Rest in China: Top 5 excellent cities and resorts for the Russian tourist

Where to relax in China: Lost Cuandixia village

Just a couple of hours drive from Beijing, the village of Cuandixia is located, where you are waiting for magnificent renovated estates that belonged to representatives of the Ming and Qing dynasties. However, not only the mansions are interesting in this settlement – it can be called an amazing attraction, because from all sides the village is surrounded by the mountains and the traditional rural life has been preserved here. If you do not care about the skyscrapers with crowds of people, then this village is a great place for vacation. How to find this village whose name is Chinese are very challenged, so I can’t even reproduce it in Russian? Road &# 8211; A whole quest, but I think he is able to everyone:

  1. Get to the end station Beijing Metro, Pingguoyuan branch.
  2. Hire a private traders (you have to pay about 200 yuan), it will take it right to the place, or sit down to the flight bus №929 (sent to 7-40 and 12-40).
  3. On the bus to get a little more than 3 hours, as the roads are mountain, many turns.
  4. Go out at the stop of Zhai Tang, it is not ultimate, so be careful.
  5. From here only on a private car &# 8211; to Cuandixia, the price is from 20 to 50 yuan, you can bargain.

By the way, when you arrive in the settlement, be sure to do in one of the local restaurants, where all the dishes are prepared from products grown on a local farm. Not that the kitchen here is some kind of special or unusual, but 100% traditionally Chinese and will like most gourmets.

Czezojuan city &# 8211; Chinese Venice

The city of Zhowojuang, which is quite close to the industrial center of Podnebyss – Shanghai. It is based on this place almost 1,000 years ago, and most of the buildings are built in 14-16th centuries. The streets of the city posted a stone, and here you are waiting for a lot of benches with souvenirs. By the way, buying any product in these shops, it is best to bargain to the very last.

Rest in China Top 5 excellent cities and resorts for the Russian tourist

Jusojuan is something like Venice, as it is divided into small parts with water channels through which cute bridges were transferred. You can take a trip to the gondola, and if you pay a little tip, then even enjoy the sound of folk songs in a lively performance. Also visit the Fisheries Museum and try incredibly delicious candy manufactured here by hand. This place is ideal for a romantic holiday with the second half.

City Urumchi &# 8211; China Medical and Health

Chinese medicine sincerely is considered one of the best, moreover, now civilization stepped far ahead, and traditional methods of treatment are successfully combined with traditional practices. One of the confirmations of that &# 8211; China’s rapid victory over Coronavirus, with which other countries are not struggling so successfully. For treatment I advise you to go to the town of Urumqi, where you will find:

  • a warm source with a high content of minerals, effective in rheumatism therapy and skin diseases;
  • clinics for the treatment of liver disease and osteochondrosis;
  • Beautiful landscape area ; Mountain Shirma ; 80 km south of Urumchi;
  • Unusual Lake in the shape of a crescent in the mountains of Tien Shan, which local residents call ; Tianshhan Pearl ; and ; Heavenly Lake ;;
  • A skiing base running from June to September, as well as from November to February, a ticket costs 10 yuan.

Urumchi City &# 8211; This is a real medical center of China, where in the village of Nature you can restore the strength and get rid of chronic diseases. Not a fact, of course, the doctors here are the omnipotent, but the place is beautiful and very popular with tourists.

Shangri La City &# 8211; Last cradle Tibeta

Your vacation in China will not be full, if you do not visit the paradise – the city of Shangri La, where you are waiting for stunning beautiful lakes, mountains and ancient temples. There are small Tibetan villages in the area, as well as hot springs Tian Shan. There is an opinion that Shangri La &# 8211; This is the most mythical country of the Shambala. This place is quiet, calm, cozy, but interesting to visit.

I advise you to walk through Shangri La on foot or order a horse excursion, other types of transport here are not in honor. Consider that this area of ​​China is extremely capricious weather, in the morning it can be warm and sunny, and to dinner &# 8211; will rain or even snow. So be sure to take warm clothes with you. If the time is not enough, limit only by visiting the park and the monastery on the mountain (the so-called ; Old Town ;).

Hainan Island &# 8211; Holidays in tropical paradise

For the past few years, tourist flow from Russia to China has increased several times. And apart in a number of tourist centers of China is the island of Hainan. It has all the conditions for a full-fledged leisure of tourists in wonderful hotels, in a subtropical climate, on the shore of snow-white sand, at the edge of the Azure Sea. This is a classic for those who love beach holidays, wants to combine him with treatment and sightseeing. What can you do?

  • Visit the plantations of tea, fruits, coffee (the question of bringing from the island Hainan, will disappear by itself);
  • Soak on 1 500-kilometer coastline &# 8211; Beaches in the sandy region;
  • to be on mineral and radon sources and thermal complexes;
  • Order an excursion to Buddhist temples and ethnographic villages;
  • Go to Hong Kong or Macau &# 8211; they are very near.

You can get to Hainan Island direct flight from large cities in Russia &# 8211; Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and T.D. On the island there are two major airports at once, both are international.

Rest in China &# 8211; A good way to diversify the gray weekdays and go to the popular country of Southeast Asia. Tourism here develops as rapidly as in Thailand and Vietnam, a lot of opportunities, attractions make an eye. In addition, China is famous for medicine, clean beaches on Hainan Island, ski resorts and decent kitchen, which I recommend trying every tourist &# 8211; Disappointed will not be disappointed.

Rest in China Top 5 excellent cities and resorts for the Russian tourist

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