Day 29: Our first day in Cappadocia

Yesterday we only arrived in Cappadocya and except for the underworld city Derinsky did not see anything, and we looked on the way. Today, according to plan to enjoy this part of Turkey on the full program. Cappadocia is a region in the central part of Turkey, which is known for its unusual landscape. The hallmark of this area is the so-called chimneys – rock formations of a characteristic form. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this part of the country all year round, so that with your own eyes to see this amazing edge. We wanted to visit many years here, but somehow the circumstances did not make. Despite the huge number of electronic guidebooks and feedback on Cappadocia, we could not come up with some optimal route for themselves to see the most as much as much as much as possible, and decided to act at the destruction of the soul. Put a point on the card with interesting objects and each time they decide where we go now. As a result, our route is optimal for sure, but it was very interesting and saturated. Recall that he is relevant only if you are on the car. Probably, it can be organized by public transport, but we have no such experience. So, let’s start the report on the first day in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia – Point of attraction for tourists from around the world

Beadney Traveler in Cappadocia

We spent this night at the hotel Anatoliacave Pension, one of the best low cost hotels in Cappadocia. In the underground issue sleeved so well, that for breakfast we woke up only by 9 am. Yesterday we settled in the dark and did not consider anything, the hotel was even more cute.

One of the terraces of the hotel Anatoliacave Pension

Breakfast in the hotel turned out to be stunning: fresh fruits, berries, vegetables. Not every expensive hotel boasts such a variety of dishes.

Breakfast at the hotel Anatoliacave Pension

Max Strawberry, Peaches, Watermelons and Flakes – Breakfast Champion

In Cappadocia, we plan to spend two nights, but in order to try out several hotels for yourself, we will change them daily. Sorry with the hospitable owner of the Hotel Anatoliacave Pension and go to travel in amazing Cappadocia. The first item of the route is very banal and enters the list of Must See almost any tourist. Speech about the museum in the open sky Gorem.

Museum under the open sky Gorem

Museum under the open sky Gorem

The Görem Museum is located just a couple of kilometers from the city and is the most visited attraction of Cappadocia. This is the largest and most famous monastery complex of the region. There are about a dozen cave churches on its territory, in some of them painted paintings.

Tourists here just an infinite amount. October is considered not the most popular time to visit Cappadocia, but people here are a whole sea, and to get into any of the churches, you have to stand in line. Make a good frame without a crowd of the Chinese almost impossible.

The museum is very interesting, the church with their unique frescoes are simply awesome, but from a large number of tourists, where everyone is trying to win the best place for the photo, they get tired very quickly and all the impression will deteriorate.

The usual situation in the Görem Museum: You take pictures and you in the frame someone shoves your smartphone

Monastery complex Ainala in Cappadocia

We spent in the museum of just a half hours, but we were tired as if we went to a five-hour trekking in the mountains. So the next item of our program is a place where there are few tourists. Run ahead Let’s say that we were there alone. After the Museum in the open-air Görem, we go to the cave Church of Ainala (Aynalı Kilise).

Entrance to the cave monastery complex Ainala

In the literal translation of the Ainals means the mirror church. The uniqueness of this cave temple is that it is symmetrical, which is quite unusual. At the entrance you give you a flashlight and sent to the road.

For 5 lira you get the entrance ticket and the lantern so that on dark corridors climb the temple

When in the pitch darkness with a flashlight in the hands you rose through a narrow cave move – the feeling is not the most pleasant. We do not suffer from claustrophobia, but the desire to get on the open and the bright platform as quickly as possible.

The flashlight and the light at the end of the tunnel make the way more pleasant, but most passes only with a dim light of the lantern

If you have overcome the fear of dark and closed spaces, then the reward will be the most symmetrical church. There are no such bright frescoes like in the churches of the Museum of Görema, there is no crowd of tourists here, but the impressions of this monastery complex are much stronger than from the popular open-air museum.

Mirror Church Ainala

The geometric ornament is not as bright as the frescoes that we have seen half an hour ago, but also very beautiful

Outside the monastery complex looks not so impressive, just a few door and window openings in a rock, and it is difficult to imagine that there is a huge system of moves and premises. Personally, this complex really liked this complex, and if you want to climb the caves with a minimum number of people (there are tourists here too, but they are ten times less than in popular places), then you here.

Ainala monastic complex

Hospital monastery Hallkder

So liked Cappadocia without a crowd of tourists, that the next our item is not the most popular place – the monastic complex with Hospital Hallakder or Hanlasta or Hallac (Hallac Hospital Monastery). When we say not the most popular, it does not mean that no one knows about him, it only means that the standard tours on Cappadocia in this place, as a rule, do not drive, so you can not meet buses from one and a half hundreds of Chinese. However, single tourists or tourists with individual excursions – frequent guests.

Hospital monastery Hallakder

The monastery was received by the monastery thanks to St. Paul, a busy healer depicted on one of the murals of the monastery, in fact, therefore, another name of this place Monastery of St. Paul.

The date of the emergence of the monastery is unknown. It is believed that he appeared in the XI century as a home-estate of a large family, which then crossed the monks and a monastery appeared. There is a unique sculpture of man carved right in the wall. Nothing like in Cappadocia is no longer found anywhere.

Crazy ceiling of the monastery

Like the Ainal Church, we examined the monastery alone, and also for free, that rarity for such a tourist place.

Twin fairy chimneys

After a visit to the Church of Ainala and the Khallach monastery, we return to the classic tourist route and we are going to watch the famous fireplaces. Namely – the observation platform and "mushrooms" called Twin Fairy Chimneys. Personally, we did not quite understand the value of this attraction of Cappadocia, but it is believed that these three mushrooms are unique. Firstly, there is a dual fireplace fairies, secondly, they stand in the field separately from all other. As a result, there is a souvenir market, a huge number of tourists and parking problems. &# 128578;

The most popular fireplaces fairies in Cappadocia

Each tourist must have photos on their background

Not very evaluating the overall excitement from this place, we go further. According to the plan, we walk along the pink valley.

Pink Valley in Cappadocia

In Cappadocia, there are many valleys that rightfully enter the list of attractions of this Turkish region. One of them – Pink Valley. She received her name on the color of the rocks that prevails in it. Indeed, when you look at the valley from above, the pinkish shade is visible to the naked eye.

Pink Valley in Cappadocia

Pink Valley is considered one of the best pedestrian routes of Cappadocia. It can see the most interesting cave churches and houses. Unfortunately, we could not estimate all his beauty, as a terrible shower began and we had to urgently hide from the rain.

Storm over the pink valley

We did not want to go to the hotel, we didn’t want to go on the clock 14:30, and half a day to sit in the room somehow stupid, so we decided that the rain is best waited or in the museum, or in some underground city. The choice fell on the popular place – Kaymakli, in which yesterday we did not get.

Rest in Cappadocia

Underground city of Kaymakla

Along with Derinka, Kaymakly – one of the largest and most famous underground cities of Cappadocia. The device of all such settlements is approximately the same – the system of tunnels and halls, each of the halls has its purpose.

Underground city of Kaymakla

Currently, it was possible to dig 8 levels of the city, but for tourists only the first four are open. It is believed that up to 15,000 people could hide at a time in the underground city. In addition, there is a version that there is a tunnel of about 9 km long, which binds kaymakli and Derink.

Underground city of Kaymakla

After yesterday we saw the city Derinsky, Kaymakly no longer produces such a WOW-EFFECT, but still the place is interesting and deserves to visit him.

Observation platform Panorama

In 17.00 hours go back. We are without lunch today, so we want to call on the viewing platform with a cafe to drink tea and admire the sunset, and then go to sit down in the hotel selected for today. For a visit, we have chosen a popular tourist Cappadocia Panorama. In addition to the observation deck with an excellent view here there is a small cafe with Turkish tea and cakes, the prices of the truth is quite high. But it was delicious, and very beautiful.

Observation platform Cappadocia Panorama


View from the site is excellent, especially after the rain

Hotel and Dinner

For today, with the cultural program, we will finish and go to the hotel, where a little in front of the front and go dinner. Tomorrow at dawn, we want to see the famous kapadokia balloons, so today it is important to learn to rest early. For overnight we have chosen Grand Cappadocia Hotel. Two-storey Suite Room cost us $ 61 for three times with breakfast, the price increases to $ 120-150. The room is pleasant and very authentic, but there is not enough warmth and welcome the owners, which we got in yesterday’s family and very budgetary hotel.

Hotel Grand Cappadocia

Sit down a bit after a busy day, we went to dinner and completely unexpected for ourselves treated in the Chinese restaurant. Apparently, for almost a month, traveling in Turkey has already been held by Turkish food, and we pulled us on a variety. The restaurant turned out to be authentic and very tasty, the hosts of the institution of the Chinese, who live in Turkey. The establishment of them turned out in the best Asian traditions, we enjoyed and from service, and from the kitchen.

Dinner in the Chinese Restaurant

Our route by Capadokia for the first day

Today was a rich day, we are tired. It would be possible to add a couple more of the places? Of course you can, but you need? So, if briefly, the route of our day looked as follows:

  • Museum under the open sky Gorem
  • Ainala monastic complex
  • Hospital monastery Hallach
  • Fires Fay "Twin Fairy Chimneys"
  • Pink Valley
  • Underground city of Kaymakla
  • Observation platform "Cappadocia Panorama"

This is not the most saturated route, we saw everything in a calm mode, and probably experienced travelers in Cappadocia will say that it was possible to see much more within one day and not spend a bunch of time for irrational movements. But personally, we really liked the combination of popular and not very places, allowing not to get tired and enjoy the day fully. Is it possible to use our route as the main one when you have only one day in Cappadocia?

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More likely no than yes. When you have only one day, probably worth watching the most popular, not distracted by the little things, but personally for us the first day turned out to be one of the brightest impressions. For an ideal day in Cappadocia, we would only add balloons in the morning, and you can fly both to fly yourself, and just watch this daily enchanting festival. But we will visit it tomorrow, so do not switch.

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