in advance, tourists in October were on average waiting for at least 2-3 days before departure. It is possible and without a queue fly straight tomorrow, but it is already from $ 500 per person. In the agency of the agency, offering flights, literally at every step, and if it is satisfied with the departure schedule and the price, then it is worth paying attention to. If you have several days in Cappadocia and are afraid not to have time, you can order in advance via the Internet. There are a lot of feedback on different companies. Our acquaintances used to order a ball service Tripster for two paid about $ 400, but prices change depending on the season and DR. At the time of this writing, there is an offer for 204 euros per person.

To 8 am balls in the sky already a little

After admiring the balloons, we returned to the hotel and managed just for breakfast. During breakfast, the conversation of Russian tourists, who complained that they came to the viewing platform to 8 am, and there were only about two dozen balls in the sky. This is true: In order to see the balls, you will have to get up early, by 8 am in the sky almost empty. After breakfast, we collected things and evaporates from the hotel. Today we want to try to move from Gotem to Tchool and try the hotel in it. The first point of our today’s travel is the village of Chavushin, we want to climb the rocky church of John the Baptist.

Church of John the Baptist in Chavushin

Chavushin – a small village in a pair of kilometers from Görem. This is a real cave city, literally in the 50s of the XX century, people lived in these caves.

You can visit Chavushin for free, but you need to be very careful – most rocks are not fenced with any preventive ribbons, so it can be easily breaking. Such cases were, people or crippled, or died. Chavshin is organized by a very surprising way, here the dilapidated old caves are adjacent to new houses that are only built.

At the bottom of the destroyed caves, modern hotels are built on top

In Chavushin, we arrived to get to the very top and visit the church of John the Baptist. We were definitely determined, but, the higher we rummage, the more doubts. The path with pointers is becoming more dangerous, and with us a five-year-old child.

Being below, we saw where the temple of John the Baptist is located, but when it turned out to be at the top, then it became more difficult to navigate. One of the pointers led us to the collapse. We were almost ready to turn back and not experiment (it’s just scary on these paths), but suddenly found a passage and found themselves inside the temple.

Church of John the Baptist (bottom view)

Part of the church facade collapsed 40 years ago. It is believed that the church of John the Baptist in Chavushin is one of the most ancient in Cappadocia, it was built in the V century of our era. In the temple you can see fragments of the frescoes of the VII-VIII centuries. Moreover, they can be photographed (in the Museum of Görem, it is forbidden to photograph in churches) and all this is completely free.

Church of John the Baptist

Church of John the Baptist in Chavushin

Frescoes, or rather what remains from them

Return down the down is much easier. Before going to the Pashabag Valley, we decided to eat fresh pomegranate juice.


Pashabag or Valley of Monakhs is another of Cappadocia Valleys, which are very popular with tourists. Many guidebooks call it one of the most beautiful in the region. Pashabag is different from other valleys by the fact that the majority of "mushrooms" here are multi-part, t.E. At once 2-3 "Hats".

The place is very popular with tourists, buses with groups drive up one after another. To get to the Church of St. Simeon (most popular in this place) will have to stand.

On one of the cliffs of Pashabag

Logical continuation of Pashabag is a trip to the Zeleva Museum, we go there.

Open Sky Museum

Pottery – another open-air museum, unlike a similar museum Görta, there are few tourists. Here you can also see rock monasteries of the IX century. In Zeleva Valley, about 15 churches, but unfortunately, there are very few frescoes, and if you want to watch icons in cave temples, then you are in the Museum of Görem.

In the Museum under the Open Sky

One of the churches

Open Sky Museum

Frescoes in potion

Potion turned out to be calmer due to the lack of tourists, from the point of view of cave architecture and frescoes, he, of course, is inferior to Görta, but in general it turned out to be no worse. We continue the classic route by Cappadocia and go to the valley of Dervient.

Dervent Valley and Camel Stone

Rest in Cappadocia_1

Derwent Valley is different from many other things that there are no temples here, and there are no cave houses. But the landscape of this part of Cappadocia is so unique that it is difficult to confuse with others. The rocks under the influence of nature took the forms of animals, people, buildings. Each fantasy draws his own paintings, but the camel cliff will know everything and, of course, climb to take a picture with it.

Usually, after the valley, the Dervent tourists go to the city of Avanos, but we do not have a desire to go there, so we decided to go to olt mehantisar. There we want to visit the fortress and ethnographic museum.

Ethnographic Museum of Ortahisra

The main attraction of the city of Othantisar – the same fortress. Like many other Cappadocia Fortres, it is carved into the rock.

The plans were asked to the very top or at least before the level that is open to visitors (part of the fortress is closed due to the threat of collaps). But Max decided to change our plans and categorically refused to climb once again on the rocks, so we went to the Ethnographic Museum. It turned out quite difficult to find it, it is located on the second floor of one of the restaurants, in the 1933 mansion. In this museum you can learn about the life of people in Cappadocia: kitchen, wedding rites and other traditions, about the approach to the education of children, about the device at home and many other things. A total of 11 installations, each of the reproduced one of the aspects of life is reproduced.

Ethnographic Museum of Ortahisara

For hours to 16, we have already been tired of the order, got hungry and decided that it was time to move to the hotel, eat and, if enough forces, take a walk on tech, in which we spend the night.

Hotel in Techshare and dinner

Today we booked a family luxury cave with hot tubs at the La Casa Cave Hotel at $ 84 per room with breakfast (in season prices start from $ 130 per night, and our room will cost $ 200-250).

Exit from our number

Number is good, but born life. For $ 84 it is normal, but if we paid $ 250, it would definitely be worth it. After settling in the hotel, we went to search for a restaurant, because the promised restaurant at the hotel did not serve the guests.

Walk on techiary

Compared to Gorem, teacher seemed to us very uncomfortable and even depressive. Maybe in the season here and normal, but in October at five in the evening there are almost no people on the streets, it seems that you are in some abandoned city. We hardly found a cafe in which it was possible to eat. Some cafes were closed at all, somewhere we were offered only vegetables and pellets, somewhere they were not allowed with the child, because he will interfere with respectable guests, which maybe come to dine, and the fact that during our visiting the restaurant empty them did not confuse. Fortunately, we were lucky with the place, it was delicious.

Dinner in the teachershare

Today we had a very early rise, so by 6 pm we were tired so that you could forget about walks. We took advantage of the hydromassage baths and went to relax.


Like on the first day the route turned out rather saturated:

  • Dawn and balls in Cappadocia
  • Chuvashin and Church of John the Baptist
  • Pashabag
  • Open Sky Museum
  • Derwent Valley
  • Ethnographic Museum of Belochisara

Today we had successfully balancing between tourist groups and almost deserted sights. Caught themselves thinking that in two days tired of Cappadocia. Despite the fact that the list of places that are recommended here to visit is very large, we did not look 10% of it, but I already want to leave.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

It is difficult to explain, because we liked the objectively Cappadocia, but for some reason we are quickly tired of her. All these landscapes and valleys are no longer delighted, and the prospect of climbing into some cave fortress brings longing. Decided that today will be the last night in Cappadocia and it’s time to go home. But first you need to make a planned one by car, otherwise it somehow approached the term. Let’s try to do it in Turkey.

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